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Monday, January 13, 2014

Vancouver Canucks:Tom Sestito Jumps Jordan Nolan on the Face-Off

The Vancouver Canucks took 41-minutes in penalties during the first period and didn't give up a power play goal. Vancouver Canucks forward Tom Sestito was given the gate for attacking L.A. Kings forward Jordan Nolan who went after Henrik Sedin. Sestito's hardly broke a sweat tongiht, his game lasted one second before he was thrown out of the game tonight. The Kings has a seven-minute power play off of the call.

02:33 VAN Darren Archibald served by Tom Sestito Fighting (maj) - 5 min against Jordan Nolan
02:33 VAN Darren Archibald served by Tom Sestito Instigator - 2 min against Jordan Nolan
02:33 VAN Tom Sestito Game misconduct - 10 min

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Friday, May 03, 2013

Wes Walz pokes fun at the Sedin twins

I suppose in today's world someone will take offense to this and probably will complain. To be honest with you, I hate the Vancouver Canucks, I think their a bunch of divers, cry babies and frauds. So, I am inclined to cut Wes Walz some slack and laugh with him on this one... Plus, he's a former Bruins and Wild player.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jarret Stoll's series winning goal

This was the goal that sent the Vancouver Canucks to the golf course and sent the L.A. Kings to the second round of the NHL playoffs to play the St Louis Blue. Its only fitting that on the game winning goal by Kings forward Jarrett Stoll that there is a Vancouver Canuck defenseman Dan Hamhuis flopping around on the ice as the game winning goal was being scored.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sedin, "the hit was legal"

Calgary Herald Photo
There has been much discussion on the internet whether the Dustin Brown’s hit on Henrik Sedin was a legal hit or not. Sedin put that speculation to bed with his comments about the hit after last night's game.
Emotions boiled when Brown steamrolled Sedin with a shoulder hit in the Canucks captain's chest early in the second period, sending Sedin crawling to the bench and sparking a fight between Anze Kopitar and Alex Burrows. The hit wasn't penalized, and Sedin returned from a brief trip to the locker room.

Afterward, Sedin confirmed the hit was legal, and Brown spoke of his respect for Sedin. [Sports Illustrated]
Nice to see Henrik Sedin step up and recognized that the hit was a legal body check. Last time I checked, hockey is a physical sport and that body checks are part of the game.  The reaction of the Canucks after the hit was also predictable.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Video of the Dustin Brown hit on Henrik Sedin

In my opinion this hit by L.A. Kings forward Dustin Brown on Vancouver Canucks forward Henrik Sedin is a clean shoulder to shoulder hit, maybe a second late, you will notice that CBC announcer Jim Huson and Craig Simpson didn't like the play and much to their chagrin, the refs didn't call a penalty on the play. The game immediately got chippy after this play.

There is an old saying in football, it's better to be the hammer than the nail. Just for the record, Sedin did go down the tunnel but he did return.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daniel Sedin hits Duncan Keith in head

Last night there was a lot of outrage about Blackhawks defensemen Duncan Keith's hit on Canucks forward Daniel Sedin.

What I didn't see was a lot of outrage about Daniel Sedins hit on Duncan Keith, and both hits are bad. Being consistent, I think you can see that both players "could be" required to sit a game or two, both hits are bad and unnecessary. I also think that you can't suspend one without suspending the other. It will be interesting to see how the department of player safety handles this case.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chicago's Bolland rips the Sedins

Chicago's BlackhawksDave Bolland rips into the Sedin twins during a radio show and really has nothing nice to say about the Vancouver Canucks, no offense but I can't stand the Canucks either and I have said in the past, "that the Vancouver Canucks are one of the most unlikable teams in the NHL next to the Montreal Canadians."

SportsDirect ---- Chicago Blackhawks center Dave Bolland didn't have too many complimentary things to say about Henrik and Daniel Sedin - or the city of Vancouver, for that matter.

