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Monday, March 25, 2013

My NCAA Bracket

Mine looks the same every year so, go ahead and post your picks as well.
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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Video of the Minnesota vs. Notre Dame highlights

Here are the highlights of tonight's game between the number one ranked Minnesota Golden Gophers and the number two ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It's a good win for the Minnesota Gophers because it's bumps their Pairwise ranking up. It's also the fifth win in the last six games for the Minnesota Gophers.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Updated College Hockey TV schedule

Originally posted at The Hockey Writers – Combine

If you have been scanning twitter and the various NHL webpages on the Internet you will realized that the NHL owners and NHL Players Association are nowhere near signing a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  It’s almost as if the NHL is bound and determined to ruin the NHL in North America for good as they march towards this bizarre form of fratricide.

The two sides look like a bunch of spoiled five year olds fighting over a toy at daycare.
According to Michael Russo of the Star Tribune, the NHL is going to announce today that the league will be cancelling the entire schedule in November.

You see where this is going? The entire season hangs in the balance and is in jeopardy if the two sides don’t get back to the negotiating table.

I love the NHL and I spend hours every winter watching the greatest game on the planet, but as this lockout continues, I have become so disgruntled with the current state of affairs in the NHL, that I have almost stopped entirely looking at my favorite NHL pages. Recently, I have stuck mostly to amateur hockey leagues like the USHL, NAHL, CHL and NCAA hockey webpages.

So now that we have discussed the depressing subject that is the NHL = No Hockey League, you can settle in tonight and watch some college hockey and here is the updated schedule of college hockey games.
You can check your local listing but FCS is on the following DirecTV channels 617, 623, 626. As of right now, Dish Network does not include Fox College Sports. Games with a (C) are also available in Canada.

