Friday, October 28, 2016

The Tweet of the Night

Sometimes you just have to say.... wtf. This is one of the best responses to a moronic tweet from a Gopher fan.That being said, the guy has a point, the effort on the ice by UND in all three zones wasn't good. From the grab a  little perspective department, it's one game and UND is 5-1-0.

Did Austin Poganski Take a Dive?

When I saw this play for the first time, I thought holy cow, that looked funny. One might even suggest that Austin Poganski took a dive. Now, even though Poganski is from Minnesota, he isn't known for being a diver or a player that embellishes. So, did Poganski take a dive?

Monday, October 24, 2016

A look at the Stats

I have no idea how this season plays out, but UND has been on a remarkable run. This morning I was reading the Brad Schlossman’s blog and I found a few stats that I wanted to expound on. Over the last 49 games, UND has gone 39-6-4 (.836).

Over the last 19 games, UND has a 17-1-1 (.921) record. The last team to beat the Fighting Hawks was the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs in the Frozen Faceoff. The last tie came against the Denver Pioneers 1-1, in the third place game of the Frozen Faceoff.

Over the last 22 home games, UND is 20-1-1 (.931). During that 22-game run, UND has lost one game, in overtime, to the Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks 4-3. The tie in question came during a game against the Colorado College Tigers. UND would go on to win the shootout.

Finally, for those keeping track, the last opponent to sweep the Fighting Hawks, the Denver Pioneers Feb. 12-13, 2016 at Denver (6-4, 4-1). That sweep came two and a half seasons after UND was swept by the St. Cloud State Huskies Nov. 1-2, 2013 (3-2, 3-1) at St. Cloud State

Saturday, October 22, 2016

BSU vs. UND, Game 2

Dixon Bowen is in for Cole Smith. The rest of the lineup is the same. No changes. Brock Boeser now has 10 points after four games.

Check out the highlights from last night's game... Both teams put in good efforts and UND used their skill to take the game away from BSU. I also thought UND got a huge break on the penalty shot.

Friday, October 21, 2016

UND vs. BSU, Game 1

I noticed that there're a few changes in the lineup, defenseman Christian Wolanin is out of the lineup tonight. If I get any information on that I will post an update. Also, Rhett Gardner is back after being out of the lineup the last two games. Gardner has a lower-body injury. Finally, Dixon Bowen is a scratch. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Jet's Laine Scores the Game-Winning Goal Against the Leafs

In my humble opinion, Patrick Laine and Auston Matthews are the two  best rookie forwards in the NHL this season. Another game, another great effort by Auston Matthews. However, the fact remains, they're the same old Toronto Maple Leafs that can't hold a lead. Once again, they score four goals and then blow a four goal lead. Laine scored his first ever career hat trick including this beautiful game-winning goal to sink the Leafs. In three games, Laine has scored (4g-2a—6pts).

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NDSU President Wants Fans to Discontinue 'Racist' Chant

I've never understood why NDSU fans still chant Sioux Suck? NDSU  fans chanted that after their favorite team won a NCAA FCS title in 2016.

Think about it, UND has played NDSU once in football since 2003. Apparently, the much maligned NDSU president Dean Bresciani is tired of the chant and wants NDSU fans to discontinue this practice. I imagine if UND ends up in the Summit League, Bresciani will hear that cheer a lot more.

Frankly, I think it's a dumb chant, too. I think that chant lacks originality. Same goes for the F#(K the Bison up the @$$, neither chant took a lot of thought. I guess no one told the fans that UND dropped the name Fighting Sioux back in 2012. Of course, Fighting Hawks suck probably doesn't have the same ring to it. Right?

Don't worry NDSU fans, there are many UND fans that think that name sucks, too. Now that being said, I realize this is a college sporting event. There’s going to be bad behavior and coarse language. That’s life.  I also love explaining to my nine-year-old what the fans are saying. Finally, UND fans are disrespecting the Fighting Sioux nickname like the NDSU fans are.
A letter to the editor in the campus newspaper, The Spectrum, calling for an end to the chant has prompted leaders at NDSU, including President Dean Bresciani, to urge students and others to end the tradition.

