Thursday, February 21, 2008

Check out this blog post.

Check out this really good blog article by RWD as she puts Elliot Olshansky, formerly of CSTV/The Rink Rat through the Gauntlet. It is really worth your time to take a look at this article. For those fans that have wondered where Elliot Olshanksy has been as of late (this is covered in the article) Elliot has re-surfaced here.

You have to give Elliot credit for being a true fan.

EO: I was at the one the next year, at the Gutt up in Burlington. It was homecoming at Dartmouth, and there were two WCHA teams playing within driving distance of Hanover that weekend. The Bulldogs were at Vermont, and North Dakota was at UNH. I went to UVM on Friday and UNH on Saturday. That's something that UMD and NoDak both deserve credit for: traveling east regularly. North Dakota especially.

This is my favorite exchange right here.
EO: I think the thing that's bothered me the most lately has been the way people have looked down their nose at CCHA teams, Miami in particular, because of a soft schedule.

RWD: Hah, well, you can be sure at least one regular critic of the CCHA is a reader of RWD.

EO: This may not be the most convenient time to say this, given what happened against Ferris State, but Miami is a legit team.

RWD: I can remember other teams that may have lost to Ferris State at crucial times.

One last thing while Elliot is a great mind I don't see the RedHawks making the Frozen Four sorry bud.


  1. Glad you liked your shout-out!

  2. If Miami makes the F4, will that automatically qualify them as a dynasty?

    Or do they still have to win something first? :)