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Monday, April 20, 2015

Alex Burrows Gets Lucky

First, Alex Burrows hit on Johnny Gaudreau was dirty bush-league hit, but what do you expect from a clown like Burrows? Second, Burrows is lucky he wasn't given an instigator penalty. If I was the on-ice official, Burrows would be sitting tomorrow night.

Third, Calgary's Kris Russell had the opportunity of a lifetime. Burrows challenged him to a fight. Russell should have lit Burrows up like a pinball machine.

I keep hearing how some fans are offended about what transpired last night. This is why I like the playoffs, there's so much drama and energy in the games. You have villains and you have the scrums and dustups.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Lambert, "Stop your complaining about diving already"

Today, Ryan Lambert of Puck Daddy fame has a blog post about diving. I always love those writers and fans that tell us to stop complaining about the on-ice officials. Moreover, I also love the people that tell us to stop complaining about player embellishment.
People seem particularly aggrieved these days by “the head snap,” that is, when a stick or a glove gets somewhere up near a guy's face, he throws his head back. Tomas Plekanec famously did this in Game 4, after everyone talked about how both teams had “embarrassed” the refs by embellishing for calls in Game 3. The reason why is simple: They'd been able to do it to great effect in the past, but because the officials were on the lookout for it, they spotted it in Plekanec's case. The guy who gets caught is always the one who gets vilified, and the quote-unquote hilarious hashtag “#Plekanecing” quickly made its way around social media (spurred on by, who else, Bruins media hacks). The reason for this is that it's hard to take a picture of throwing yourself on the ice with the force of 10 atomic bombs because a guy's stick tapped the back of your skate (#Marchanding), and that people's memories are short (#Boychuking).
I am sorry, but diving and embellishment has gotten way out of hand in all levels of hockey. It doesn't matter if you watch the NHL, College or youth hockey. Hockey players are flopping all over the ice to get calls and draw penalties. Face it, diving is poor sportsmanship and it cheapens the game of hockey. We don't want the NHL resembling soccer.

Seriously, I don't know too many hockey fans that want to see any more displays like these two examples. I posted two videos of Vancouver Canucks frauds Alex Burrows and Ryan Kessler. These two are the epitome of diving. Burrows is known around the NHL as being a head snapping embellishing clown. Lastly, Lambert a known Boston Bruins hater, is again using his blog to troll the Boston Bruins fan base, but none of us should be shocked by that.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

NHL Players Safety, 'No Hearing for Nino Neiderreiter for his check on Alex Burrows

I told the Canucks fans that were chirping me on twitter last night that his hit was not a suspendable hit. I was told to re-read Rule 48. Yet, I was right… I wonder where those Vancouver Canucks fans are today?
Minnesota Wild forward Nino Niederreiter will not have a hearing with the NHL's Department of Player safety for his check on Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows. Nor should he.

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Bieksa accuses Sharks of embellishment

This is funny stuff... apparently, Vancouver Canucks Defenseman Kevin Bieksa is accusing the San Jose Sharks of embellishing and head snapping. You can't make this stuff up. Seriously! This is coming from a guy that has on it's team roster such clownish buffoons as Alex Burrows, and Maxim Lapierre, two of the biggest frauds in the NHL. I don't know how he can say this with a straight face. Let's not forget that this is the roster that also includes accomplished divers Henrick and Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kessler, evidence included below. This is way too funny. Maybe Bieksa should worry about his own team first.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Canucks Ryan Kesler show us how to dive and then get a penalty

Diving is ruining the game of hockey, on all levels and there is no excuse for it. Punish the offending players and it will evaporate from the game of hockey, almost over night.

Vancouver Canucks forward Ryan Kesler is dead to me, there is no excuse for the way he plays the game of hockey, while he might be a great young American forward, he's a fraud. Kesler is no better than his buddies  Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre who are also a disgrace to the game of hockey.

All three of these clowns are a text book examples on how to flail, dives, embellish. Disgusting.

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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Clayton Stoner hammers Alex Burrows

Minnesota Wild Defenseman Clayton Stoner lays the woods to Vancouver Canucks forward fraud Alex Burrows. This a textbook legal hit. So far through one period this is the only bright spot for the Minnesota Wild.
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

More reasons to hate the Vancouver Canucks; they resigned Burrows

One of the most unlikable teams in the NHL has re-signed one of their most unlikable characters  - the Vancouver Canucks resigned Alex Burrows to a four year extension worth 18 million dollars. For the mathematically challenged people like me – that’s works out being a four year extension that pays Burrows 4.5 million a year.

