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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Alex Ovechkin Nets 500

Washington Capitals All-World forward Alex Ovechkin scored his 500th goal of his career against the Ottawa Senators. IMHO, Ovechkin is one of the greatest hockey players of my lifetime. Ovie joins some pretty good players in the 500 goal club.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Video: New York Ranger: Derek Stepan's Series-Clinching Goal and Hand Shake

The New York Rangers are going back to the Eastern Conference Finals for a second year in a row. Former Wisconsin Badgers forward Derek Stepan scored the series-clinching goal at the 11:24 mark fo the overtime period.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alex Ovechkin Hits, Slashes Kris Letang, Scrums Develop

Exciting game in Pittsburgh tonight. Washington Capitals forward slashed Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang on the back of the legs and then Letang blew a tire. It was kind of an odd the way that things transpired. Letang has returned to the game.

Should there have been a penalty on Ovie?

Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking ahead to the Olympics

Post by Shane Jenkins

Even though every single nation feels as though they have a chance to win the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics in hockey, most experts believe it will come down to the top three. Russia, Canada and The United States all have the depth and star power to make a deep run in the beginning of February. Most of their players will be taking a break from their fantasy hockey production in the NHL to represent their country. So how do the top three squads stack up against each other?

Host Russia had a disappointing 2010 Olympics in Canada. They will be hoping to reverse their fortunes now that they are getting the play on their home soil. They have perhaps the best individual talent in the world in Alex Ovechkin, but they also have some key players at other positions as well. If they can put up quite a few goals to give their defense a cushion, the home team could pull off the victory.

Defending champion Canada figures to be a very formidable opponent for any team that goes up against them. Not only do they have some of the best fantasy hockey players in the NHL, but they have plenty of depth as well. When you have all starts coming off your bench, you know that your team is deep overall. Just like Russia, they are also stacked with forwards who should be able to score quite often. Their defense is a little stronger, as Roberto Luongo will be asked to man the net in most of the important games.

Finally, the United States put up a valiant effort in 2010 only to come up short against Canada. They are considered to be the 3rd best team coming into the Olympics, but when playing well they can compete with anyone. Their goalie situation is a little bit up in air right now, but it appears as though Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick will share the duties. They will also need some big play from their best goal scorer Patrick Kane.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

NHL Hockey: Do you have a problem with the Thomas Hertl goal?

So, do you have an issue with the goal that Sharks forward Thomas Hertl scored against the New York Rangers? I don't know, I don't have a problem with this per se, it's over celebrating, but some players do that on every single goal that they score. I can think of a particular college hockey team that does that.

Apparently, the Washington Capitals head coach Adam Oates does.
Capitals Coach Adam Oates can appreciate the cool play, but sides with those who don’t see that type of goal as appropriate.

“I’m upset. I was just talking to George [McPhee] and he said all the kids do that nowadays, which I understand. But would he have done it on his first goal?” Oates said. “He hasn’t scored yet tonight and he gets a breakaway, is he going to do that
Sure, Hertl is showboating, but he does score an amazing goal. I suppose during the old days, someone would have come up and pounded on Hertl, or not. I am not sure if the Capitals have the moral high ground either. Alex Ovechkin scored a goal and then dropped his stick and pretended it was too hot to pick up.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Few more Ramblings by Redwing77

Minnesota Wild
Minnesota Wild (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As usual, I will caution you that what I'm about to say is my OPINION only.  If you wish to consider it fact, that's fine.  I try to infuse as many facts as I can in my OPINION, but I'm not shooting for a run of the mill blog entry here.

Boston's Overcoming of Odds or Toronto's Epic Collapse?

Boston came back from a 4-1 deficit to win 5-4 in OT which can only be described as an incredible collapse by Toronto.  Sorry Goon, you can say that it was the determination and skill of Boston players to fight back from being down that much to win if you wish, but.... Toronto should have won this game.

Is the series a collapse by Toronto?  This one I'm not so sure of.  Neither team held a two game advantage.  It was 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, etc.  I think it was a pretty good series overall, but one, again, Toronto should have won.

