Saturday, May 16, 2009

Simply North Dakota

This was linked to by Brad Schlossman and it's posted over on the Lets Go Sioux woman's hockey blog and frankly I could conceive a hockey Jersey with no logo like the jersey on the and just simply be the University of North Dakota. I would rather have no logo and mascot at all than something stupid. My biggest fear is the University would change the name witout consulting with the Students and Alumni. I really like the We ARE 1 WE ARE North Dakota slogan.

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Like it's been said over at, the white jersey is hideous! i hope Idalski threw these up so people would react, and my reaction is: "Do NOT use the white design! it's lame and looks like a knock-off jersey you'd buy at Scheels!"

    The green one is very cool, just like Mich St. i hope they go back to green helmets and breezers with the white.

    Black one is just like Gophers this year, so i'm not crazy about it. i think something better could be designed.

    Goon- regardless of the ruling, will the jerseys next year have the Sioux logo?

    Hope so...

  2. Flyers is the best nickname idea I've heard so far. We need something because, as much as we may want it to be just north dakota, its not going to happen.

  3. I would have to agree with Archie, that white and green one on top are hideous. Too many strait lines. The usual white or back ones with the checkering on the collars they currently use are BY FAR the best. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Those black alternate ones they have been occasionally using the past seasons are almost as ugly as the top two shown here. Siouxgreener: you can't be serious on Flyers. Only one team is deserving enough to be called that in the sport of hockey and they're in Philadelpia. Get real. If Flyers is really a serious option, then why not Bruins, Canucks, Thrashers, or Red Wings, etc.

  4. something to represent the aviation school

  5. I could take a dump, eat it, vomit it back up, then run it over with a bus and it would look better than any of these options.

    Flyers = stupid. If you want to pay omage to the aviation school there's better ways (i.e. aeros or something of that nature)

    I like the alternate blacks from last season. Of course with out a sioux head they would look dumb.

    I like "Wheat Kings". I realize this is a rip-off of Brandon's team.

    What about changing to "Warriors". Then we could keep the Indian head (or some form of it) and claim it had nothing to do with native americans. Similar to Warroad MN.


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