In fact, he referred to the Sedin Twins as "sisters" on two occasions on a recent appearance on Chicago-based WGN Radio.

When asked if he'd welcome them on the Blackhawks - should a deal arise - Bolland was fairly blunt with his response.
Related Info

"Well, they'll never become 'Hawks," he said. "I don't think we'd let them on our team. We'd be sure not to let them on our team. And, yeah, they probably still would be sisters.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Break down of the Canucks injuries

Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis went through the litany of injuries that the Vancouver Canucks suffered through during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Dan Hamhuis abdominal injury, Mason Raymond broken back, Alex Edler two broken fingers, Kevin Bieksa bruised MCL, Ryan Kesler hip injury, Chris Higgins foot injury, Christian Ehrhoff shoulder injury, Henrik Sedin back injury, Mikael Samuelsson operation on an abdominal tear and Manny Malhotra eye injury and hadn't skated in a 6-7 weeks after his surgery because of treatment.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Sedin twins; No cup for Vancouver

Man Certified
This one doesn't require a lot of discussion; in my opinion the Vancouver Canucks were the most unlikable team in Stanley Cup history, next to the Montreal Canadians. People thought I was crazy when I told told people that the Vancouver Canucks were not going to run away with the Stanley Cup, we had people saying that the Canucks were going to win in four or five games. Yeah how did that work out for you?

Also, I thought it was funny that while the hockey pundits,  self congratulatory bloggers and self described experts were all but handing the Canucks the Stanley Cup to them before they had even played a game in the series... The chatter became even louder after the Bruins went down two games to zero in the series these same people said the series is was all but over. Moving forward, I wonder how these experts feel today after once anointing the Vancouver Canucks the Champions and scheduling their victory parade... Instead the city of Vancouver is cleaning up after the riots and Roberto Luongo is consulting with a sports psychologist.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Henrik Sedin; suspension was too harsh; Sedin the latest to get it wrong...

Listening to Sedin sister Henrik you would think that Vancouver Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome is the victim in this situation. Maybe Henrik should grab some perspective and look at this situation from a different perspective/angle. Imagine if one of the big, bad, mean, Boston Bruins; say a defenseman with the name Johnny Boychuk had smoked your brother Daniel Sedin at the blue line and he was lying on the ice knocked out, his season ended prematurely from an unnecessary and illegal hit and then carried off the ice on a stretcher; then would you still think that the suspension was too harsh? I highly doubt it, you would probably applaud it.

Question for the Canucks fans

I ask the many Vancouver Canucks fans that have visited my blog in the last week, would the suspension be too harsh if it was a skilled Vancouver Canucks player that had been knocked out for the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals by a 6th defenseman? Do we really think that hit should go unpunished and why isn’t a four game suspension warranted? If your still not seeing the point, think of the trade off, your team’s 6th ranked defenseman that has one point in 14 games (1g-0a-1pts) has taken out a player Nathan Horton (8g-9a-17pts) ... I think a four game suspension is about right.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Canucks fume at ruling

BOSTON, MA - JUNE 06:  Head coach Alain Vignea...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeAgain more whining from the Vancouver Canucks about the Aaron Rome suspension. I say again; imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and Boston Bruins tough guy Shawn Thornton had smoked Ryan Kessler, Alex Burrows or one of the Sedin sisters twins at the blue line with a questionable check? Would they not expect the same kind of a ruling from the NHL?
Matthew Sekere; Globe and Mail ---- The Vancouver Canucks were furious with the four-game suspension handed down by the NHL to defenceman Aaron Rome Tuesday.

One day after head coach Alain Vigneault and captain Henrik Sedin admitted Rome's hit on Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton was late, the Canucks were singing a different tune, more defiant in their characterization of the hit, and outraged at the league.

And there’s good reason for that. Several of them, in fact.

For starters was Mike Murphy’s admission that he consulted with Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke, a former NHL disciplinarian, before arriving at his decision. The mere mention of Burke’s name elicits anger from the Canucks, because his relationship with team owner Francesco Aquilini is toxic.

