Thursday, January 22, 2009

NHL testing new goalposts.

This is something that I am not in favor of and a place the NHL should not go. I like other hockey fans are not in favor of this move at all. We have the new rules, we have made the goalies smaller and now they want to screw with the dimensions of the net. What next? I don't think there is a problem with scoring in the NHL right now. This would be a gimmick in my opinion.
NHL tests net result of new goalposts
Maybe this is something that will finally allow the Maple Leafs to score a goal on home ice.

The NHL is experimenting with different-shaped posts and crossbars to see if more shots that normally clang off the iron might instead be directed into the net.

It's a way the league might be able to increase scoring without changing the size of the nets.

Mike Murphy, the league's vice-president of hockey operations, described the new post as a "teardrop" shape, like the rim of a paper coffee cup that has been squeezed.

The league did its first testing of the new nets at the Air Canada Centre during yesterday's Leaf practice, filming the workout to see how pucks reacted when they hit the posts. A DVD of the experiment will be studied internally and then passed on to the league's general managers.

"It's a little bit of research and development to see if, without changing the size of the nets, we can make the nets more rewarding offensively," said Murphy.

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