Fri.Oct. 26Anchorage at UNDFSC/Midco7:37pm623
Sat.Oct. 27Anchorage at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pm626
Sun.Oct. 28Canisius at MinnesotaFS North2 p.m.668/436
Fri.Nov. 2BU at UNDFCS/Midco/NESN7:37pmTBD/686/434
Fri.Nov. 2Minnesota State at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Nov. 3BU at UNDFCS/Midco/NESN7:07pmTBD/628/434
Sat.Nov. 3Minnesota at Minnesota StateFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Nov. 9Boston University at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Thu.Nov. 15Notre Dame at MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Nov. 15UMD at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
FriNov. 16UMD at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Nov. 16Harvard at CornellNBC Sports Net.7:30 pm603 / 159
Fri.Nov. 16Wisconsin at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Nov. 16Denver at Colorado CollegeAltitude9:30 p.m.681 / 410
Sat.Nov. 17Colorado College at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Nov. 17Wisconsin at MinnesotaBTN9 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Nov. 23Minnesota at VermontFS North +7 p.m.TBD
Fri.Nov. 23Colgate at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Sat.Nov. 24Minnesota at VermontFS North7 p.m.668 / 436
Fri.Nov. 30Boston College at Boston UniversityNBC Sports Net.7:30 pm603 / 159
Fri.Nov. 30Ohio State at Michigan StateBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Nov. 30Vermont at MaineCBS Sports Net.8 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Nov. 30Nebraska-Omaha at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Sat.Dec. 1Boston University at Boston CollegeNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Dec. 1Nebraska-Omaha at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Dec. 1Denver University at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Dec. 7Michigan State at Notre DameNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Dec. 7Harvard at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Fri.Dec 8Denver University at UNDFCS/MIDCO7:07pmTBD
Fri.Dec. 7Minnesota at Colorado CollegeFS North +9:30 p.m.TBD
Sat.Dec. 8Maine at Boston UniversityCBS Sports Net.8 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Sat.Dec. 8Minnesota at Colorado CollegeFS North +9 p.m.TBD
Fri.Dec. 14Miami at Ohio StateBTN7 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Dec. 14Western Michigan at MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Thu.Dec. 27Michigan State vs. Western MichiganFS Detroit3:30 p.m.663 / 430
Thu.Dec. 27Michigan vs. Michigan TechFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Fri.Dec. 28GLI Third-Place GameFS Detroit3:30 p.m.663 / 430
Fri.Dec. 28GLI Championship GameFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Dec. 29Air Force at MinnesotaFS North +TBDTBD
Sat.Dec. 29Boston University at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Dec. 30Boston College at MinnesotaFS North +TBDTBD
Fr.Jan. 4Holy Cross at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Jan. 4Colorado College at Nebraska-OmahaNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 4Robert Morris at ArmyCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Jan. 4Cornell at DenverROOT Sports9:30 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Jan. 5Holy Cross at UNDFCS/Midco7:07TBD
Sat.Jan. 5Merrimack at VermontCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Tue.Jan. 8Bowling Green at MichiganBTN7:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Tue.Jan. 8Notre Dame at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Jan. 11Colorado College at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Jan. 11New Hampshire at Boston CollegeNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 11Union at PrincetonNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 11Alaska Anchorage at MinnesotaBTN9 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Jan. 11Nebraska-Omaha at DenverNBC Sports Net.10 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Jan. 12Army at Air ForceCBS Sports Net.6 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Sat.Jan. 12Colorado College at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Sat.Jan. 12Alaska at MichiganFS Detroit +7:30 p.m.664 / TBD
Sat.Jan. 12Alaska Anchorage at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 12Nebraska-Omaha at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Fri.Jan. 18Northeastern at Boston UniversityNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 18Harvard at YaleNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 18Ferris State at Michigan StateFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Fri.Jan. 18North Dakota at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 19North Dakota at MinnesotaFS North6 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Jan. 19Alaska at Notre DameCBS Sports Net7 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Jan. 25Maine at Boston CollegeNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Jan. 25Yale at CornellNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Jan. 25Ferris State at Notre DameCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Jan. 25Saint Cloud State at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Jan. 25Minnesota State at MinnesotaBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Jan. 