Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Trouble at the NCAA

Maybe we should get rid of the NCAA and Mark Emmert? To me the NCAA seems like a bunch of pushy bullys. There has to be a better to have oversight over college athletics.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - NCAA President Mark Emmert has spent 2 1/2 years trying to push through historic reforms and get tougher on cheaters.

It's only created more problems.

Today, Emmert presides over an organization that is struggling to maintain credibility with the public, is tied up in multiple court cases and is tainted by an embarrassing internal scandal. He has been criticized for his governing style and personality. There have been questions surrounding the work he did in previous jobs and whether he overstepped his authority in punishing Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky scandal. He drew fire for pinning blame for the debacle in the Miami investigation on enforcement officials and some question whether he should lead the NCAA through its next major overhaul - fixing the governance structure.

Critics contend there is only way to only one way to restore the NCAA's tattered image: Find a new president.

''He should have been gone yesterday, as far as I'm concerned,'' said Gerald Gurney, a former senior associate athletic director for academics at Oklahoma and a former compliance director at Maryland. ''He's absolutely unable to get anything through the NCAA system. Every time one of his proposals is voted down, that's like a vote of no confidence. If he can't get his ideas across to membership, he ought to leave.''

Emmert has ignored the growing calls for his resignation and he doesn't sound like a man planning to leave any time soon. [Read the rest of the article right here]