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UND Hockey: What Happened, day 2

Today, I have been thinking about this past season that ended at the West Region in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a 4-1 loss to Yale.

Like I mentioned in another article, this is most wonderful time of the year. It’s also very stressful. There is a finality, which surrounds the college hockey tourney. Seasons and careers end, with losses in the National tourney.
There are college players that will sit in the locker room with their jersey still on hours after a loss, and not want to take off their jersey, for the last time.
I like many others UND fans are trying to find answers, a day after UND’s season ended for a 13th year in a row without winning an NCAA title.  Many in the UND fan base are getting restless.
Monitoring the twitterverse last night was interesting.
When that first national title finally comes, and I believe it’s a matter of time before that first one comes, that second one might not take as long to replicate.
After watching our favorite team get beat at their own game, by a gritty, hungrier Yale team, I don’t know if there are any short, quick answers.
Hockey is a funny game and things don’t always play out the way that you think that they should. If you would have told me that B.C. would have gotten beaten the past weekend by Union, I would have told you that you were nuts.
Think about this, UMass-Lowell, Saint Cloud State, Yale and Quinnipiac are going to the Frozen Four. Yale and Saint Cloud State barely made the NCAA tourney. I am pretty sure that there aren’t many people that predicted that bracket. If there is, I am that person picking my lottery numbers as well, because I have a new retirement plan.
Some might point their fingers at the season schedule, which was the 12th toughest in the country, and say that the physical grind finally caught up with them and took it’s toll on them. I don’t know, maybe. The new NCHC isn’t going to be much better, if anything it’s going to be worse.
I do, find it interesting that some want to throw a head coach under the bus that has never had a losing season in nine years as head coach and has a record of 235-119-37 (.648).  Sure, this season record of 22-13-7 (.607) is the worst of Hakstol’s nine seasons, but let’s put things into perspective.
While UND night not have won an NCAA title, the season wasn’t a total loss, UND did make the NCAA tourney for the 11th straight season in a row, that’s the longest current NCAA streak. Also, UND again, had home ice for the WCHA playoffs and advanced to the WCHA Final Five, where it has a chance to win a fourth straight Broadmoor Trophy.  This time falling short, in their bid for a fourth straight, after the quarter final game, senior forward Danny Kristo said, “I have never felt like this before,” Kristo continued. “Obviously we won the last three. That was our goal coming in this year. Obviously, we wanted to four peat, or what not. You just go day-by-day. I thought we took about 20 minutes off there, between the second and third period and kind of got lulled to sleep, maybe we deserved to win the game, but we didn’t play to our potential, so at this time of the year you’re not going to win games. You can’t leave the game to a bounce of the puck.”
Looking back on that statement, we didn’t play to our potential, it kind of explains UND 2012-13 season, and they just didn’t, for whatever reason fire on all cylinders. For whatever reason, UND didn’t get any puck luck, and if four of five of Rocco Grimaldis pipes or crossbars goes in, UND might win a couple of more games over the course of a season.
The UND hockey teams also kind of fell asleep for periods of games and never really put together a string of games where they played really good after the Christmas break. For the first time a Dave Hakstol team didn’t go on the patented second half run, they played at a (.583) clip and yet they almost won the league title.
Lastly, UND made the NCAA West regional final before bowing out to Yale, but in the end they just didn’t seem to have it, when they needed to.
Traditionally Hakstol’s teams have been known for being a bear to play against after the first of the year going an impressive 95-30-13 went 9-5-2 (.625). Again, that’s not a bad record.
What I am trying to say here, is the man is a good hockey coach, no matter how you slice it.
This team was not your usual UND hockey team, they were more of a finesse team built for speed and the big ice and wasn’t built to blow a team out of the building like years past. This takes some getting used to from a fans perspective.
Down the stretch, at times it looked like teams were beating UND at its own game. They were beating UND by being tough to play against and limiting their time-and-space and capitalizing off of their turnovers.
Also, the game is changing and the on ice officials aren’t allowing the big hits anymore as we have seen with Andrew MacWilliam being assessed two major penalties, for what appears to be two legal shoulder-to-shoulder hits.
Looking at this year’s roster, there isn’t as many of the physical type players that UND has had in years past, that are going to check you out of the building.
What I am trying to say, is that I think that UND hockey is evolving and might have experienced some growing pains this season. This is just from what I have seen from covering the team this year.
Finally, the 2012-13 UND hockey team was a pleasure to cover and I will miss this year’s senior class. All of them are character people and amazing young men and I think that all of them will be successful in whatever they do in life.
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(Video) Steve Ott and Tyler Seguin embellishment