26Penn State at Michigan StateBTN6 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Jan. 26Saint Cloud State at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Sat.Jan. 26Providence at Boston UniversityNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Jan. 26Michigan at Western MichiganFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Jan. 26Minnesota at Minnesota StateFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Fri.Feb. 1Michigan State at MichiganBTN6:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Feb. 1UMass Lowell at MerrimackNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Feb. 1University of Wisconsin at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Feb. 1Dartmouth at UnionNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Feb. 2Michigan vs. Michigan State (JLA)FS Detroit4 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Feb. 2University of Wisconsin at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Fri.Feb. 8North Dakota at Nebraska-OmahaNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 8Michigan at Notre DameCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 8Minnesota at St. Cloud StateFS North +8:30 p.m.TBD
Fri.Feb. 8Colorado College at DenverROOT Sports9:30 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Feb. 9Massachusetts at MerrimackNESN3:30 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Feb. 9Minnesota at St. Cloud StateFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Sun.Feb. 10Providence at New HampshireCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Northern Michigan at Michigan StateBTN6:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Boston University at MaineNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 15Notre Dame at MiamiCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 15Minnesota at WisconsinFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Feb. 16Bowling Green at Ferris StateFS Detroit5 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Feb. 16Boston University at MaineNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Feb. 16Northern Michigan at Michigan StateFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sun.Feb. 17Minnesota vs. Wisconsin (Soldier Field)BTN4:30 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sun.Feb. 17Notre Dame vs. Miami (Soldier Field)FS DetroitTBD663 / 430
Fri.Feb. 22New Hampshire at VermontNESN7 p.m.628 / 434
Fri.Feb. 22Yale at QuinnipiacNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 22Notre Dame at Western MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 22Minnesota Duluth at MinnesotaFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Feb. 22North Dakota at DenverNBC Sports Net.10 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Feb. 23New Hampshire at VermontCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Sat.Feb. 23Minnesota Duluth at MinnesotaBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Feb. 23North Dakota at DenverROOT Sports9 p.m.683 / 414
Sun.Feb. 24Boston College at MerrimackCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 1Wisconsin at Nebraska-OmahaNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Mar. 1Ferris State at MichiganCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 1Bemidji State at UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Mar. 1Denver at MinnesotaBTN8 p.m.610 / 439 (C)
Sat.Mar. 2Hockey East Game TBDNESN4 p.m.628 / 434
Sat.Mar. 2Bemidji State at UNDFCS/Midco7:07pm
Sat.Mar. 2Ferris State at MichiganFS Detroit7:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 2Denver at MinnesotaFS North8 p.m.668 / 436
Sun.Mar. 3UMass Lowell at MerrimackCBS Sports Net.4 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 8Maine at New HampshireNBC Sports Net.7:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Mar. 8Boston University at NortheasternCBS Sports Net.7:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Mar. 8Massachusetts at MerrimackFOX College7:30 p.m.TBD
Fri.Mar. 8Minnesota at Bemidji StateFS North8:30 p.m.668 / 436
Sat.Mar. 9Minnesota at Bemidji StateFS North +8 p.m.TBD
Fri.Mar 15TBD vs UNDFCS/Midco7:37pmTBD
Fri.Mar. 15Hockey East QuarterfinalNBC Sports Net.7 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Mar. 15CCHA Second RoundFS Detroit7 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 15TBD vs. UNDFCS/Midco7:07pmTBD
Sat.Mar. 16Hockey East QuarterfinalNESN4 p.m.628 / 434
Sun.Mar. 17Hockey East QuarterfinalNESN4:30 p.m.628 / 434
Thu.Mar. 21WCHA Final FiveFSN2:00/7:07668/ 436
Thu.Mar. 22WCHA Final FiveFSN2:00/7:07668/ 436
Fri.Mar. 22Hockey East SemifinalNBC Sports Net.4 p.m.
Fri.Mar. 22Hockey East SemifinalNBC Sports Net.7 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Mar. 23CCHA SemifinalFS Detroit1 p.m.603 / 159
Sat.Mar. 23CCHA SemifinalFS Detroit4:30 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 23Hockey East ChampionshipNBC Sports Net.7 p.m.663 / 430
Sat.Mar. 23WCHA Final FiveFSN7:00pm668/ 436
Sun.Mar. 24CCHA ChampionshipFS Detroit2 p.m.603 / 159
Sun.Mar. 24NCAA Selection ShowESPNU9 p.m.663 / 430
NCAA Regional CoverageESPNUTBD208 / 141
Thu.Apr. 11NCAA SemifinalTBD4:30 p.m.208 / 141
Thu.Apr. 11NCAA SemifinalTBD8 p.m.
Sat.Apr. 13NCAA ChampionshipTBD7 p.m.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NHL prospects represented by many current and former College Hockey players