The Hart Trophy

Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, and John Tavares are the three finalists.  Not Toews.  Brad Schlossman wrote a nice article explaining this and how some nice hockey media writers are questioning why, but...  Comon.  In a shortened season you go to your go-to player if that player puts up respectable enough numbers.

Sidney Crosby is going to win it.  Does he deserve it?  His stats are not poor enough to say "No," but then again, Ovechkin had a rough start and really poured it on.  At one point, I believe Washington wasn't even very competitive early on...  Tavares is just the dark horse on a team that played better than expected.  Tavares is the Stamkos of this year's Hart Trophy finalists.  Bless him he's good enough, but the NHL has other ideas.

Crosby will win it hands down.  Gives the media and the NHL the PR angle for the offseason.

Crisfield decommits from UND.  What does that mean?

Overall, not much.  Things happen.  Not sure why, but whatever the reason is, it happened.  What does it mean for UND?  Our game is changing.  And it has to thanks to the rules and the officiating.  It took long enough but I think it was bound to happen eventually anyways.  In short, North American hockey is becoming more European (Don Cherry is probably having a stroke about this...well that's karma because his suits just about give me epileptic seizures).  Physical hockey is being squashed for finesse.  Good news for my Red Wings.  Bad news for my UND.

So next year you can expect UND to be NOT very physical on D.  The only physical D we really have are Panzarella and Senkbeil (who might not have even played D last season?  Don't remember... and I don't know if he's especially that physical either).

Good news for Haters though.  They'll be able to diversify themselves away from the usual "Fire Hakstol" to "Hakstol is recruiting Gopher wannabes and wusses!"  Whatever.  We saw it last year as your PIMs went down again last season.

Minnesota Pro Sports Fall on their Faces again

Folks, I've watched Minnesota Pro Sports all my life and I've watched some collegiate endeavours as well.  I was watching when UMN Football coach Glenn Mason just about did cartwheels because they made it to the Music City Bowl.  And listened as he explained that just making a Bowl game is the mark of a successful program.

I was there when Twins GM Terry Ryan said Free Agency solves nothing and proved it by signing awesome players in Ruben Sierra, Rondell White (who he said would be a middle of the lineup power hitter that will hit 30 homers.. yet his career high was around 23), and a few fat pitchers.  No, Mr. Ryan, the way YOU run free agency solves nothing.  And the Twins have a bunch of conference titles and first round exits (showing that their conference was weak to begin with).

I was there when Wolves GM Kevin McHale signed Latrell Spreewell and all those incredible contracts and explained that he built a winner... Yup.  Wolves up until VERY recently, were the punchline.

The Vikings.... they don't sign free agents and they can't draft... or they couldn't for a long while.  They sniffed the promised land once but well.... they left their "dominant" offense in the hands of a kicker.

The Wild... OY.  Talk about a flawed team.

The attitude that a well rounded team is one that mixes a random strategy, a dart board, and the word "potential" pervades Minnesota pro sports.

The truth as I see it is this:  None of these teams will win it all.  They're not run the right way.  Some have bad ownership (Wolves, Wild, Twins for the longest time).  Some can't draft (Wild, Wolves, Vikings for the longest time).  Some can't evaluate talent (all.. though the Twins SOMETIMES hit home runs).  Minnesota Wild sign Parise and say that their goal scoring problems are over.... and you guys believe it!  Really?  It's the same statement they said when they went out and got Havlat...and Heatley...  I hate Pittsburgh but they didn't stop at Crosby.  They seemed to focus on one basic need at a time.  They drafted offense and then goaltender... their D stunk.  Then they worked on D... and now mediocrity like Fleury and Dupuis have their names on the Cup.  Minnesota's strategy?  Draft two way players, gritty defensive forwards, and some speed.  No finishers.  No scorers.  No grit in the offensive zone.  PM Bouchard is overrated and he's a perimeter player anyways.  Koivu and Parise... that's it.  Granlund might be good but who knows?  You all thought Brett Burns was good too.

