Saturday, February 14, 2015

UND Hockey: Moron Ruins Moment of Silence at the Ralph

Tonight, during the pre-game ceremony, the UND hockey team and the REA had a moment of silence to honor DU head coach Jim Montgomery who lost his father earlier in the day. During the moment of silence for coach Montgomery, some, buffoon/moron from the student section decided to yell drunken barrage of profanity.

I hope this clown learned something tonight, have some class. It's not always about you. You disgraced the  University. As an alumnus of the University of North Dakota, I am embarrassed.

That person/moron that did this should be ashamed of themselves. You're stupidity and selfishness makes us look like a bunch of beer swilling, unwashed morons. Absolutely disgusting. They should ban you from the Ralph for the rest of the year. I agree with the UND players, what moron.


  1. I sure do hope that they know who this person is and he was removed and banned for a while until he grows up.

  2. One of my friends tweeted to me today that the individual is from under 21-year old male from Hillsboro. The buffoon in question and was arrested and cited for Minor in Possession. This clown was also removed from the game and hopefully, he will think twice before he does something stupid like this again.