Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pictures of Zach Parise's 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

When I saw the pictures of Zach's Tahoe on line I knew I had to run over to Rydell Chevy get a picture of it before it was sold. Here is the link to the page from eBay, there are some really cool pictures of Zach's 2007 Chevy Tahoe on the eBay page.


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  1. Yuck. I wouldn't take that car if you PAID me!! I can't stand either Parise kid. Yuck. Total punks. Was there a dirtier player than Zach?

    Maybe his car is like him and every time it gets too close to the edge of the road (like the boards)it falls over and pretends it's hurt or down or whatever. UGH!!

    God Goon, why must you bring such things to light on your blog?!?

  2. Also, before you know it the local dealership will have a TJ Oshie model...equipped with on the go urinals and alcohol shots in the windshield wiper cleaners.


    Also, why oh why must our first WCHA game be against the nasty Sioux?!? What an icky start.

    Speaking of that though, you better get your butt to Kato. Donn and Marty are up for the trip so don't be a party pooper!

  3. Amy, comeon now... Having a bad day at work? I asked Marty and Donn recently about the MSU-M game and I don't remember anyone saying they were going for sure. I also have the week off so I am probably going to be hunting mallards, I think there is a good chance that Donn might be as well...

    However, there is slight possibility that I might go. I am not so sure Mrs Goon would be all that happy with me if I went and didn't take her. It is about 75-25 that I don't go right now. It depends on how much hunting I get in before that. It might be right in the middle of the Duck and Goose Migration... It is all about the green head Mallard...

  4. Whislter I couldn't afford to drive it I think the guy at Rydell said it gets 12-14 miles to the gallon.

  5. Who cares about hunting?!? You hunt all of the time. Hunt earlier in the week and then come to Kato for the series. I'm sure that Marty and gang and Donn will be up for the trip.

    You always have excuses. BUCK UP!! Get your butt to Kato.

    Oh, and I'm having an ok day...just hate those Parise punks!!

  6. Commmmmme Onnnnn letsgomavs. Was there a dirtier player? Considering you had about zero credibility left after vouching for you're on the wrong side of zero. Definitely the most ridiculous statement of the (not including all of the election bs of course).

  7. Jeff- um, do you think I'm Chris from WCH? He made election comments and has vouched for DD (if you mean Donald)...not me.

    Get your bloggers straight. In no way am I that guy!!

    I reserve to hate all of the Sioux players and the program at all times. Live with it....Goon does!

    Oh, and of course there was a dirtier player. Finley!

  8. Whislter I couldn't afford to drive it I think the guy at Rydell said it gets 12-14 miles to the gallon.

    But everyone that drove by would say, "hey, there's goon!"


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