It's nice to see that the NHL "finally" gets this, and it's about time that the NHL starts calling the embellishment, fans are tired of watching players diving and flailing all over the ice. Diving is unsportsmanlike behavior and if the refs call this stuff, eventually the players will get the message and stop doing it. Now, it's time for the NCAA on-ice officials to get the message and start calling the embellishment. So hats off to the NHL officials for giving both Tyler Seguin and Steve Ott penalties for their embellishment.

Finally, the last thing the Boston Bruins players want to look like is the Montreal Canadiens and the Vancouver Canucks, who embellish up and down the ice. Think about this, especially, after Claude Julien complained about the Habs diving to the Boston media. If Julien's players are diving and flailing up and down the ice like the Hab's and the Canucks players, then he really doesn't have the moral high ground anymore. Does he?
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Busted Bracket

Well I got one of the four teams right, and in retrospect, B.C. didn't have an easy path to the NCAA tourney like many of us thought at the beginning of the regionals. I wonder how many other people's brackets look like this? When it's all said and done, there will be four teams that have never been to the Frozen Four.
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UND 2012-13 hockey season post-mortem

English: Ralph Engelstadt Arena at the Univers...

For UND hockey fans, the end of every season is always tough, especially for the last 13 years.  UND hockey fans don’t take losing well and UND hockey is a way of life, much like football is in Nebraska or Texas.
But I digress.
If you would have asked me how I thought this year would have ended, I would have said anything is possible including this ending.  Although, I was thinking that the Green and White’s season would have ended in a trip to Pittsburgh, PA culminating in their eighth NCAA title.
I thought this team had the “potential” to take it all the way to Pittsburgh, but in the last month, those expectations were quietly dampened as they had trouble getting sweeps against the likes of Bemidji State and Michigan Tech.
This year’s team was hard to put a finger on.  They never really clicked defensively or offensively.
The coaching staff was still messing around with line combinations up until the end of the season. Some of that was a result of UND’s incredible depth this season. There was also, for the most part, no major injuries so there were many combinations to play with.
Players that played poorly on the ice found themselves sitting in the stands the next game.
There never seemed to be a lot of great chemistry among the forward lines except for the top line and the energy line.
A great hockey mind told me earlier in the season; that if your team is still screwing around with the forward lines in late January, your season wasn’t going last very long. Hum…those words of wisdom, now proved to be very true. It’s not really rocket science per see, but it’ makes a lot of sense. Just seems like there was no continuity to this hockey team.
This year’s team never really had that killer instinct, they never seemed to have to have ability to put a team away and they had a propensity to let bad teams hang around longer than they should have.
That being said, this team wasn’t a bunch of talentless hacks either.
The 2012-13 version of the UND hockey team was still a pretty decent hockey team that at times looked like they could beat the best teams in the country and played one of the toughest schedules in the country.  They didn’t rack up 22 wins playing the weak sisters of the poor.
On the negative side of things, UND had two league sweeps all season long, UNO and MTU and both of these sweeps were on the road. UND swept one team at home, and that was nonconference foe Holy Cross.
The 2012-13 UND hockey team finished with a 22-13-7 record and also finished one win away from sharing the McNaughton Cup with Minnesota and Saint Cloud State.
Let this one sink in for you, this is the first time in 10 years that the UND hockey team isn’t going to go to the Frozen Four or win a Broadmoor Trophy or McNaughton Cup.  I didn’t even realize this until I read Brad Schlossman’s post game report in the Grand Forks Herald.
There are going to be those that will say that this UND hockey team didn’t meet expectations. There will be others that will say that this team lacked grit and heart.
Secondary scoring was an issue with this team and after Danny Kristo (26-g-26a—52pts), Corban Knight (16g-33a—49pts) and Rocco Grimaldi (13g-23a—36pts), there was a drop off of in scoring after the top line.
Next season, the junior class of Mark MacMillan (13g-12a—25pts) and Michael Parks (7g-1a—8pts) along with Roco Grimaldi are going to be expected to lead the way for UND.  Michael Parks was slowed this season by an injury and he never really seemed to regain his rhythm that he had from the previous season.
Fire Hakstol
As always, expectations are pretty high, especially when your team resides in Grand Forks, North Dakota, almost to a point of fanaticism. When the season ends prematurely without a NCAA title, some in the fan base begin to call for the coach’s head.
I can tell you right now that there is zero chance that head coach Dave Hakstol gets fired, he’s not going anywhere.  Not going to happen, first-off Hakstol just signed a long term deal and you would require a very big buy out.  If I had to guess, a buyout it’s in the $800,000.00 – $1,000,000.00, so no, coach Hakstol is going anywhere, unless someone is going to step forward to write the University of North Dakota a huge check and I don’t see that happening.  Nor am I suggesting that this should it happen.  The next quesition would be, who do you replace him with? Replacing him doesn’t mean the program succeeds either.
Lastly, Dave Hakstol is a very good hockey coach and has done a good job with the UND hockey program.  UND just won 20 plus games for the ninth year in a row and I think it’s just a matter of time before he leads UND to a national title. Then the naysayers will be running to catch up with the Hakstol bandwagon.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Squirrel Told Me... (RW77)