For fellow Canucks haters like myself  – Alex Burrows is the poster boy of what is wrong with NHL current crop of agitators – they run their mouths and flop and dive all over the ice and drive the opposition players nuts and usually run and hide behind the officials when the opposition comes to collect on the bill.

For the Canucks, signing Burrows was the right thing because he fits in well with fellow Canucks fraud Max Lapierre - most us remember that these two frauds were on full display with their bag of tricks during the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. These two clowns will be happy to know that the Boston Bruins have resigned their top pugilist Milan Lucic to a three year deal worth 18 million dollars a year.
Vancouver, B.C. - Vancouver Canucks President & General Manager Mike Gillis announced today that the Canucks have re-signed left wing Alex Burrows.

Burrows, 31, collected 52 points (28-24-52) and 90 penalty minutes in 80 games played in 2011.12. He also set a career high for most game-winning goals in a season with seven, ranking 11th in the League in this category. Following the conclusion of the season, Burrows represented Team Canada at the World Championships.

Burrows has played in seven seasons over his NHL career, all with the Canucks. He has recorded 270 points (139-131-270) in 522 games. The 6’1”, 195-pound left winger ranks second in franchise history for most shorthanded goals (16) and 10th for most game-winning goals (22). Burrows has been the recipient of multiple club awards, including the Vancouver Canucks Most Exciting Player (2008, 2009, 2010) and the Fred J. Hume Award as the Canucks Unsung Hero (2008).

The Pincourt, Quebec native has also appeared in 58 career playoff games, recording 28 points (16-12-28) and 90 penalty minutes in four post-season appearances. Burrows holds the club record for most career overtime playoff goals (3) and is tied for most series-winning goals (2). Burrows originally signed as a free agent with Vancouver on November 8, 2005.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

How much is Burrows worth?

Vancouver Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows has played in 522 games and scored (139g-131a—270 pts) in 7 ½ seasons in the NHL, you have to think that Burroows is due a pretty big raise.

According to Cap Geek Burrows is making 2 million dollars a year – if we compare Ryan Kessler and Burrows – Kessler is making 5 million dollars a year. Just for comparison sake Kessler has played in 561 NHL games and scored (153g-184a—337pts).

You have to think that Burrows who plays with the Sedin twins on the first line makes 2 million dollars a year and is probably set to get a big raise. First, you have to wonder if the current CBA negotiations are going to affect Burrows contract negotiations, I would think not. No one else has shown fiscal restraint when it comes to free agents signings and players contract extensions, during the current labor negotiations.
Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun --- Assistant general manager Laurence Gilman confirmed Friday that he has had recent discussions with Burrows' agent, Paul Corbeil.

"We have had preliminary discussions about extending Alex's contract," Gilman said. "But beyond that it's not our policy to discuss ongoing negotiations."

Burrows is set to enter the final year of a four-year contract that pays him $2 million a season.

He has proved to be a bargain at that price. Playing mainly with the Sedin twins, Burrows has had four straight seasons of 25 or more goals. He scored 28 goals and had 52 points for the Canucks last season. The 31-year-old had his best season in 2009-10 when he had 35 goals and 67 points, both career highs.

"Alex is an important player on our team, both on the ice and in our dressing room," Gilman said. "And if we can get him signed to a long-term deal that keeps him with us for a number of years it would be a very good thing."

Burrows' numbers obviously have him in line for a significant raise. But like so many other of his teammates before him, Burrows will be expected to sign for less than he might command on the open market if he was to become an unrestricted free agent next July 1.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remaking Burrows' image

Last season a major American Newspaper from Pittsburgh wrote a newspaper article that tried to remake Matt Cooke's  tattered image after the Penguins bad boy was suspended by the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety for the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I guess we could say this article some similar to that one. This article by the Vancouver Providence wants us to look at one of the players in a different light.

Enter Alex Burrows, while me might be a "great" hockey player statically; his unsportsmanlike on ice antics makes him one of the most unlikable players/characters in the NHL. Burrows also happens to be a team member on one of the most unlikable teams in the NHL, the Canucks are the poster boys of poor sportsmanship. As we have seen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs that last few years, the Vancouver Canucks are a team full of driving frauds and cry babies that are as light on their skates as any team in the NHL.  Everytime someone touches one of the Canucks they throw their heads back like they have been shot.
The Providence --- Burrows has done himself no favours in the past. He is not known as a hockey player but as a finger-biting, hair-pulling, head-snapping diver who gets to play the role of fire-hydrant, standing in front of the net while the Sedins bank shots in off him.

