Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Minnesota Wild: Breaking down Matt Cooke's Suspension History

Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I don't think people realize how many games and times that Matt Cooke has been suspended by the NHL. Here's a break down of Cooke's illustrious history and the number of games that he ended up sitting as a result of his bush league play. Like I said in another post, "I also have to wonder if the NHL's Department of Player head Brendan Shanahan already has Chuck Fletcher's cell phone number in is speed dial?"  I think it's just a matter of time before Cooke is suspended again by the NHL. 

2013/07/05        Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Minnesota Wild to a three-year contract.
2011/04/27        Missed the last 10 games of the regular season and 7 playoff games (suspension). (17)
2011/03/21        Suspended by the NHL for the remainder of the season and the first round of the playoffs.
2011/02/20        Missed 4 games (suspension). (4)
2011/02/09        Suspended by the NHL for four games.
2009/12/04        Missed 2 games (suspension). (2)
2009/11/29        Suspended by the NHL for two games.
2009/01/31        Missed 2 games (suspension). (2)
2009/01/27        Suspended by the NHL for 2 games.
2004/02/21        Suspended by the NHL for 2 games. (2) [TSN.CA]

Bellow, is a typical Matt Cooke play that happened during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

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  1. Funny that you chose that hit of all hits in an attempt to make your point. Watch the clip and you will clearly see that McQuaid turns around and sees Cooke coming and then turns his back at the last minute to draw the penalty. Typical bush league Boston tactic. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that hit by Cookie Monster, the problem was the idiot turning his back to a player that is about to lay a check on him. Not only does that move lack integrity, but it is also very dangerous. McQuaid could have been severely injured, and if so it would have been his own stupid fault. Turning your back to a player that is about to deliver a check is about a dumb as unbuckling your seatbelt just as you're getting on the interstate.

    1. DaveK this post was written last Summer. I just popped it up because it had been linked on a few sites.

    2. Bush league tactic? Why? Because the Bruins are that much better than the Pens, and proved it with their sweep last spring? Look at that list, and try to tell me Cooke has ANY integrity. He's dirty, he constantly plays over the edge, and the hit on Barrie was just another shining example of Cooke trying to end another player's career (he all but ended Savard's career). You can take that bush league comment and shove it.

    3. Mark just for the record, DaveK is a big time Pens fans and loves Matt Cooke.