Well, here's my OPINION:

The End of the Road

Well, our season is at an end.  We did pretty well for 2/3rds of the game before it came crashing down.  I wonder what was ailing Gothberg?  Sadly, I was unable to watch the game so I wonder if it is the D that let us down or goaltending or what?

I know, I know.  There is a silver lining to the loss:  The Haters will have something to do this offseason while the fans that support UND truly lick their wounds and pine about things that could've been.  So, I'll sum it all up.

We gave up a costly 3 on 1 goal.  We didn't clear the front of our net.  We broke down in areas.  We didn't pot our chances or capitolize on Yale's mistakes.  Sure, these infractions came down to simple factors but I'll sum it all up:  FIRE HAKSTOL.

You know that 3 on 1?  It wouldn't have happened if Blais was head coach.  In fact, we'd be the first team with double digit National Championships.  Hell... I don't know if we'd've spent a single season without the NC at the Ralph under Blais with the talent Hak has recruited.

You can't blame execution or bad play on the ice because they are just kids.  Yale is from the ECACHL, dang it!  Since when is it possible for ANY team out east to even be HALF decent?  No, Yale wasn't better than us on this one day (silly facts), it was all Hakstol.

So, yeah.  Fire him.  It'll be gratifying to watch Hak flounder in unemployment for all of 72 hours max.  But hey, at least we'll get Blais back....well, ok, at least that's what the UND fans in Colorado and Washington State are claiming in between bags of Doritos and through a fine blue smoky haze.

Reality Check

We lost.  It SUCKS.  The truth is, I thought last year's team or the year prior had the tools to go far.  This year seemed more of a transitional year.  We never had the consistency we've had in previous years.  I guess that falls partly on Hakstol.  I won't deny that Hak and Co. deserve some of the blame.  But I won't join the haters doing what they love to do.  I love my team and those who truly love their team don't ENDLESSLY bag on them and aren't stuck in the past.