It’s a shame because Burrows is a hell of a hockey player.

Consider that he’s averaged 30 goals a season over the past four campaigns.

But then add to the consideration the fact he gets next to no power-play time.

When it comes to even-strength goals, he had 23 this season – more than Rick Nash, more than Matt Moulson.
Burrows is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with the Vancouver Canucks, first he comes off as clownish character and an unlikable buffoon that I can only imagine that an opposing player would rather pound into the boards or  cross check in the mouth, rather than to have to watch their on ice antics. This past post season the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks Alain Vigneaul had to tell Canucks forwards Alex Burrows and Max LaPierre to shut their mouths.

Burrows biting of Patrice Bergeron during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals was an atrocious and unpunished childish act that should have resulted in Burrows being give a suspension.

If I was a general manager in the NHL I would take a pass on this clown, I don't care how many goals that he scores - while Burrows has a serious upside offensively - he is also a poor sport and a distraction to the rest of the Vancouver Canucks and there are a lot of other unlikable characters on that team. If I was the GM of the Vancouver Canucks I would try to package a deal that includes Alex burrows and  Max Lapierre to any Eastern Conference team that would take these two clowns. Losing those two players would help save the image of that once great franchise.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sedin, "the hit was legal"

Calgary Herald Photo
There has been much discussion on the internet whether the Dustin Brown’s hit on Henrik Sedin was a legal hit or not. Sedin put that speculation to bed with his comments about the hit after last night's game.
Emotions boiled when Brown steamrolled Sedin with a shoulder hit in the Canucks captain's chest early in the second period, sending Sedin crawling to the bench and sparking a fight between Anze Kopitar and Alex Burrows. The hit wasn't penalized, and Sedin returned from a brief trip to the locker room.

Afterward, Sedin confirmed the hit was legal, and Brown spoke of his respect for Sedin. [Sports Illustrated]
Nice to see Henrik Sedin step up and recognized that the hit was a legal body check. Last time I checked, hockey is a physical sport and that body checks are part of the game.  The reaction of the Canucks after the hit was also predictable.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Was this goalie interference? Burrow's goal

"They're back!" The most unlikable hockey team in the NHL is up to their antics already. This is the goalie by Canucks punk Alex Burrows, also watch Ryan Kesler throwing his head back and your waiting for him to start flailing about, like he had been shot.

If L.A. Kings goalie Jonathan Quick's stick made contact with Ryan Kesler, it was because Kesler made contact with Quick who was in the blue paint and the goalie was trying to make a save and or trying to find the puck. To me this appears to be a text book goalie interference and the goal should have been waived off. What do you think?
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Monday, August 08, 2011

"Bite This Burrows."

According to Puck Daddy, the Boston based rock band the Dropkick Murphys is selling "Bite Me Burrows" t-shirts. I am going to have to get one of these snazzy new t-shirts... You can get one of these new t-shirts at Sully'
Zachary Cox; NESN ----- Songs from the Dropkick Murphys have been a staple at Boston sporting events for years, as the band makes it clear where its allegiance lies.

"Tessie" and "Time To Go" were written as tributes to the Red Sox and Bruins, respectively, and the Dropkicks' hit "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" is nearly unavoidable at any game played in New England -- Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon even uses it as his entrance song.

Ironically, the band went on tour through Canada soon after the Bruins' Stanley Cup victory over the Vancouver Canucks in June. While there, they made sure that Canadians didn't forget who the NHL champion is.

According to Yahoo Sports' Puck Daddy blog, the Dropkicks entered the stage to Queen's "We Are the Champions" at several shows across Canada, including one in Vancouver.

The band also sold Bruins-themed merchandise at the shows, including one T-shirt that featured a tweaked Red Sox logo -- with skates instead of socks on the front -- and the words "Bite This Burrows" in black and gold on the back -- an obvious reference to Alexandre Burrows' infamous bite of Patrice Bergeron's finger in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Damien Cox: Loving these Canucks sure isn’t easy

VANCOUVER, CANADA - APRIL 30: Alexandre Burrow...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeI am “not always” a fan of Damien Cox he is a pretty good writer but I don’t agree with his opinions on many things, this article really nails it out of the park. I think Cox is spot on when describing the Vancouver Canucks and their on ice behavior.
Damien Cox; Toronto Star ---- understand why so many screw their faces at these Canucks like they just heard Sarah Palin make another historical funny, there are many points of reference to consider.