There were other reasons: Rome’s despondency at missing the rest of the Stanley Cup final; the stiffest suspension ever administered in the final; and the lack of disciplinary consistency and perceived injustices from earlier this postseason.

If it had stopped at that, there would have been plenty of bad tidings to go around. That Burke was dragged into it only fanned the flames.

General manager Mike Gillis would not comment when asked directly about Burke’s involvement, saying only that “we’re disappointed but we’re moving on.” Reached via text message, Aquilini said he would be making no comment until after the playoffs.

“I'm talking about Brian Burke. I don't like to mention people who I deal with,” Murphy said in a press conference. “He was one gentleman who I did speak with. There's a lot of other people I spoke with, too, not just Brian.”
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Monday, June 06, 2011

Thomas checks Sedin sister Henrik

Wow! What a game tonight, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas says no to Vancouver Cancuks' forward diver Henrik Sedin as he lays a shoulder into him... This is also not the first time Tim Thomas has done this. Tim Thomas also checked Jason Blake a couple of years back when he was a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Henrik Sedin dive

Greg Louganis would be proud of the Vancouver Canucks diver forward Henrik Sedin because based on his antics during the Stanley Cup playoffs he has shown that he can dive with the best of them. If you look you will see Henrik Sedin spear Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference in the groin area, no call on either infraction. 
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canucks wait the winner of Bruins and Bolts...

What a horrible way to end a terrific game. I think this game was an instant classic, unfortunately the Vancouver Canucks won... Don't get me wrong the best team won. Honestly, I really thought the San Jose Sharks were going to win tonight and return the series to San Jose, but it wasn't to be. I don't think we can tag the Canucks as a team of destiny, just yet. There is a lot of hockey left.

On the Vancouver Canucks, they are the most unlikeable hockey team in the NHL next to the "Les Habitants," personally, I can't stand them, they're extremely cocky, they run their mouths continuously, and some hockey fans and media pundits have already penciled them in as the Stanley Cup Champions.You shouldn't, they haven't won nothing yet. If the Canucks want to be Stanley Cup Champions they are going to have to earn Lord Stanley's Cup, because whoever wins the Eastern Conference final is going to bring it, both Tampa Bay and Boston are going to give the Canucks everything they can handle.

That being said, the Vancouver Canucks are a pretty  very good hockey team, they have decent defensive corps; just think, Keith Ballard is their 7th defenseman, that's how deep they are. They Canucks are deep up front and the Sedin Twins are very dangerous and you must be aware where they are on the ice at all times. 

Jumbo Joe one tough guy.

It was revealed after the game tonight that San Jose Forward Joe Thornton was playing with a separated shoulder in game five. Ouch.... I can't imagine playing a contact sport like hockey with a separated shoulders, Joe Thornton must have a high pain threshold to be able to play with that injury.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ryane Clowe tap on Ryan Kessler...

Holy Cow! Are you kidding me? The dive by Canucks forward Ryan Kessler was worse than I had originally thought it was... If you watch the video you will see that San Jose Sharks forward Ryan Clowe barely touched Ryan Kessler who then flops to the ice like he has been shot.... If you noticed the announcers didn't spend a lot of time talking about the Clowe love tap either, also look how concerned Kessler's teammates were as well, they knew. What a fraud!!! This Vancouver Canucks team is a bunch of phonies that looked like they spent last summer taking acting and drama classes. These clown Vancouver Canucks throw their head back any time they are touched by the San Jose Sharks. 
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hart Trophy Finalists and Redwing's prediction

The Hart Trophy was announced. For those who aren't familiar with the the names of the Trophies what they're awarded for, the Hart is for NHL MVP.

The three nominees are: Alexander Ovechkin (WAS), Sidney Crosby (PIT), and Henrik Sedin (VAN).