Originally posted at The Hockey Writers - Combine

As most of us know, the NHL players have been locked out by the NHL owners effective on September 15th, 2012 – when this lockout ends is anyone’s guess – the prospects of the two sides coming to a quick settlement doesn’t look very good. From everything that I have been reading during the past week does  suggests fans shouldn’t expect any NHL hockey games during the months of October and November and we probably won’t have any games until sometime in  December.

So while the NHL and the NHLPA try to settle their differences – NHL hockey fans are going to have to look for other hockey options.  Much like the 2004-05 lockout that cost us a whole season, hockey fans are going to have a lot of extra free time on their hands that they used to fill by watching NHL Hockey. Personally, I watch at least 3-6 NHL hockey games on NHL Center Ice during the regular season – when my favorite college hockey team is in town during the weekend, I spend those nights at the local hockey arena watching college hockey. Obviously, there are other NHL hockey fans that watch even more NHL hockey than that. That being said, there is going to fill a void that has been caused by the lockout, obviously there won’t be as much watchable hockey on TV.

There are many options when it comes to filling the hockey void left by the NHL lockout – hockey fans in the States can watch NCAA Division I Hockey on the various regional sports networks and or watch games in person at a stadium near you.

The NCAA is filled with many top players that have been drafted by NHL teams  and quite a few of them currently play in the NHL.  Corey Pronman from the Hockey prospectus has ranked the top 100 NHL Prospects and I have posted the players from the list that have played college hockey or are currently playing Division I college hockey.

Looking at the list that Pronman has compiled, you might notice a few familiar names, but also a few familiar universities as well. There might have been a few names that I have omitted and I apologize ahead of time if I have.

 12. Justin Schultz, Defense, Edmonton Oilers – Wisconsin
14. Brendan Smith, Defense, Detroit Red Wings – Wisconsin
21. Jaden Schwartz, Left Wing, St. Louis Blues – Colorado College
24. Nick Bjugstad, Center, Florida Panthers – Minnesota Gophers
26. Gustav Nyquist, Right Wing, Detroit Red Wings – Maine
32. Chris Kreider, Left Wing, New York Rangers – Boston College
36. Rocco Grimaldi, Center, Florida Panthers – North Dakota
37. Jon Merrill, Defense, New Jersey Devils – Michigan
42. Jacob Trouba, Defense, Winnipeg Jets – Michigan
47. Kyle Palmieri, Right Wing, Anaheim Ducks – Notre Dame
48. Charlie Coyle, Center, Minnesota Wild – Boston University
50. Brandon Pirri, Center, Chicago Blackhawks - RPI
56. Joe Colborne, Center, Toronto Maple Leafs – Denver University
58. Brian Dumoulin, Defense, Pittsburgh Penguins - Boston College
61. Torey Krug, Defense, Boston Bruins – Michigan State
67. Brock Nelson, Center, New York Islanders – North Dakota
69. Corban Knight, Right Wing, Florida Panthers – North Dakota
71. Reilly Smith, Right Wing, Dallas Stars - Miami
72. Matt Donovan, Defense, New York Islanders – Denver University
79. Cory Conacher, Left Wing, Tampa Bay Lightning - Canisius
81. Drew Shore, Center, Florida Panthers – Denver University
82. Beau Bennett, Right Wing, Pittsburgh Penguins – Denver University
83. J.T. Brown, Right Wing, Tampa Bay Lightning – Minnesota Duluth
85. Derek Forbort, Defense Los Angeles Kings – North Dakota
86. Scott Mayfield, Defense, New York Islanders – Denver University
94. John Gaudreau, Left Wing, Calgary Flames – Boston College
98. T.J. Tynan, Center, Columbus Blue Jackets – Notre Dame
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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mike Chambers on the new "Super League"

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post has his take on the formation of the new Super League (CHSL). As always Chambers has an interesting take that’s just a little different than the other beat writers from around the league.
Mike Chamber; Denver Post ---- “There is no secret that many institutions, including ours, are looking at the intercollegiate hockey landscape and considering different options and opportunities for the future. It is our intent to continue to be a strong and proud partner with the other members of the WCHA while this process continues. The future of our program and the competitive alternatives for student-athletes attending our school in the future are decisions that need to be investigated, and weighed, and discussed.”

I wrote last winter that DU, CC and North Dakota, among others, should quit complaining about the UM and UW departures and recruit Notre Dame and Miami to the WCHA. The aforementioned stories in the Herald and elsewhere basically said the same thing, although I was surprised to see that a “new” conference would be a start-up league, not a “new-look” WCHA.

Hey, I’m all for an eight-team league that features DU, CC, UND, Notre Dame, Miami, Nebraska-Omaha, Minnesota-Duluth and Western Michigan … but why not keep it under the WCHA banner? If they do go to a start-up league, would St. Cloud State, Minnesota State, Bemidji State, Alaska-Anchorage and Michigan Tech just move to the CCHA, or if they remained in the “skinned” WCHA, who would join to make it a necessary six-team league?

