Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pegula drew violations as gas driller

Hum! Here is an interesting read about the Terry Pegula the money man behind PSU's hockey program and their new "Pegula Ice Arena" as well as the guy that is trying to buy the Buffalo Sabres.
Buffalo News ---- In the course of making his fortune, the Florida billionaire negotiating to buy the Buffalo Sabres contributed heavily to politicians in a position to advance his business interests and established a less-than-stellar track record in the environmentally dicey business of drilling for natural gas, The Buffalo News has found.

A News review of compliance records found East Resources, the company Terrence M. Pegula sold last summer for $4.7 billion, had a middling record of complying with environmental regulations in Pennsylvania, his base of operations. The company last year paid the largest regulatory fine in its history and was involved in a spill of toxic wastewater that resulted in the first quarantine of cattle in the history of natural gas drilling in the state.