We'll be back.  Gothberg will mature and he'll firmly take over.  Grimaldi will turn into a stud once he gains some consistency.  We will miss Kristo and Knight.  We'll miss the lockerroom presence of Tate.  Andrew MacWilliam?  Well...  I love his style, but... the heavy hitters are being drummed out of hockey so in the coming years UND won't have to worry about the penalties he brings to the table.  Joe?  He's a fan favorite so I won't say anything but what a stud.

I will always trust in Hakstol and always have faith in the knowledge that some day we will make it all the way and win it all.  And I will recognize that, until that happens, Hakstol will be hated upon unreasonably by all these "traditionalist" idiots who pervade fanbases nowadays.  Yeah, flame away.  I don't care.

I'm wrong.  Big whoop.  I'm an idiot.  Doesn't bother me.  I got you to read my opinion and some of you so revved up that you had to respond.  I win. 
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Tate Maris Tweet

Tate's tweet, kind of put's it all in perspective. College athletes only get four years and then it's over...

Explanation of the Ref's action following DU's Nick Shore hit to the head of UNH Kevin Goumas

I don't think anyone has a problem with the penalty, it was a hit to the head, I am fine with that call. I am not fine with the on-ice officials going over to the penalty box and reviewing the game film and then throwing Nick Shore out of the game. I am not an apologist for DU Hockey or Nick Shore either and I hope that UNH's Kevin Goumas is okay.

The fact that they went to the penalty box, after-the-fact, and watched the video and then threw Nick Shore out of the game, that's my bone of contention, especially when not one official's arm is in the air. That's what people have a problem with. It's not a conspiracy.

I am not sure why ESPNU think's it's there job to excuse the on-ice officials either? ESPNU can explain it anyway they want, the video confirms what happened on the ice.

Seriously, go back and watch the video again, the play went on for quite some time after the hit, the Pioneers maintained possession of the puck, which makes their explanation questionable. There were no arms in the air by any of the on-ice officials.
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(Video) UND 2 NU 1

I decided to put the game winning goal up from the Yale vs. Minnesota game as well. When I .fast forwarding to the UND goals I thought what the heck. I was in the car on my way to Hugo's,  and I was listening to the game on 1500ESPN and Frank and Wally had barely got set when the overtime was already over. Not really a memorable call to the end of the Gophers season.

UND grinds out win against Niagara Purple Eagles

This was a typical hard fought regional semifinal playoff game, this is what I call a grind it out win. This wasn't a lot of fun to watch, but UND still moves on. Mac's goal to tie the game was your typical timely, big time goal.

Coming into this game, when you look at both team's schedules, you would think that game shouldn't even be close, but this is the NCAA playoffs. I thought we might see about a 6-1 game, but after the first period, I figured this was going to be a war. I also thought that this was a nasty game as well. In the end, UND was able to do what good teams do, they found a way to win.
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This was posted over on I think it's a nice picture. I told my buddy, that to a UND hockey fan, it's only fitting that UND won in this afternoon's regional and Minnesota was defeated on Good Friday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

DU's Nick Shore hit to the head of UNH Kevin Goumas

In all of my day's of watching hockey, on any level, I have never seen anything like this. If you watch the video you will see that neither on-ice officials had their arm up on the play.

In other words, there was no penalty called on the play. However, after the officials went to the UNH players box and talked to the UNH coach Dick Umile, they officials then went to the penalty box reviewed the play and called a penalty on Nick Shore.

So the line on Shore was a five minute major for contact to the head and a game misconduct for his hit to the head of UNH forward Kevin Goumas. Seems reasonable to some right, it's not in the NCAA Hockey Rule book.

The line from Manchester is that the linesman or assistant ref made the call, but does anyone see his hand in the air either. I don't think so. No where on the video, is there any evidence of any one wearing stripes making a call on the play.