"We suspect people are continuing this chant out of a misplaced sense of tradition, and we are asking any who do so to re-evaluate their participation," an email sent Friday, Oct. 14 to the campus community said. The joint email was signed by Bresciani, the student body president, the presidents of the faculty and staff senates and several other top administrators.

"We challenge anyone using hateful, thoughtless language to reflect on that language," the email said. "We believe that people continuing to use these chants are not understanding that these chants are hurtful; they do not reflect the aspiration of NDSU to be a welcoming community." ( Patrick Springer, Grand Forks Herald)
Or buddies at the Spectrum are back and Erik Jonasson weighed in on the matter. Take a look at some of the comments at the bottom of the story. In all seriousness, that's the best cheer that you can come up with?
Erik Jonasson II of the NDSU Spectrum writes – Be it the band or football team, NDSU truly dominated the Fargodome this past Saturday.

In between the awful overpriced food, drunk children and chants of “F—k Iowa” it is hard to not hear the other chant:

“Sioux suck shit.”

Look I am not claiming to be a smart person. I am not a Midwesterner either. On a good hot-dish day I might be a Minnesotan.

Be that as it may, I don’t understand why you guys call it pop. I also don’t understand why you insist on reciting this terribly racist chant.

This chant is embedded in the fact that our only true competition for best university in the state comes from our neighbors to the north, the University of North Dakota.
Oh my. Look who chimed on this matter. I wonder if he knows the difference between NDSU and UND? He probably thinks this is UND's fault, but I digress.

Monday, October 17, 2016

UND No. 1 in USCHO Poll Division I Men's Poll

October 17, 2016

Team(First Place Votes)RecordPointsLast Poll
1North Dakota(50)3- 0-010001
2Minnesota-Duluth3- 1-28624
3Notre Dame3- 1-08165
4Quinnipiac2- 1-18143
5Massachusetts-Lowell2- 0-27668
6Denver2- 2-071010
7Minnesota2- 0-07029
8Boston University1- 2-06242
9Minnesota State4- 0-061114
10Boston College2- 2-05736
11Michigan2- 1-044113
12St. Lawrence3- 1-043415
13Harvard0- 0-042812
14St. Cloud State0- 2-02967
15Providence1- 2-025511
16Yale0- 0-020717
17Northeastern1- 1-218516
18Bemidji State4- 0-0170NR
19Ohio State1- 0-215719
20Omaha2- 0-0105NR
Others receiving votes: Western Michigan 82, Maine 75, Miami 38, Air Force 31, Penn State 28, Holy Cross 25, Cornell 17, Wisconsin 16, Connecticut 10, Lake Superior 6, Army 5, Clarkson 5, Dartmouth 3, Bowling Green 2, Rochester Institute of Technology 1.

Like my buddy of mine said, you don't win banners for being number one in the polls during the month of October. I don't even know if I would put UND as the number one team in the nation.  Polls are fun to look at and are basically meaningless when you have teams that haven't played a game yet ranked in the top-20.

Read more: at USCHO.COM 

Grand Forks Herald Letter: Fighting Hawks end UND's logo curse

From today's letter to the editor, Travis Oliver from Crookston, Minnesota says that the old Fighting Sioux logo was cursed. Thoughts?
To sum up, Ben Brien's Sioux head logo never won a NCAA national title. All the great players, all the great teams—and that logo cursed them.

Sure, it's possible that UND wasn't cursed, and they lost those games for other reasons. But the next time you look up at the eight national-title banners hanging in the Ralph, realize that not only were none of them won with that logo, but the two most recent wins bookend the logo's use.

These are the exact elements that make up curses throughout sports history.

UND fans still despise the NCAA for taking the Sioux logo. Seems disrespectful to me, to hate the very organization that supplies you with what you cherish most: national titles.