Friday, February 22, 2008

Thoughts from one Beaver fan about the upcoming weekend in SiouxLand

This is frome one of my friends in Bemidji

Always thought the whole UND Fighting Sioux identity was positive, in good taste, and a source of great pride (and still do)

Many Beaver fans pull for UND aside from this weekend because UND Puck has treated BSU very neighborly in scheduling so that BSU may continue to develop as an NCAA DI program......along with being so close to Grand Forks.....and BSU gets a fair number of coaches from UND ranks

Seems like the Beavers are the opponent that jump-starts the Sioux annual drive to the FF.....but this year, the Beavs will try to avoid being road-kill, as the Sioux Train has already left the station and continue to build up speed (and PMs)

The Beavs have one point to show for the D-I era vs. the Sioux, and that was, as I said, when playing the Sioux before turning their past seasons around.....not sure what we're gonna see when playing the UND at the top of their game

Last dances with Dub squads in CO, (DU=2-4, CC-4-5), OrlandO and Frosh Dalton tended cages.....wonder if Climes will see action.

Hope the Green & White stay outta the box.....will make for more entertaining afternoons for BSU Fans

Most Importantly......From the "Did You Know?" Dept: Goon is a Beaver & has a tattoo to prove it. He's actually a Sioux only in his after life, that is, after his Bemidji State University life! He even tailgates with Beaver fans in Bemidji for Beaver Hockey Games! Long-Live Goon!

Safe & Fun Weekend Everyone!

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  2. I hope that in the future the WCHA and the college hockey community see it as I do, that we (college hockey) need to keep all the programs up and running. I wish the NCAA will do the right thing, along with the W and add BSU to the league. Then after that look at programs histories and location and re-align divisions. They should not have more that 10 teams in a league, period. If the NFL can re-align, why not college?

    Just my two drinks worth :)

    See you boys tomorrow ;)


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