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Epic fail by ESPNU

s/t to@cHRISTIANbRO10 ... Epic fail to @ESPNU for this screw up. Unsatisfactory, this is not acceptable. Of course ESPN wouldn't screw up Notre Dame or Boston College or even Cornell for that matter, but it's okay to disrespect North Dakota.
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UND vs. Niagara Lines West Region

UND vs. Niagara Lines West Region

UND’s Forward lines

21 Brendan O’Donnell – 10 Corban Knight (A) – 7 Danny Kristo (A)
9 Drake Caggiula– 27 Carter Rowney (A) –19 Rocco Grimaldi
29 Bryn Chyzyk – 16 Mark MacMillan – 15 Michael Parks
13 Connor Gaarder – 28 Steph Pattyn – 17 Colten St. Clair

UND Defense Parings

2 Andrew MacWilliam (C) – 18 Dillon Simpson
4 Derek Forbort – 24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson – 20 Joe Gleason

UND Goalies

31 Zane Gothberg
33 Clarke Saunders
35 Tate Maris

Not in lineup: 25 Mitch MacMillian, 8 Dan Senkbeil, 22 Andrew Panzarella, 11 Derek Rodwell, 26 Coltyn Sanderson.

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Links of interest NCAA Hockey

English: National Collegiate Athletic Associat...
Those that want to watch the games on ESPNU here is the link to the games today. [click to view]

Here is the TV schedule for the NCAA tourney games.  [click to view]

Here is the link to listen to the Gopher game against Yale on the Radio [click to listen]

Here is the link to listen to the UND Hockey game(s) on the Radio [iHeartRadio]

UND Officials Web Page

UND Official Press Guide for the NCAA Playoffs.

UMN Official Minnesota Hockey Web Page.

Yale Bulldogs Hockey Official Web Page.

Niagara Official Web Page

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This kind of makes my case: NCAA Hockey

Hum, kind of the reason I talked about this subject here and here, this past week. Kind of makes my case doesn't it? I am sure that the John wouldn't be empty today.

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A few things.... NCAA Hockey

Chad from a Tradition of Execellence posted this question on Twitter and this was my answer.

Here is the link to the WDAZ Story on the UND trip the Grand Rapids. Corey from WDAZ will be with the team as they play in the Regional

Another Epic Fail, this time by the Niagara University SID office. It's really not all that hard, A simple search on could have cleared this up. I am also sure that SID from UND Jayson Hajdu could have answered any questions that the SID Niagara could have had, as well.

For the geographically challenged, NDSU is in Fargo, ND and doesn't have Division I college hockey. UND is Grand Forks, ND and is the seven time NCAA Division I Champion. NDSU is a football school, UND is a hockey school and an up an coming school in FCS football.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jarome Iginla humor

I went to bed last night thinking that my favorite team had received Jarome Iginla in a trade with the Calgary Flames, I woke up this morning to find out that this was not the case. I guess somewhere, there is some humor in this.
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Through these doors - 220 - Combo Breaker

I just hope we get to see another week, I guess we will know by next weekend.
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Time to move the NCAA Hockey Tourney back on campus

English: National Collegiate Athletic Associat...