What I'm getting at is that there seems to be absolutely NO strategy to building a Minnesota Pro team.  They just focus on the long term (how many times did Terry Ryan say the word, "potential" when describing any Twins player?  No "Now" talent at all) and never seem to get restless for the present.  Hey, I know the feeling.  I used to be a Cubs fan.  Offended that I'd compare teams that have been to the championship game far more times and far more recently than the hapless Cubs?  Think about it.  Take away the 105+ year futility streak and what do you have?  You have Minnesota.

The Wild need scoring.  They need to draft scoring.  They need to sign scoring.  They should basically do that ONLY for a year or two.  It's lopsided, I know.  But you aren't going to win the Cup with a team of Zuckers, Veillieuxs, Clutterbucks.  You've got Koivu and Parise... You need 2 or 3 more scorers.  You need two SOLID lines of scoring talent.  Pittsburgh can roll almost 3 lines and that's excluding their D.  It's why Pittsburgh will win, I kid you not, 2 more Cups, before Minnesota plays Game 1 of the Finals.

Minnesota is getting better... but will it continue?  What will this offseason bring?  I think the draft is a BIG indicator.  IMO, if the Wild draft anything but scoring talent in the first 3 rounds of the draft, I think they're just destined for a higher payrolled version of the same old same old.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mike Milbury calls out Ovie

Alex Ovechkin makes $9,538,462 a year to play hockey for the Washington Capitals and I think Mike Milbury is right to call him out on National television, he played like a bag of ass tonight. If I was the owner of the Washington Capitals I would be upset. If I was a team mate of Ovechkin I would be upset.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Is Nail Yakupov’s goal celebration over the top?

Check out this goal by Edmonton Oilers rookie forward Nail Yakupov. There is a school of thought that the NHL is starting to look like the European soccer leagues with some of the over the top celebrations of the players after they score a goal.

I don't know what to think... I don't like showing up an opponent. I get it the kid is excited as well.

Alexander Ovechkin took some heat after he scored a goal and then dropped it to the ice and acted like it was too hot to pick up.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

MSG to show KHL games; you'll recognize a few of the names

Last night, while checking out a few sites on the internet that I visit from time to time, I came across this little news nugget on the MSGwebsite. The Sports channel that covers the New York Rangers, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils  has announced that they will show two KHL games this month on their network.

The games will be Friday October 26, (Dinamo Minsk versus Barys Astana) and Wednesday October 31 (SKA. St. Petersburg vs Dinamo Riga.) Both games will be on DirecTV 634. 

Playing for Barys is former University of Wisconsin Badgers defenseman Ryan McDonagh and former Fighting Sioux forward Brandon Bochenski.

Former Wisconsin Badgers forward Joe Pavelski along with former UMD Bulldog Tim Stapleton players for Dinamo Minsk


Head Coach: Alexander Andriyevsky (BLR)

No.      Position           Name                                   Country

89        Def                  Goroshko, Oleg                       Belarus
27        Def                  Denisov, Vladimir                     Belarus
13        For                   Drozd, Sergei                         Belarus
17        For                   Dudko, Sergei                        Belarus
22        For                   Irgl, Zbynek                           Czech Republic
8          Def                  Karalahti, Jere                         Finland
98        For                   Kane, Evander                        Canada
77        For                   Kitarov, Alexander                   Belarus
25        Def                  Krajicek, Lukas                        Czech Republic
11        For                   Kulakov, Alexander                  Belarus
92        For                   Laine, Teemu                         Finland
7          For                   Linglet, Charles                       Belarus
19        For                   Meleshko, Dmitry                    Russia
21        Def                  Murphy, Cory                          Canada
10        For                   Mikhalyov, Andrei                    Belarus
29        Def                  Niskala, Janne                         Finland
88        For                   Pavelski, Joe                          USA
60        For                   Pivko, Libor                           Czech Republic
16        For                   Platt, Geoff                            Belarus
32        Goal                Rinne, Pekka                           Finland
23        For                   Stas, Andrei                           Belarus
18        For                   Stapleton, Tim                       USA
30        Goal                Haugen, Lars                           Norway
86        Def                  Chernook, Pavel                      Belarus
40        Goal                Shelepnyov, Yan                      Belarus


