Friday, February 05, 2016

Bye Week: Gone Fishing

This weekend, the UND hockey team is off and I am heading north. I am going fishing in Lake Winnipeg with my buddy Mike. I will leave you my lastest.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

PSU's Andrew Sturtz Suspended one Game

The Big Ten has suspended PSU's Andrew Sturtz one-game for this nasty hit this on Michigan Wolverine forward Tyler Motte (video above).

For his efforts, Sturtz was given a five-minute major penalty for interference and a two-minute minor for roughing.  Sturtz hit Motte long after the puck was gone. (box score).

First, I believe the Big Ten blew it by not giving Sturtz a longer suspension. This hit eems worthy of a two-game suspension. In my opinion, this is a predatory hit and the kind of hit that hockey is trying eliminate from the game hockey.

If you watch the video, You will notice that Sturtz leaves his feet to make contact with Motte, you can't do that. The pucks is long gone when Sturtz makes contact with Motte. Obviously, if you're from PSU, you might see the hit differently.

You may also disagree with what PSU's head coach Guy Gadowsky has to say about the hit.
Penn State head coach Guy Gadowsky addressed the suspension during his weekly media interviews but noted that while the suspension was the correct application of the rules that the severity of the hit was unintentional.(Ben Jones, State College)
I am not sure how you can say that the severity of the hit was unintentional. This is the end of a game when the score is out of reach. You have a player taking a run at a star player, maybe to send a message. I think I can see the intent.  Right call or not? Should the suspension be longer?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

SME Inc. it Is

The University of North Dakota has picked SME Inc. to design the Fighting Hawks Logo. SME Inc. is a company out of New York City. According to SEM's web page, they've worked with the Minnesota Wild.

Personally, I don't care who designs the Fighting Hawks logo. That being said, this very crucial time in the nickname transition. I am concerned about the Fighting Hawks logo and what it will look like.
The university’s Graphic Identity RFP Evaluation and Recommendation Team chose New York-based SME Inc. Tuesday after three firms made their pitch to design the logo. Pending final approval from UND interim President Ed Schafer, the company is expected to design the logo by this summer so the school can implement it in the fall.

“It’s an important next step, and it’s been a short but very engaged process,” said UND Athletic Director Brian Faison, who served as a co-chairman for the committee. “It’s nice to get to this point, absolutely.”

NHL Throws Book at Dennis Wideman

The NHL has thrown the book at Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman. Seriously, Wideman was given a 20-game suspension for running over NHL linesman Don Henderson. Wideman said this of the hit on Henderson.

"At the last second, I looked up and saw [Henderson] and couldn't avoid it, Wideman said. "I went up to Donnie and apologized to him on the ice," he said after the game. "I didn't see him. I didn't know where to go and how to get out of the way."
I still wonder if Wideman wasn't dazed from the hit he took before the incident with Henderson. I am fine with the length of the suspension, I think it sends a clear message. However, the next player that abuses an NHL official also need to have the book thrown at them.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Beanpot 2016: BU no Goal (Video)

The on-ice official's call was a good goal. After further video review, the play was reversed. No goal! I think the Hockey East officials should be applauded for their efforts today. They got the calls right. Of course, some of the teams fans might not agree.

Beanpot 2016: Harvard's Adam Baughman Scores (Long Review)

In the opening game of the 2016 Beanpot, the Harvard Crimson scored their second goal of the game on their second shot of the game.

Cue the nice story alert: scoring for the Crimson, Freshman defenseman, Adam Baughman who scored his first collegiate goal in his second career game. Baughman's goal would give the Crimson a 2-1 lead.

Once again, there was a long review, but it appears that the on-ice officials made the right call. Of course, B.C. fans will disagree. Your thoughts?

College Hockey in MSG

As reported by USCHO in December, the Big Ten Hockey conference will be playing games at Madison Square Garden.

I know, I know, a funny comment popped in my head, but I will save it for later. Last Saturday, Penn State and Michigan played in front of 13,479 fans.

Next December during the 2016-17 season, North Dakota and Boston College will play at Madison Square Garden. I've talked to a few people that have already made their travel plans. It will be interesting to see how many UND fans show up for that one.

With all of these games being scheduled for the garden. My question is, why have a Frozen Four at  Madison Square Garden?
USCHO.COM -- The Big Ten has rounded out its college hockey games at New York’s Madison Square Garden through 2018 as part of its Super Saturday series.

Wisconsin will play Ohio State on Jan. 28, 2017, while Minnesota will play Michigan State on Jan. 20, 2018.

Michigan and Penn State are set to start the Super Saturday — College Hoops & Hockey series this Saturday. (USCHO.COM)
I am kind of warming to the idea.

UND Remains 2nd in Division I Men's Poll

February 01, 2016

(First Place Votes)
Last Poll
20- 1-5
North Dakota
( 9)
22- 3-3
St. Cloud State
( 5)
22- 5-1
Boston College
( 1)
17- 4-4
16- 3-4
17- 5-4
12- 4-3
17- 5-4
Boston University
14- 7-4
Notre Dame
14- 5-7
12- 5-4
16- 9-1
13- 8-5
14- 8-6
Michigan Tech
14- 7-5
Penn State
16- 7-3
11- 7-3
Minnesota State
14- 9-5
Bowling Green
15- 8-6
11- 9-1
Others receiving votes: Robert Morris 46, St. Lawrence 23, Minnesota 7, Northeastern 6, Union 4, Miami 3, Minnesota-Duluth 3, Clarkson 1, Ferris State 1.