It’s that time a year again, Division I college hockey soon will be taking center stage in the NCAA regionals playing in half empty arenas, in venues in cities across the USA.
It’s a yearly occurrence for college hockey, because we can’t have anymore regionals on campus. God forbid, we can’t have playoff games in rowdy arenas stuffed with rabid fans.
The NCAA wants regional games played in arenas posing as quite emotionless mausoleums, all under the guise of  the regional being held at “neutral” sites.
But some of the sites really aren’t that neutral, for some of the schools.
Midsized towns like Grand Rapids, MichiganManchester, New Hampshire, Providence, Rhode Island and Toledo, Ohio, will be hosting this year 2013 NCAA Division I college hockey regionals.
There is a good chance in one or two of these regional, will sparsely attended.
This year, you can pretty much guess that Midwest Regional being held in Toledo, Ohio will be that regional that will be played in front of an empty arena or arena seats posing as fans.
Going on past history, I am betting that this will be that regional that very few fans will see live, unless it’s being watched on television. According to The Blade, a Toledo, Ohio newspaper, tickets remain for the regional. You can get your tickets to the regional for a cool $75.00. Really, tickets remain. I can’t imagine why? That’s way too pricey.
Anyone want to lay odds on the attendance numbers for that regional? If they get 2,000-3,000 fans for the weekend, they will be lucky. That’s what the NCAA want’s half empty arena’s at neutral sites.
The other western regional, the “West” regional, is east of the Mississippi River. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see how anything in the Eastern Time zone is considered the Western part of the USA, at least by my standards, but whatever.
For the West Region, tickets are still available and a little bit cheaper, there going for $65.00.  Want to lay odds, that there will be a fair number of empty seats at this regional as well. Sure, North Dakota and Minnesota are in this regional and their fans travel well.
But let’s get real.
Grand Rapids is 649 miles from the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota is 582 away from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
With the cable/satellite television, one doesn’t need to spend money on a expensive last minute plane ticket or gas for 14 hour car trip, hotel room, and ticket package.
Of course, on the flip side of this equation, the Boston College eagles will get to travel a strenuous 50 miles south to Providence, Rhode Island.
Let’s not forget, New Hampshire has an exhausting 45 minute bus trip to the North East Regional in Manchester, New Hampshire.
For the most part the NCAA won’t make the eastern teams travel.
According to Grand Forks Herald beat writer Brad Schlossman, “BU and BC have got on a plane 3 times for a regional in the last 13 years. The teams lost by four goals in 1st round each time.”
Last time Boston College was sent west they got rolled 8-4 by the Colorado College Tigers.
So in essence, yearly, the NCAA is giving the eastern teams in the NCAA Division I hockey tournament home games. It’s no wonder they don’t want to move the regionals back on campus. Why should they? They might have to play a Michigan, North Dakota, Minnesota, Denver at their home arena. We can’t have that, they might not have an easier path to the Frozen Four.
I believe it’s time for the NCAA regionals to move back on campus, soon. Of course, there is not a lot of support for moving the regionals back on campus. I don’t, however, think that’s going to happen, anytime soon.
This year, if anything, I think brings to light, a reason to at least explore that option.
After Notre Dame beat Michigan 3-1, to win the CCHA title, it looked like UND was headed to the East regional. Think again. Instead of going by the Pairwise numbers and putting UND in the East Regional with Quinnipiac, Canisius and Union, the NCAA instead put the Boston College in the easier bracket and doubled up two WCHA teams in the West Regional, all under the guise of Minnesota and North Dakota will sell tickets.
After an all WCHA Frozen Four in 2005, the NCAA didn’t want to have a repeat of that even again. In some fans opinion, the NCAA has pretty much handed Boston College a easy route to the Frozen Four with that regional draw.
According to Tom Nevala, chair of the Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Committee and senior associate athletics director at Notre Dame, it doesn’t sound like the regionals are going to be moving back to campus anytime soon.
According to Tom Nevala, chair of the Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Committee and senior associate athletics director at Notre Dame, it doesn’t sound like the regionals are going to be moving back to campus anytime soon.
Personally, I would like to see us move to an on-campus best-of-three series format for the first round,” Nevala said. “The top seeds would host regardless of size of its building. Right now we do it at the conference level and it works very well. There are upsets even with the home ice advantage and the atmosphere for everyone involved would be better. We have such great campus facilities that are such a part of the fabric of college hockey, it’s a shame that the national tourney isn’t played in them.”
So does Nevala see it happening any time soon?
“The coaching body is so set on having the regional games at neutral sites that before the committee would ever propose something like this we would need to work with them to try and get everyone on board,” Nevala said. “Hopefully we can put something together that they would feel comfortable with. It’s really hard for anyone with an objective view to say what we are doing now at our regionals is great,  so we need to try and do something with them because a great tournament should be our goal.”
Regional sites for the next two years have already been determined so the earliest any change could happen would be for the 2015 championship. The 2013 regionals are at Grand Rapids, Mich., Manchester, N.H., Providence, R.I. and Toledo, Ohio. The 2014 regionals will be held at Bridgeport, Conn., Cincinnati, Ohio, St. Paul, Minn. and Worcester, Mass. []
I find those comments disappointing, however, maybe there is hope. Being from North Dakota, at least there is some hope in the future. Or at least, UND athletic director Brian Faison is saying some of the things that I like to hear.
“I don’t like the situation we seem to find ourselves in sometimes when we play in empty arenas in regionals,” said North Dakota athletic director Brian Faison, who will join the committee in the fall. “I’d love to be in a situation where you could play on campus sites for the first round. … I’d love to see us get into a different format, and I think it’s better for the sport. It’s a great game.
“And you want that game in the best locations that you can to showcase.” [Lacrosse Tribune]
Don’t count on the NCAA Hockey showcasing the college game in half empty arena’s in towns some have never heard of, nor would ever think of visiting, if it was for the college hockey game. It’s  time to consider moving the NCAA Hockey Regionals back on campus.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet goal by Boston's Brad Marchand