Bringing in Max Lapierre from Montreal (via Anaheim, of course) at the trade deadline just added a trash-talking player notorious for faking injuries and fouls. As one joke goes, when Lapierre left the Canadiens, it meant Alexandre Despatie was left as the No. 1 diver in Quebec.

This is a team of Bill Barbers, and the last thing it needed for its image was another one.

Kevin Bieksa has beat up two non-fighters in the post-season, Viktor Stalberg and Patrick Marleau, and both bouts lacked any sense of honour. The head shots by Raffi Torres and Aaron Rome that left opposing players concussed at the same time the sports world in general frets about brain injuries were reckless and unnecessary.

Alex Burrows lowered the bar with his chomp on the peaceful Patrice Bergeron in Game 1, made worse by the league’s decision not to do anything about it and Lapierre’s mocking of that decision in Game 2. Burrows got into a stick-fight with Boston goalie Tim Thomas in Game 4, a fight he started.

Every game, it seems, there’s another line crossed. In Game 4, Ryan Kesler got back to his old whine-at-the-refs mode, something he’d removed from his repertoire.

Pressure and push-back does funny things, huh?

Again, the Canucks probably don’t really care how they’re remembered. They just want to win, and history will take care of itself in the Land of the Hockey Conspiracy Theory.

But if they don’t, we’ll be left to wonder if what seemed to be an inability to draw within the lines was really a tip-off that the Canucks couldn’t walk a straight one when they needed to.
I have said many of the same things during the Stanley Cup playoffs about the Vancouver Canucks; the Canucks in my opinion are one of the most unlikable teams in the NHL history, they are a bunch of whiny punks. Seriously! I don’t understand how the Bruins can keep from pounding guys like Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre? This two buffoons lack any sense of class and sportsmanship and I believe that their coach is in a way culpable because he has condoned their on ice behavior.
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tim Thomas goes Hextall on Alex Burrows...

Former NHL goalie Ron Hextall would be proud of  Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas... Before Canucks fans start howling how Tim Thomas is a goon and should be suspended for the next game, go back and watch the film, Vancouver Canucks hack forward Alex Burrows chopped the goal stick out of Tim Thomas' hand so he responded appropriately.
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Monday, June 06, 2011

Claude Julien unimpressed with Canucks Maxim Lapierre's antics

I don't think that Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien is the only person that is unimpressed with Canucks hack Maxim Lapierre and his on ice antics. Can you imagine if this buffoon had done this classless act to Gordy Howe or during the days where there wasn't an instigator penalty? You have to give Patrice Bergeron credit for not just hauling off and popping Lapierre.
Douglas Flynn; NESN -- They chose not to whine and complain when Vancouver forward Alexandre Burrows was not suspended for biting Patrice Bergeron in Game 1. They didn't use it as an excuse when Burrows was not only in the lineup for Game 2, but scored the game-winner in overtime.

And they're not going to stoop to the Canucks' level in responding to Maxim Lapierre's Game 2 taunt of Bergeron. Lapierre stuck out his finger at Bergeron after a whistle, challenging him to bite it, then was seen laughing about the incident on the bench.

"I can't really talk about their team," Bruins coach Claude Julien said after Monday's morning skate in preparation of Game 3 at the Garden. "I'm going to talk about mine because I don't handle those players. I don't deal with those players on a one-on-one basis. It really isn't up to me to, I guess, comment on it. If it's acceptable for them, then so be it. It certainly wouldn't be acceptable on our end of it. I think you know me well enough to know that.

"[There's] not much I can say on that," Julien added. "The NHL rules on something and they decide to make a mockery of it. That's totally up to them. If that's their way of handling things, then so be it. Again, we can't waste our time on that kind of stuff. We really have to focus on what we have to do. The last time I looked, we're down two games to none, and all our energy has to go towards that."

The rest of the Bruins downplayed the incident as well.
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Bruins stand behind Tim Thomas...

Hockey is a team game and there is a lot of blame to go around for the game two loss, so for the Boston Bruins fans that are blaming the goalie Tim Thomas for the loss, seriously, you can't blame just one person for the game two debacle. Back to the first point; hockey is  a team game and when the systems break down the "team" loses, I think that its short sighted to put the blame solely on the shoulders of Vezina Trophy candidate Tim Thomas.  Go back and watch the video of the goal and you will see what I mean. [Click to view video]