Head Coach: Vladimir Krikunov

No.      Position           Name                                  Country

23        For                   Alexandrov, Viktor                 Russia
80        For                   Antropov, Nikolai                   Kazakhstan
42        Def                  Belyakov, Fyodor                    Russia
41        For                   Boyd, Dustin                         Canada
27        For                   Bochenski, Brandon               USA
33        For                   Gavrilin, Andrei                      Kazakhstan
50        Def                  Grigoryev, Mikhail                   Russia
9          For                   Dawes, Nigel                        Canada
31        Goal                 Yeremeyev, Vitaly                  Russia
8          For                   Zhailauov, Talgat                   Kazakhstan
62        For                   Krasnoslobodtsev, Vadim        Russia
35        Goal                 Lassila, Teemu                      Finland
5          Def                  Litvinenko, Alexei                  Russia
54        Def                  McDonagh, Ryan                   USA
51        For                   Mirasty, Jon                         Canada
4          Def                  Novopashin, Vitaly                 Russia
18        For                   Polishchuk, Fyodor                Russia
1          Goal                 Poluektov, Pavel                   Russia
81        For                   Pushkaryov, Konstantin          Russia
79        For                   Rakhanov, Mikhail                  Kazakhstan
34        For                   Rudenko, Konstantin             Russia
2          Def                  Savchenko, Roman                Kazakhstan
91        For                   Savchenko, Filipp                  Russia
25        For                   Solaryov, Ilya                        Kazakhstan
10        For                   Spiridonov, Maxim                 Russia
48        For                   Starchenko, Roman               Kazakhstan
36        For                   Upper, Dmitry                       Russia
37        Def                  Fadeyev, Evgeny                   Kazakhstan
24        Def                  Hutchinson, Andrew              USA
71        Def                  Hedman, Victor                     Sweden

Wednesday, October 31 – SKA St. Petersburg vs. Dinamo Riga (1:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. ET)


Head Coach: Milos Riha (CZE)

No.      Position           Name                                 Country

2          Def                  Alexandrov, Yury                   Russia
44        For                   Artyukhin, Evgeny                 Russia
72        Goal                 Bobrovsky, Sergei                   Russia
71        For                   Burdasov, Anton                   Russia
77        Def                  Vorobyov, Dmitry                   Russia
37        Def                  Grebeshkov, Denis                 Russia
38        Def                  Dallman, Kevin                       Canada
33        Goal                 Ezhov, Ilya                            Russia
7          Def                  Kalinin, Dmitry                       Russia
83        For                   Klimenko, Gleb                      Russia
17        For                   Kovalchuk, Ilya                      Russia
15        For                   Kucheryavenko, Alexander      Russia
25        For                   Makarov, Igor                        Russia
74        For                   Monakhov, Sergei                  Russia
9          For                   Martensson, Tony                 Sweden
13        For                   Nepryayev, Ivan                    Russia
76        Def                  Pervyshin, Andrei                   Russia
11        For                   Prucha, Petr                         Czech Republic
52        Def                  Semenov, Alexei                    Russia
4          Def                  Serkin, Grigory                       Russia
36        For                   Sigaryov, Andrei                    Russia
91        For                   Tarasenko, Vladimir                Russia
10        For                   Tikhonov, Viktor                    Russia
41        For                   Thoresen, Patrick                  Norway
73        Def                  Chudinov, Maxim                    Russia
40        Goal                 Shikin, Dmitry                        Russia
31        Goal                 Stepanek, Jakub                    Czech Republic


Head Coach: Pekka Rautakallio (FIN)