Regardless, any league with DU, CC, UND, ND, Miami, UNO and UMD would be an excellent loop and make a fine non-conference scheduling partner with the Big Ten. Private schools DU and CC would UNDOUBTEDLY LOVE to be a hockey partner with Notre Dame, arguably the most recognized private school in the country.
Yikes!!! I think this is a scarey time in college hockey and there is a lot of uncertainty, like I told a friend of mine today, this makes my chest hurt. I don't think anyone really knows how this is going to play out. I do understand why these 6-8 schools are starting a "Super Conference" and I think that they are trying to do what is best for their universities
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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fred Pletsch hired as CCHA commissioner

The CCHA now has a new commissioner to replace Tom Anastos who was hired as the head coach of Michigan State.
USCHO.COM ---- CCHA schools have picked Fred Pletsch to lead the conference through a key period in its history.

Pletsch, who has been serving as interim commissioner since March 23 after Tom Anastos became Michigan State’s coach, had the interim tag removed from the title on Monday.

He joined the league in 2001 as director of communications, then became associate commissioner in 2008.

The CCHA lost Nebraska-Omaha to the WCHA in 2010 and will lose three more members — Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State — when the Big Ten Conference starts sponsoring men’s hockey in 2013.

“Fred steps into the commissioner’s role at an important time for the CCHA,” Greg Christopher, chair of the CCHA Council and athletic director at Bowling Green, said in a statement.

“He has been integrally involved in the direction of the conference for nearly a decade, and understands the details of the position along with the broader vision necessary to lead the CCHA. All 11 institutions have confidence in Fred and believe that he is the right person to help us navigate the future.”

The vote was taken last week at league meetings in Naples, Fla.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The hiring of Anastos is an interesting turn of events

I have been reading this story all day and into the night and my Bravo Sierra detector is in full force... The more I read this story the more it doesn't smell right. Who the hell hires a league commissioner to coach a high profile division one college hockey program? Especially, when the coach hasn't coached a hockey game in 20 years? This hiring makes no sense what-so-ever. I would think the game has changed in the last twenty years as well.
USCHO.COM --- In the press conference Wednesday announcing his hiring, Anastos said it himself: “It’s not every day a commissioner’s hired to come coach a team.”

I’d take that one step further. It’s not every day that someone whose last college coaching experience was nearly 20 years ago is hired as a head coach at a high-profile university.

That’s one question I have. Why did Michigan State choose someone with no recent direct college hockey coaching experience?

MSU athletic director Mark Hollis took everyone through his hiring process at the press conference. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet with so many people — people from the hockey world, people from the athletic world, and people from the business world, talking about what it takes to be a great leader, what it takes to be a great coach, and frankly what it takes to be a great Spartan. Through it all we started with 20-plus names.”

Twenty? Really?

“In the end,” said Hollis, “Tom Anastos jumped to the forefront on all the characteristics I believe take a true leader. I think when I step back and I look, any time I hire a coach I step back and look at my three children, and I think, ‘Who would I entrust my three children with to be a mentor?’ And that was a big factor in hiring Tom Anastos.”


“I believe that we have to create a culture here,” said Hollis, “where folks in the NHL — scouts, general managers — believe that we’re giving our kids everything possible to train, develop not only to play in the NHL but for a life beyond, and that’s what Tom Anastos believes in.”

I am on board with this. There’s no question that NCAA hockey needs to compete harder with major junior Canadian hockey for college-eligible players. No question. From what Anastos has said on several occasions, I know that he’s passionate about keeping college-eligible players in college.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Edit; MSU plucks Anastos from the CCHA.

This has turned into a crazy story; apparently MSU went after Tom Anastos and he had no clue they were interested in hiring him as the head coach of the MSU Spartans. Personally, I can see how when this story first broke that some including me would look at this cynically… Look the CCHA isn’t a very attractive league minus Michigan State and Michigan. I could personally care less about tOSU because they have done nothing notable during their college hockey existence. I wouldn't have blamed him if he did in fact bail on the CCHA. I still wonder how the fans over at Save UAH Hockey  feel about this move; are they cheering Tom Anastos leaving the CCHA leadership post?
The State News --- MSU’s new hockey coach will be former Spartan and current CCHA Commissioner Tom Anastos.

