Friday, October 30, 2009

Cup Cakes taste good.

Check out this latest blog post by Wisconsin Badgers hockey beat writer Andy Baggot, it would appear in the future that Wisconsin Badgers are going to load up on cupcake opponents and rack up wins so they can make the NCAA tourney. If I read the article right, the Badgers are going to focus on having a winning record so they can make the tourney, quantity not quality. I think the NCAA screwed up when they decreased the power rating equation from 50 percent to 21, now there will be no need for scheduling quality opponents and teams might just decide to load up on bottom feeders in the CCHA, AHA and ECAC teams to pad their stats and rack up wins and stats.
NCAA tourney formula drives changes

Eaves said recent adjustments in how strength of schedule factors into an NCAA tournament resume is driving the changes. In the past three years, the value of an opponent's winning percentage has decreased significantly in the power rating equation (from 50 percent to 21) and a school with a record under .500 can no longer qualify for an at-large berth regardless of its schedule strength or where it stands in the Pairwise Rankings.
Alabama-Huntsville, projected to be an NCAA Division I independent in 2010-11, and Massachusetts, a consistent second-division club in Hockey East, will play series here next season.

Mike Cerniglia, the UW director of hockey operations, said another non-conference home series will likely be added for 2010-11 because the Icebreaker is exempt from the normal 34-game regular season and UW prefers to have 20 home dates per season.

Even though the WCHA is adding two schools next year -- Nebraska-Omaha and Bemidji State will make it a 12-team league -- it will continue to have 28 conference games [Madison.Com]

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  1. I like cup cakes, especially if they put a goal or two in their own net over the course of the weekend.

    Is it just me or are they slowly changing the rules to fabricate parity in D1 hockey? Ever since 2005 the year the WCHA had four teams in the frozen four, it seams like the NCAA is doing everything in its power to make sure that never happens again. I don't think they're targeting the WCHA; they just want to make sure one conference isn't the only one in the spotlight at the end of the year. I don't know if it's true, but it feels that way when you look at the way the brackets end up for the tournament.

  2. "Mike Cerniglia, the UW director of hockey operations"

    What kind of position is this? He ain't the building manager, doesn't drive the Zamboni or sharpen skates. How much does he get paid to call the league commissioner once a week and maybe the guy who schedules the charter bus? I want an application.

  3. Wow,
    Do you think I miss FloorBall Hockey here in Wisconsin?
    A grassroot sport without big bucks - going to the Olympics in ten years.



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