There are a few good points in this ESPN video post above, that are worth looking at, it was a comedy of errors that led to the game winning goal by the Vancouver Canucks, it was a horrible defensive effort all of the way around. (1) The ill advised turn over at the blue line by Andrew Ference, that was brutal, Ference violated a cardinal sin by not getting puck deep, and the Vancouver Canucks who were pressuring hard blew by the Bruins defenders like they were pylons... (2) the bad effort behind the net by Zedano Chara, you have a guy that is 6'9" pull him down if you have to, there is a good chance that the Bruins penalty kill would have killed the penalty. (3) Tim Thomas over played the puck and lost, stay in the net and give your self a chance to make the save.
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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Maxim Lapierre sticks his finger in Bergeron’s face

I don't know how Boston Bruins center Patrice Bergeron doesn't wind up and just punch Vancouver Canucks hack forward Maxim Lapierre in the face after this classless gesture. Seriously, Lapierre is openly mocking the NHL and making them look like a bunch of horses rear ends by not suspending Alex Burrows.
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Alex Burrows takes a bite out of the Bruins.

The Boston Bruins lost a game after leading 2-1 going into the third period. The Boston Bruins had won about 88% of their games when they lead after two periods during the regular season and had been perfect in the Stanley Cup playoffs to date, all good things must come to and end.

So fast forward to overtime; this was a textbook example on how not to play hockey, if you want to win the game, turnovers and players being out of position will kill a hockey team every time. But lets not forget that the bad effort started in the third period as the Boston Bruins tried to sit on a lead instead of attacking and they never really tried to stretch the lead. I believe in this instance that the Boston Bruins went to the well one too many times and it might have cost them a Stanley Cup.

Is this Karma? 

Hollywood couldn't have scripted this ending any better for the home town Vancouver Canucks, forward Alex Burrows, who could have been suspended for biting Patrice Bergeron in game one, scored two of the games three goals including the game winning goal just 11 seconds into overtime. The game ending play was a comedy of errors starting with a brutal turner over by Andrew Ference at the blue line, followed up a non challenge of Burrows behind the Bruins net by Zedano Chara and finally bad positioning by Tim Thomas who was grossly out of position. If Thomas stays in the net there is a good chance that Tim Thomas stops the shot by Alex Burrows.
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Bolland: Canucks Are ‘Like A Little Girl’

A picture of Vancouver Canucks forward, Alex B...Image via WikipediaLooks like the War of Words is continuing between the Blackhawks and the Canucks; I also have to say that I agree with Chicago Blackhawks Center Dave Bolland and what he had to say about the Vancouver Canucks, “Typical, pulling hair and biting people. Sort of like a little girl.”
CBS Chicago ---- “It does get pretty painful watching and seeing that team in it,” Bolland told Fred Mitchel, of the Chicago Tribune.

“It sucks seeing them there.”

The Canucks took the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals with a goal by Raffi Torres with 18.5 seconds remaining in regulation. Torres was the same player who delivered a hit to Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook’s head. It was a hit that kept Seabrook out of two games of the Blackhawks-Canucks first round series.

And the fact that Vancouver’s Alex Burrows appeared to bite the finger of Bruins center Patrice Bergeron in the first period didn’t take Bolland by surprise.

“Typical, pulling hair and biting people. Sort of like a little girl,” Bolland said. “But things happen during games. Stuff like that isn’t meant for hockey. So some of those things have to be taken care of.”

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Friday, June 03, 2011

NESN; Alex Burrows Decision Is Latest Example of NHL Insulting Fans' Intelligence With Dishonest Explanations

I will say that I concur with Michael Hurley from NESN and his assessment, the NHL looks like a bunch of bumbling buffoons when they issues statements like this.We saw the video, and one can deduced that Vancouver Canucks hack forward Alex Burrows bit Patrice Bergeron, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine this. 

Michael Hurley; NESN ---This isn't a cry of injustice, a plea for a suspension or anything of the sort. Alex Burrows wasn't suspended by the NHL, and he probably didn't deserve to be. At this point of the year, in the Stanley Cup Final, biting a finger probably isn't enough to keep you off the ice for 60 minutes, and definitely not for 120 minutes.

That's what the folks at the NHL think, and you know what? That's fine. The problem is that they're not telling you that. They're telling you that there was "no conclusive evidence" to prove there was any biting. They're telling you that those videos you've seen, and the photos you've looked at -- they don't exist. They're basically telling you that you're an idiot.

They're insulting your intelligence.

There was conclusive evidence. We saw it. We saw Burrows chomp down on Bergeron's finger the same way I bite down on my morning apple (just kidding, I rarely eat fruit). If Mike Murphy, whose decision it was to hold off on supplemental discipline, really wanted more evidence, he'd go look at Bergeron's finger. It's got teeth marks in it.
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