Anastos said in a release he is excited about returning to MSU.

“The expectations I have for our program will be to compete annually for conference and national championships,” Anastos said. “That was the expectation when I was here as a player and as an assistant coach, and I don’t believe it should be any different in my role as head coach. … I am excited to get started, to hire a staff, and to get myself re-acclimated within the MSU community.”

MSU has been looking for a new coach since Rick Comley announced his retirement on Jan. 25.

MSU Athletics Director Mark Hollis said in a release Anastos brings the passion needed to coach a hockey program like MSU.

“He can attract high-caliber talent and develop those players into those who are attractive to the National Hockey League. He places a premium on education, and the drive and desire to compete for championships,” Hollis said. “Hockey is important in the state of Michigan, and it is also important to Michigan State. We will continue to provide the resources to appropriately support this program, and to best prepare our student-athletes for their personal future … in the NHL and the business world.”

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CCHA to Continue Shootouts in League Play

It would be interesting to see what the breakdown of the vote for the shootout was. Personally, I am a fan of the shootout and find them entertaining in the NHL games that I watch. I know there are a lot of college hockey fans and hockey purists that DON’T like the shootout and to many fans it’s a person preference whether they like it or not.
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. - The Central Collegiate Hockey Association will continue to use shootouts and a three-point system in league play, as determined by a vote at the CCHA Council Meeting in Dearborn, Mich., Aug. 16-17.

In addition, the council voted for the CCHA to begin using standardized media timeouts in all league games and non-conference games hosted by CCHA teams. In 2008 the CCHA became the first Division I men’s ice hockey conference to institute the shootout in league play. For the 2009-10 season, the CCHA adopted a standings format for league play where a team that wins in regulation or overtime receives three points, a team that wins a shootout is awarded two points, a team that loses a shootout gets one point, and a team that loses in regulation or overtime earns no points. This past season 25 CCHA games went to a shootout, with Alaska being the most frequent participant at eight shootouts.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Penn State is good enough for the CCHA but UAH isn't

When I read this bravo sierra it makes my blood boil that the CCHA will let an established team like UAH twist in the wind but will extend an invitation to a team that doesn't even have a program yet. Hey Anastos; how can Penn State who doesn't an arena or an existing program be an attractive choice to the CCHA?
When Central Collegiate Hockey Association officials gather next week in Dearborn for annual meetings, they are expected to discuss the possibility of adding a 12th team to the league.

The target: Penn State.

"They are a very attractive choice -- very attractive," CCHA commissioner Tom Anastos told The Detroit News on Tuesday. "They're in a different market than we're in, more and more U.S. players are on college rosters, and there's tremendous growth of the sport in Pennsylvania."

The CCHA includes Michigan, Michigan State, Ferris State, Lake Superior, Northern Michigan and Western Michigan.

Anastos confirmed Tuesday the CCHA's interest in Penn State less than a week after the Altoona (Pa.) Mirror reported that the school is on the verge of making men's and women's hockey Division I programs. The newspaper attributed the information to a source.

Men's and women's hockey currently are club teams at Penn State.

Anastos said there is no timeline for extending an invitation to Penn State, but confirmed he has exchanged e-mails with Penn State president Graham Spanier on the topic. Anastos also said Penn State officials recently toured hockey facilities at CCHA member schools.

"Obviously there's some interesting dynamics," Anastos said. "Certainly there's some commonality."

Attempts Tuesday to reach Penn State athletic director Tim Curley were unsuccessful. Members of the school's board of trustees have not discussed the issue publicly in meetings. The trustees' next meeting is Sept. 16. [From The Detroit News]
This kind of stuff pisses me off, it's the CCHA commissioner acting like an elitist snob again. So lets make sure that I get this right; UAH not good enough, Penn State no existing program; but Penn State is good enough and an attractive option. I think college hockey owes it to UAH to find a home for the Chargers if an existing league is going to snub a team that needs a home for a team that isn't even on line yet.
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