Monday, April 16, 2012

Sedin, "the hit was legal"

Calgary Herald Photo
There has been much discussion on the internet whether the Dustin Brown’s hit on Henrik Sedin was a legal hit or not. Sedin put that speculation to bed with his comments about the hit after last night's game.
Emotions boiled when Brown steamrolled Sedin with a shoulder hit in the Canucks captain's chest early in the second period, sending Sedin crawling to the bench and sparking a fight between Anze Kopitar and Alex Burrows. The hit wasn't penalized, and Sedin returned from a brief trip to the locker room.

Afterward, Sedin confirmed the hit was legal, and Brown spoke of his respect for Sedin. [Sports Illustrated]
Nice to see Henrik Sedin step up and recognized that the hit was a legal body check. Last time I checked, hockey is a physical sport and that body checks are part of the game.  The reaction of the Canucks after the hit was also predictable.
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