No.      Position           Name                                 Country

75        For                   Ankipans, Girts                      Latvia
98        For                   Biezais, Elvijs                         Latvia
96        For                   Bicevskis, Maris                      Latvia
71        For                   Bukarts, Roberts                    Latvia
13        Def                  Galvins, Guntis                       Latvia
33        For                   Daugavins, Kaspars                 Latvia
25        For                   Dzerins, Andris                       Latvia
74        For                   Johnson, Jamie                      Canada
12        For                   Giroux, Alexandre                   Canada
41        For                   Ivanans, Raitis                        Latvia
70        For                   Indrasis, Miks                         Latvia
72        Def                  Carle, Mathieu                        Canada
15        For                   Karsums, Martins                    Latvia
2          Def                  Lavins, Rodrigo                       Latvia
87        For                   Meija, Gints                           Latvia
17        For                   Nizivijs, Aleksandrs                  Latvia
14        Def                  Redlihs, Jekabs                       Latvia
9          Def                  Redlihs, Krisjanis                     Latvia
6          Def                  Rekis, Arvids                          Latvia
11        Def                  Sotnieks, Kristaps                   Latvia
32        Goal                Tellqvist, Mikael                       Sweden
44        Def                  Cibulskis, Oskars                     Latvia
19        For                   Schremp, Rob                        USA
38        For                   Szczechura, Paul                    Canada
37        Goal                 Jucers, Maris                          Latvia
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Роскошный силовой от Овечкина / Nice hit by Alex Ovechkin

With the NHL Lockout in full swing NHL players are now deciding to play else where and Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin is playing with Dynamo Moscow of the KHL - Ovechkin made an impression on his new team with this is a hit that he put on Dynamo Minsk player Libor Pivko.

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Monday, May 07, 2012

NHL Suspends Claude Giroux for one game

The NHL Department of Player Safety has finally gotten it right, although late to the party the NHL has finally suspended a "star" player for committing a dirty hit to the head. Flyers forward Claude Giroux will miss the all important game five against the New Jersey Devils for his hit to the head on Dainius Zubrus.

I know that there are many Philadelphia Flyers fans that are upset with Shanahan's ruling, I don't blame them because Brendan Shanahan has been very inconsistent, but the fact remains that this was an illegal hit and a violation of Rule 48. Don't break the rules if you don't want to get suspended, it's that simple.

The fact that Flyers fans are defending this dirty hit is puzzling, especially since Giroux missed four games for a concussion earlier in the season. Since the Flyers forward Claude Giroux is not an "Uber Star" like Evgeni Malkin, Alexander Ovechkin the NHL used this instance to made an example out of Giroux for his hit on .

Here is an example of some of the anger that has been focused on Brendan Shanahan.

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

A tale of two hits

There were two hits on the ice this weekend that have gotten a bit of scrutiny. 

The first one is the hit that Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Rostislav Klesla put on Nashville Predators forward Matt Halischuk. Klesla was given a two minute penalty on the play and has a hearing on Sunday with the National Hockey League's department of player safety.

With the inconsistency with the National Hockey League’s Department of player safety there is no clue what kind of a suspension or fine we can expect in this situation, Klesla is not really a known superstar so we could expect a one or two game suspension.
This was the hit that Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin put on Rangers Dan Girardi. Ovechkin was given a charging penalty on the hit. I don't think the Ovechkin hit is overly egregious and since he's a super star the league is very reluctant to suspend him so don't count on Ovechkin getting suspended and frankly I don't think as suspension is warranted in this situation. 

Girardi had this to say about the hit: "He hit me in the head first," Girardi said. "I think it was the right call. I'm not sure what it was, whether it was charging or interference or whatever, but my head's there, and he hits it. But I think he was just playing the game hard. I don't know."
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ovechkin's game winning goal.

This was a nice goal to win the game for the Washington Capitals - what they don't say is that the game winning goal by Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin was the result of a "very" weak call against  Rangers forward Brad Richards at the 12:29 mark of the third period, that would lead to the Capitals game winning goal four seconds later at the 12:33 mark of the third period.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alexander Ovechkin elbows Patrice Bergeron in the head

The Washington Capitals star forward Alexander Ovechkin's is known for playing on the edge and there is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, Ovechkin is also know for his questionable and sometimes dirty hits and in today's game Ovechkin was able to connect with a sneaky dirty elbow on  Patrice Bergeron's head.

Edit: If you go back and watch this video, you will see that Ovechkin hit Bergeron twice in the head.

Ovechkin's elbow caused Bergeron to miss most of the third period. With his previous concussion history, one has to wonder if Bergeron is suffering from another concussion. Don't expect the league to look at the Ovechkin elbow on Bergeron because Ovechkin is a star player.

Just for the record Alexander Ovechkin is a repeat offender and he has been suspended three times by the National Hockey League for hits that were deemed dangerous.
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