Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pair Wise Predictor is up...

The USCHO PairWise Predictor 2009 is now up. This what I came up with, I have Minnesota losing in the first game of the Final Five. I have UND beating Wisconsin in the championship game of the Final Five. I figure since the series is equal the last 25 games (12-12-1) and since the Wisconsin Badgers won the last game, I believe there is a good chance that the UND Fighting Sioux will beat the Badgers in the Final Five. I also have DU winning the third place game against UMD. Feel free to post your PWR numbers. Wisconsin, Minnesota and UMD are definately bubble teams. REMEMBER this is for fun.

1 Boston University (BU)
2 Notre Dame (Nt)
3 Michigan (Mi)
4 North Dakota (ND)
5 Denver (DU)

6 Northeastern (NE)
7 Princeton (Pn)
8t Vermont (Vt)
8t Yale (Ya)
10 New Hampshire (NH)
11 Cornell (Cr)
12 Miami (Mm)
13 Ohio State (OS)
14 Minnesota (Mn)
15t Wisconsin (Wi)

15t Minnesota-Duluth (MD)
17t Boston College (BC)
17t St. Lawrence (SL)
19t Mass.-Lowell (ML)
19t Air Force (AF)
19t Colorado College (CC)
22t RIT (RT)
22t Northern Michigan (NM)
24 St. Cloud State (SC)
25 Alaska (Ak)
— Bemidji State


  1. That pairwise predictor is pretty cool. I went through it several times and this is what I came to: the loser of the Thursday night game between Minnesota and Duluth is out and the winner is in if all the other conference tournament favorites win, regardless of what happens in the semifinals or consolation game. Wisconsin needs to win the tournament to get in. If either Denver or North Dakota win the tourney, they will receive a #1 regional seed and the other will be a #2 seed.

  2. It is fun playing with the numbers. Who is your top 16 for the tourney? I guess top 15 since BSU is already in.

  3. WCHA, Wisconsin is going to be a tough draw. I wonder if the Badgers will be the favorites this season because they have a lot to play for and revenge against DU because the Pioneers went 4-0 against them this season.

  4. I can't say much for anything outside the WCHA, but it goes: BU, Michigan, Denver, Northeastern, North Dakota, Cornell, Yale, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota Duluth. Autobids got to Wisconsin, Boston College (watch out Sioux, again), Air Force, Notre Dame, and Bemidji State. Miami, Minnesota, St Lawrence, and Princeton are out. And also, in that Pairwise Predictor, it does not account for the consolation game in the Final Five. That can throw a curveball in there...

  5. I see nothing fun about these predictions.