Friday, March 13, 2009

Bozak might not make Final Five

DU blogger and UND antagonist Mike Chambers is reporting that DU super sophomore Tyler Bozak might not be back until the NCAA playoffs. That is a big blow to the Denver Pioneers.
DU center Tyler Bozak, who has missed the past 17 games with a knee injury, might not return to the lineup until the opening game of the NCAA Tournament on March 27 or March 28, Pioneers coach George Gwozdecky told me Thursday.

Bozak, who has 55 points in 59 career games at DU, said last week he was on track o return at next week’s WCHA Final Five in St. Paul, Minn., assuming DU advances by eliminating Alaska-Anchorage in this weekend’s three-game WCHA playoff series at Magness Arena.

“This past Monday he began participating in warmup drills _ skating, shooting, passing, and (this) Monday he will be cleared for full practice with the team, and at that point we will wait for our medical team, as far as a decision for him to participate in games,” Gwozdecky said. “I don’t anticipate he will be cleared to play at that point. It will be more along the lines of being cleared the week after the Final Five.”


  1. Did you see that Jess Myers picked Alaska to upset Denver in the first round? I just don't see that happening but i hope it does.

  2. Yeah there is no way I see UAA beating DU in two games. I can see it going to three games but, that is a stretch. While UAA can clog it up and slow it down, DU is just to powerful.

  3. It's too bad Bozak didn't go to Nodak so he could be paired with Kozek.

  4. Chuck that is funny and when I read it out load it sounded even funnier.

  5. Who's to say that Bozo coming back is going to help the team.

    After all he's been off a very long time.

    Having Chay come back after his injury at the end didn't work out so well. I think that the few weeks he was out led to the miscues that killed us in the semi-final.

    And that was just a couple weeks.

    No disrespect meant for Chay, he did his best and may have come back too early.


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