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Color me surprised; I thought it was only UND that did these things?

To take a page from our favorite Western College hockey blogger color me surprised. This can't be. Seems things got a little rough between the Badgers and the Huskies this past weekend.

Hey; I thought it was only the Sioux got involved in these things? From what I read, it sounds like there was a lot of after the whistle stuff this past weeekend. What is the common denominator now? Red uniforms? The Badgers? According to the SCSU coach Bob Motzko his team is a bunch of saints and never gets involved in stuff like this. Heck his boys don't even know what to do in these types of situations. Here is a thought; how about the common denominator that it is a league game and things get heated.

Roe and the Huskies better be ready to be hit next weekend

I am telling you right now that UND is going to check Roe and the skilled Huskies up and down the ice next weekend. The Fighting Sioux are going to hit Roe hard every chance they get the Huskies can bank on it. That is hockey and that the way the Sioux play.
SCSU hockey: Winless no more
By Kevin Allenspach

Garrett Roe has a talent, something every bit as valuable as his abundant ability to score goals and set up others.

Those aptitudes alone are enough to make you want him on your side. He has another forte, though, that merely makes you glad you don’t have to play against him. Just ask the Wisconsin Badgers.

Roe can agitate, and the way he affected St. Cloud State’s 3-2 victory on Saturday at the National Hockey Center was right out of his stylebook.

Trailing by a goal, Roe drew a penalty late in the second period that resulted in a 5-on-3 power play for St. Cloud State.

Roe subsequently hammered a shot off the shoulder of goalie Shane Connelly to tie it, and Matt Hartman netted the winner 36 seconds later during the man advantage Roe created.

“If I play without and edge out there, you wouldn’t notice me afterward, you wouldn’t notice me on the forecheck, the backcheck, in the D-zone, on faceoffs, and you wouldn’t notice any points, either,” said Roe

Roe goaded the Badgers into two first-period penalties and then gave them the opportunity to go ahead with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of his own.

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More Garrett Roe

"I think I said we played a 'nice' game then, too," Motzko said. "That's the way it was again. They bring out the nice in us, I guess."

Except for Garrett Roe, who took exception to John Mitchell's hit at the SCSU blue line late in the second.

Roe, who thought he was kneed, got up and stalked Mitchell, eventually catching him with a hit from behind into the boards in front of the Badgers' bench.

Exit Roe for a major penalty and the closest the Huskies came thereafter was John Swanson's 20-foot shot that clanked the left post and the crossbar before bouncing out in the final minute.

The tumult and the shouting
Saturday's 3-2 victory was in the books, the Huskies had dispatched their 14-game winless streak against Wisconsin, and yet the Badgers wanted some more. Blake Geoffrion precipitated a scrum that involved many players from both benches just as they were emptying for the post series handshake. Both coaches came on the ice and started pitching their players out of danger, and referee Derek Shepherd wisely preempted the tradition and sent each team directly to their dressing rooms. Not before Matt Stephenson will remember Senior Night for the couple of good whacks he got in on Geoffrion, though.

"I looked over and I saw (Matt Hartman) on his back and Geoffrion was taking liberties," said Stephenson, who got a double-minor with Geoffrion. "I just came over to make sure it didn't get out of hand. First, they went after (Nate Dey) and that started the whole brouhaha. I looked over and I saw Geoffrion swinging. I went over and put my stick on him to let him know I was there and he turned around and punched me right in the stomach. One thing led to another and I was on top of him. I haven't been in one of those since juniors, and my last line brawl I was on the bottom."

Huskies coach Bob Motzko waded into the fray, afraid he would lose personnel for next weekend's series at North Dakota.

"Our guys never get into that, they don't know what to do," Motzko said. "I had to get out there and remind them we've got two more games to play."


  1. My boys are just warming up for a weekend with the Sioux. They realized they'd no doubt be expected to engage in a couple of bench-clearing brawls at the Ralph, so they thought they'd better practice!! Oh, and have I mentioned I "heart" Matt Stephenson? He cracks me up.

    Everyone keeps hating Garrett Roe, but I'd expect a HOCKEY fan (not just a Sioux fan) such as yourself to appreciate his agitating talent...

  2. Trust me I would love to have Roe on my team. I appreciate his efforts.

    Hey we should do one of those blogg articles things again.

  3. Oh Goon, you're so sensitive about your Suzies. North Dakota isn't at fault all the time, they just overreact and then some to everything, but after this weekend, I'm kinda happy you guys beat up Denver. Radke should have went after Mannino instead, that guy is a little bitch.

  4. Nope I jut thought it was funny that UND wasn't involved in this one. They are in a dog fight today though.

  5. Boosh wouldn't that be breaking the code for a player to fight a goalie? I was told that last year when the Sens goalie fought their Sabres tough guy...

  6. I am just excited it's not us.
    Boosh your talking about UMD right?


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