I think I'm going to take my biased opinion and relate to you all my thoughts on this topic by breaking down the three candidates.

Alexander Ovechkin:

This guy does it all. He hits (sometimes illegally and cheaply), he skates, he creates, and he scores. In fact, he's a far better overall scorer than any of the other candidates. He did a great job of driving his team to the playoffs and inspired his teammates towards greatness, even if he wasn't always the best player on the ice.

Why He'll Win:

He finished the regular season 3rd in goals scored (50; behind Crosby and Stampkos), 6th in assists, 3rd in points, 2nd to teammate Schultz in +/-, and 4th in Game winning goals. He also scored at a 1.51 ppg pace throughout the season (ok, he played 9-10 fewer games than Sedin and Crosby...)

Why He Won't Win:

Somewhat inconsistent. Doesn't have the clean reputation that Sedin and Crosby enjoy. Surrounded by a ton of talent but he couldn't help the team past the first round.

Henrik Sedin

This flying Swede is a smooth skating point machine. He finds himself not on the same platform as Crosby and Ovechkin for several reasons, but most notably his lack of ability to be a prolific goal scorer.

Why He Will Win:

83 assists. Most points in the league. Scored at a point per game pace identical to Crosby's despite scoring about 22 fewer goals. Leader throughout, including the playoffs. Consistent point producer.

Why He Won't Win:

Lack of goal scoring. 4 power play goals. Perhaps the perception that assists are easier to achieve than goals on a high scoring team. Other than points and assists, he's not statistically altogether superior to the other two candidates.

Sidney Crosby

This NHL Front Office PR machine appointed "GOD" of hockey is simply legendary... Ok, enough of the hype talking. Crosby is one of the top players playing today and probably one of the top players since Messier and Yzerman retired. He put up impressive numbers this year and is a consummate captain despite having the reputation of living in Daddy Lemieux's basement (I don't think he still lives there and probably hasn't since his rookie year).

Why He'll Win:

Unlike Sedin and Ovechkin, Crosby has more than just the Penguin fanbase rooting for him. Crosby has the NHL Front Office, led by Gary Bettman, the PR machine, and the Hockey Sports Media rooting heavily for him. This guy's media following as epic. In fact, those I've talked to who lived through Gretzky (Oiler and Kings years), Orr, Howe, Mekita, etc. eras can't remember there being the type and extent of hype being awarded to any of the "greats" that has been garnered to Crosby. You can argue about supposed "need" and the waning interest in hockey, but it's sometimes hard to withstand. That being said, he's got a clean reputation, a great scoring line, and has led their team farther in the playoffs than Ovechkin. He's fresh off a great performance last year that got him the Cup and he's leading the NHL in points in the playoffs.

Why He'll Lose:

He can't hit worth a darn. I can't think of anything else. He's far behind Sedin and Ovechkin in +/-. I can't put any more in without fabricating stuff.

Truth be told, I can't see anyone but Crosby winning the award. Does he deserve it? Yeah, as much as it grates my gears, he does. I'd rather it go to Sedin, though. I think Sedin did everything without the hype. He ended the season with 3 more points than Crosby and Ovechkin and no one really cared.

Kinda like how Stamkos finished the year with Crosby tied for the most goals but he was mentioned as a mere afterthought.

I'm not a Crosby hater. I hate what Crosby means to the NHL front office and to Gary Bettman. Hockey is so much better across the league than just what Crosby brings, even if it is that good.

I think Crosby has enough hype. I think the media has given Crosby more than enough attention and laurels. He's a great player, but I'd rather see the league pushed forward as great than one player. Right now, I can only hope that nothing bad happens to Crosby.

Imagine this: Crosby goes through a career ending catastrophe of some kind (god forbid, seriously, I hope note). What would the NHL do? Bettman might go on suicide watch.

I know I'd love to have Crosby on my team. I know anyone would. I just wish that the NHL did as much to promote the sport itself rather than just name recognition of one or two players.

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