Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vandy 75/25 staying at UND.

Someone had this posted over on Sioux Sports; man I hope Chris VandeVelde comes back for his senior season at UND. This would be some welcome news if it turns out to be true this is some really good news for the Fighting Sioux. This season VandeVelde scored some big goals at crucial times in important games.
VandeVelde ‘75 percent’ on staying with Sioux
VandeVelde said Friday that there is about a 75-percent chance he will stay with the Sioux instead of signing with the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers drafted the forward in the fourth round of the 2005 NHL draft.

The decision will be made in the next two weeks, VandeVelde said.

“I still have holes in my game that I think I can get better,” he said. “… I think (staying) would help me out.”


  1. Hey Goon, what do you think the Sioux's chances are for next season? Obviously having Duncan, Finley, Watkins, Jones, Kozek, Martens, and Miller graduate is a big loss. There are bright spots like Hextall and Gregoire though. Mattson is a big recruit coming in and should have an immediate impact. Do you see them finishing top-3 in the league again, middle of the pack, or taking a stumble into the bottom tier of the WCHA? Nearly every team has seen fairly severe premature departures, except for UND and SCSU. I see St Cloud and Denver as early prohibitive in the WCHA.

  2. i look for the Sioux to be a top 3 team...defense will be a question mark next year, but the offense will be able to roll 4 lines again

  3. I don't see why UND can't get the top spot again. I think they will battle with Wisconsin for the top spot. Mattson, Cichy as well as Gregoire and Hextall plus I think Frattin and Trupp have break out seasons. Next season UND maybe one of teams that plays much like BU did this season, just not as big size wise on the blue line.

  4. A source of constant wishing-based distortion.


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