Sunday, June 13, 2010

Putting a face on the Ice Hockey Rules Committee

Here are the people that are responsible for making those horrible rule changes to division on hockey. Email them and let them know that you don't appreciate their latest work on the ice hockey committee.

Assistant Ice Hockey Coach, John Hill UMTC, WCHA,
Asst. AD Sarah Fraser, Brown University, ECAC
Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach, Derek Schooley, RMU AHA,
Director of Athletics, Ed McLaughlin, Niagara University AHA, P: (716)-286-8600
Director of Athletics, Forrest Karr, UAF CCHA,
Director of Athletics/Head Coach, Chris Salani, Finlandia University,
Director of Athletics, Frank Millerick, Becker College,
Associate Director of Athletics, William Gorman, WIT,
Head Ice Hockey Coach, Michael J. Carroll, Gustavus Adolphus College,
Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach, Robert Christopher Wells, SLU,
Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach, William E. Mandigo, Middlebury College,
Head Women's Ice hockey coach, Claudia Asano, Union College,

[Committee Members]
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  1. Wow, there a list of highly respected hockey greats? Jeesh, and they can decide what's what? What is this world coming to

  2. yeah I don't know how these people could come up with these moronic ideas to ruin college hockey so bad. This is definately not good.

  3. This is what happens when you let women have power over men's sports.

    Let the girls play by their own rules, and let the men take care of themselves...

  4. I e-mailed the whole list, only recieved a response from mike carrol... I also asked about 4X4 OT..
    Hi Jon, Everyone is entitled to their opinion. i would suggest to let the rule changes play out before you judge. Every member of the rules committee wants what is best for the college game. No matter what ,,, people have a hard time with change,, let it play out. There are a lot of years of experience on the rules committee as players , coaches,administrators , and fans. If things don't work we will admit and take it off. IE, attainable pass rule , did not work, gone.
    The 4-4 overtime idea is a good one and got serious consideration


  5. I sent them a letter as well it will be interesting to see if they answer or not.


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