Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Mass Exodus Continues.

Players Leaving Early for the Pros Updated Version:
The list of players bolting for the pros keeps growing by the day. ItÂ’s getting to be sickening. Again Goon's world doesn't fault these kids for taking the money but I blame the hockey clubs plucking these kids out of school early. I predict there are going to be more and as I predicted there were more. Forunately UND hasn't lost anymore.

Complete list of underclassmen signings in the WCHA (so far):
Break Down of the List Per Sioux Extra
Brad's Blog

UND (5)
Travis Zajac, sophomore
Matt Smaby, junior
Drew Stafford, junior
Rastislav Spirko, sophomore
Jordan Parise, junior

Minnesota (4)
Phil Kessel , Freshman (signed with the Boston Bruins)
Kris Chucko, sophomore
Danny Irmen, junior
Ryan Potulny, junior

Mankato (3)
David Backes, junior
Kyle Peto, junior
Ryan Carter, sophomore

Wisconsin (2)
Robbie Earl, junior
Joe Pavelski, sophomore

Denver (2)
Matt Carle, junior
Paul Stastny, sophomore

Players that could leave.
Brian Elliot (BADgers) Staying with the Badgers.
Jack Skille (BADgers) Staying with the Badgers.
Jonathon Toews (Figthing Sioux) Staying with the Fighting Sioux

On a side note: Cornell Big Red Hit Hard by Defections also
Its well documented that Minnesota(4) and the Fighting Sioux (5) have suffered major loses this off season, the Big Red of Cornell has also been hit hard in the off season by defections. Here is a break down of the Cornell loses.

Cornell David McKee Jr. Signed with Anaheim (NHL)
Cornell Ryan O'Byrne Jr. Signed with Montreal (NHL)
Cornell Sasha Pololuk So. Signed with Washington (NHL)

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