Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A few things on hump day...

Here is this weeks review from Goal Gophers. I personally can’t fault Roman on this because he is not the first one to get the town or the school location of the Fighting Sioux wrong. During the 2008 Final Five the WCHA had hand outs with UND being NDSU… EDIT: Roman has since changed it but I will leave it up so you can see it. Enjoy!
Gophers at North Dakota

The No. 2-rated Sioux are on an nine-game unbeaten streak (8-0-1) and twice last season completely manhandled the Gophers in the first game of a series in Grand Forks. But this is a desperate U of M team, one that was up and down the first half of the season. One with only one proven college goalie that's healthy.

After 4-0 and 6-0 drubbings last season, the Gophers tied and won the next game. So give the opener to the Sioux, and the maroon and gold win on Saturday. That would make for a happy bus ride home. Gophers coach Don Lucia said his team needs points from the trip to Fargo. So to sum up, at the Ralph these teams will ... Split

Putting the wraps on the SCSU incident

While there seems to be more stuff coming out from the SCSU incident in Florida, I have had a few people basically say so what? Adults over 21 can drink, so what’s the big deal? I say this, “look at it from this angle.”

While it’s legal for people older than 21 to drink, if the older teammates are bringing the beer or alcohol back to the hotel rooms and giving it to other students that aren't 21, then it becomes a legal problem... The fact that someone showed up in an area emergency room is in it’s self a problem.

There are other things to think of as well, if you’re part of an prestigious or public organization you're in the public eye 24/7 whether you want to admit it or not, and you’ll always be under observation and public scrutiny. Everything you do is up for review, by the media and fans a like, that’s part of being an adult in the real world... The fact that the SCSU athletic department and hockey team has tried to covet this incident up makes it more suspicious because there is no transparency, what the heck are they really hiding?

Let’s put the foot on the other shoe, can you imagine if this had been the UND Fighting Sioux hockey team and it was coach Hakstol’s and his assistants that were driving the team van but also if this had been the Sioux players that were kicked off of the team or had been in trouble? There would be all kinds of blow back from an event like this, like there was from past events. I can think of a couple of different fan bases that would have had a field day with it. Fans are still making jokes about elevators and or lawn mower tossing’s.

What do think the impression or reports would have been like if the Fighting Sioux Hockey team was loading up on beer on the team bus or van with the coach driving after a hockey tourney? I can only imagine it would have been a major media circus. It gives the appearance that the coaches are sanctioning the behavior… It would probably be different it the bus had been a hotel bus or a taxi that a player had rented. Also the SCSU coaches are state employees of the Minnesota State and College and University system so wouldn’t that vehicle they are driving be under state control and then you’re opening up a whole other can of worms. I know from my college football days this wouldn't have been acceptable.

Here is an update on former Fighting Sioux forward David Toews.
The Prospect Park --- David Toews (NYI 2008 3rd) was the only prospect to see action on Tuesday night and it was yet another heartbreaking loss for Toew's Brandon Wheat Kings as they fell to the WHL's best team the Saskatoon Blades 5-4 in the shootout.

Toews registered his 10th goal of the season as Brandon make a great third period comeback from down 4-1 only to fall short. Got to feel bad for Toews as while he is doing his best, it is hard when you are playing on a last place team.