Frankly, there aren't any surprises in this week’s USCHO Poll. As I have said in the past, the USCHO Poll is fun to discuss. Also, the only poll that really matters is the one that is announced on Sunday in March after the Conference Championships are over. For the most part, the top six of the USCHO Poll breaks down much like the Pairwise Rankings. There are a few differences.

Taking a look at the USCHO Poll, Quinnipiac remains in first place. No major shock there. The F’NHawks remained in second place this week. The Sterns Community College Huskies are ranked third. Rounding out the top five, the Boston College Eagles are again fourth. Apparently, the voters think that the Michigan Wolverines are worthy of the fifth place position. I think it would be hard to gauge how good Michigan actually is because their conference has been very, very weak this season.

Defending champ Providence College has dropped from fourth to sixth place.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

(Video) BSU's Billett knees SCSU's Robby Jackson Share

Bemidji State University defenseman Dan Billett was assessed a five-minute major for this knee-on-knee hit on St. Cloud State forward Robby Jackson. It will be interesting to see if the WCHA suspends Billett for a game or two. Remember, it's the WCHA and they're not known for a lot of suspensions.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

UND Beats WMU 2-1 (Video)

Imagine playing without three of your top six forwards. Tonight, that's exactly what happened. UND swept Western Michigan minus Chris Wilkie, Drake Caggiula and Nick Schmaltz. With the win, UND improves to (22-3-3, 13-2-1 NCHC).

I would say, look at it this way, there was a lot of points missing from the lineup. UND bore down and got the much-needed sweep to propel to the top of the NCHC standings. UND now leads St. Cloud State by three points.

The remaining "B" from the CBS line was scored three goals and an assist this weekend.Boeser is now UND’s leading scorer with (18g-13a—31pts). Boeser is also third in the nation for points per game by a rookie with 1.19.

UND junior goalie Cam Johnson improved to (13-1-1, 1.34 GAA, .948 save percentage). Johnson leads the nation in GAA and in save percentage.

UND leads the nation in wins and is second in GAPG with 1.68.

UND vs. WMU - Game 2

North Dakota Fighting Hawks Forward Lines
29 Bryn Chyzyk (A)–27 Luke Johnson–14 Austin Poganski
25 Joel Janatuinen–22 Rhett Gardner–16 Brock Boeser
19 Shane Gersich–10 Johnny Simonson–17 Colten St. Clair (A)
24 Christian Wolanin–26 Coltyn Sanderson–111 Trevor Olson

North Dakota Defense Pairings
20 Gage Ausmus (C)–2 Troy Stecher (A)
4 Keaton Thompson–6 Paul LaDue (A)
28 Hayden Shaw–3 Tucker Poolman

North Dakota Goalies
33 Cam Johnson
30 Matt Hrynkiw
(Official Stats)

Western Michigan Broncos Forward Lines
21 Kyle Novak–8 Sheldon Dries (C)–16 Nolan LaPorte
17 Griffen Molino–29 Colt Conrad–14 Jade McMullen
19 Frederik Tiffels–26 Michael Rebry–12 Aidan Muir
7 Matheson Iacopelli–26 Willem Nong-Lambert–23 Aaron Hadley

Western Michigan Defense Pairings
9 Chris Dienes–20 Taylor Fleming
13 Neal Goff–15 Scott Moldenhauer
6 Corey Schueneman–18 Oliver Kaski

Western Michigan Goalies
55 Lukas Hafner
35 Trevor Gorsuch
(Official Stats)

Tonight, there are no changed for the Western Michigan Broncos. For UND, freshman forward Mike Gornall is out of the lineup and freshman forward Rhett Gardner is back in the lineup after being flown in on Friday. Gornal has been sick this week. For those that have DirecTV sports pack, tonight's game will be on 681-1 Altitude.

Friday, January 29, 2016

WMU No Goal

Tonight, the Western Michigan Broncos were convinced that they had scored a goal and requested that the on-ice officials review the play. Fair enough, that happens.

Moving right along, the on-ice officials reviewed the play in question and spent something like 7-8 minutes reviewing a play that was obviously not a goal. It didn't cross the line. What were the on-ice officials looking for? UND radio play-by-play announcer said he saw the play once and knew that it wasn't a goal.

I know, it's easy to bag on the officials, they're human, they make mistakes. But if you can review something for a few minutes and not see a good goal, there's no need to spend any more time staring at a screen trying to glean if there was a goal scored. It's not there. Personally, I think there are too many reviews in the NCHC now.

Game 1: UND vs. WMU (UND Missing 2-of-3 CBS Line)

Tonight, UND will be without Rhett Gardner, Nick Schmaltz, Drake Caggiula and Chris Wilkie. Three of UND's top goal scorers are out of the game tonight. Tonight, UND gets DShep and Timm "Quick Whistle" Walsh.