Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Attorney: Bison linebacker's conduct 'defensible'

The Spin is starting in Fargo already for NDSU all-star linebacker Travis Beck... It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I predict that this kid will be playing for NDSU when the season kicks for NDSU.
Emily Welker, INFORUM – The attorney for Travis Beck, a star linebacker for North Dakota State University’s football team, said Beck’s conduct “was entirely defensible” in an incident outside a downtown bar here Sunday morning that led to charges of felony aggravated assault.

Beck, 21, is accused of hitting a man in the head multiple times in what began as a verbal fight in Sports Bar, allegedly leaving the man unconscious.

Defense attorney Bruce Quick said Tuesday that Beck is cooperating fully with the police investigation, which is ongoing.

“There’s much more to this case than what’s gotten out there,” said Quick, but he declined to provide details.

Beck was arrested on Sunday morning and charged Monday in Cass County District Court with one count of Class C felony aggravated assault.
If you’re a Bison Team maker or NDSU football fan, do you care? Is this a black eye on your program or is the mentality win at all cost and this is nothing to worry about…Boys will be boys right? Who cares if one of your star players are out punching people out at 0200 in the morning in front of a sports bar in Fargo?