This is an awesome goal by Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand, this was the 14th goal of the season for the Little Ball of Hate. This was also the game tying goal for the Boston Bruins. The Bruins would go on to score two more goals by Patrice Bergeron and Nathan Horton.

As of late, the Boston Bruins have been goal starved,  but not this time, as the Boston Bruins scored four unanswered goals in 14:04 of the second period. This was after they had just given up a goal by Hab's defenseman P.K. Subban at the 2:53 mark of the second period.
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Official UND 2013-14 Hockey schedule

Oct. 5
Oct. 11
Oct. 12
Oct. 18
Oct. 19
Oct. 26
Nov. 1
Nov. 2
Nov. 8
Nov. 9
Nov. 15
Nov. 16
Nov. 22
Nov. 23
Nov. 29
Nov. 30
Dec. 6
Dec. 7
Dec. 13
Dec. 14
Jan. 10
Jan. 11
Jan. 17
Jan. 18
Jan. 24
Jan. 25
Feb. 7
Feb. 8
Feb. 14
Feb. 15
Feb. 21
Feb. 22
Feb. 28
Mar. 1
Mar. 7
Mar. 8
Mar. 14-16
Mar. 21-22
Mar. 28-30
Apr. 10-12

Manitoba (Exh.)
at Miami *
at Miami *
U.S. Under-18 Team (Exh.)
St. Cloud State *
St. Cloud State *
at Nebraska Omaha *
at Nebraska Omaha *
Minnesota Duluth *
Minnesota Duluth *
at Boston University
at Boston University
St. Lawrence ^
St. Lawrence ^
at Western Michigan *
at Western Michigan *
Northern Michigan
Northern Michigan
Colorado College *
Colorado College *
at Bemidji State          
Bemidji State
at Denver *
at Denver *
Nebraska Omaha *
Nebraska Omaha *
Miami *
Miami *
at Minnesota Duluth *
at Minnesota Duluth *
at St. Cloud State *
at St. Cloud State *
Western Michigan *
Western Michigan *
NCHC First Round
NCHC Tournament (at Minneapolis)
NCAA Regionals
NCAA Frozen Four (at Philadelphia)

All times Central (schedule subject to change)
Home games in bold
* - indicates NCHC game
^ - Subway Holiday Classic

2012-13 NCAA Regional Sites
Worcester, MA; Bridgeport, CT;
Cincinnati, OH; Saint Paul, MN

7:07 pm
7:37 pm
7:07 pm
7:07 pm
7:37 pm
7:07 pmTBA
7:37 PM
7:07 PM
7:37 pm
7:07 pm
7:37 pm
7:07 pm
7:37 pm
7:07 pm
7:37 pm
7:07 pm
7:37 pm
7:07 pm
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