Monday, April 03, 2006

The Goaltenders. B.C. and UND

The Goalies that will back stop the two teams.
The Tail of the two Goalies
Fighting Sioux's Goalie
Jordan Parise
University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux
5’11 190
Parise 24-8-1, 2.08 GAA, .933 SV%
A shut down goalie with a big heart and a nose for big games. Determined to prove that he is one of the best in the NCAA. Comes up with huge saves at the right time.

It is that drive and determination that has helped Parise become one of the greatest goaltenders in UND history. He is the school's career leader in save percentage (.919) and goals against average (2.09).

B.C.'s Goalie
Cory Schneider
Boston College Eagles
6’2” 195
schneider 23-12-2, 2.03 GAA, .930 SV%

Will Cory remember the 6-3 game in last years championship game of the Bean Pot II. In my opinion Cory is a decent goalie with good numbers that will be out to prove the nay Sayers like me wrong. Schneider is hot at the right and will be put to the test by the Fighting Sioux’s speedy forwards. The Sioux will crash the net and pick up the loose change and jump on any opportunity thrown their way. Every Goal score is a high light goal.
Corey Schneider on the Fighting Sioux
It was tough last year," BC goalie Cory Schneider said. "They were big and strong, and they just outmuscled us all over the ice. We were a little intimidated, a little afraid to lose. They just came out harder than we did."

Spring time is upon us.
I love this time of year, the NCAA playoffs in hockey are winding down, and spring is FINALLY in the air after a long brutal winter. The NHL (last year referred to by many as the no hockey league) is back in full swing with the playoffs are just around the corner, I don’t care that they will probably go into June, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The mid spring marathon is about to begin, so I must conserve my strength for the long haul and drink plenty of liquids. What hockey fan wouldn’t love this kind of entertainment that is about to transpire?

First things first: I have to admit that I just can’t wait for Thursday’s afternoon game, I am like a young kid in 5th period history class that is so boring that I just can’t pay attention and nothing else matters right now. Baseball can wait there are 160+ games left In the season, politics don’t matter November is a long way off and my one vote doesn’t really matter either. Did I mention that I just can’t wait till Thursday afternoon? I can’t wait till I can sit down in my living room on my day off and watch the NCAA Frozen Four semifinals, no interruptions, I will probably not answer the phone anyways, unless your asking for directions and bringing beer, your offering me a top position for $100,000.00 a year or you telling me I just won the Powerball and you need an address to send the check too. Oh yeah, my dog Dakota will probably be at my side, who’s luck must continue.

On this Thursday afternoon I will be watching two highly skilled teams go head to head for the right to play Saturday night for college hockey’s top prize, the Division 1 NCAA hockey championship. The Sioux are on a roll winning 6 straight, Jordy is hot and Toews and Oshie are on fire. Stafford is dreaming of ways to set up his line mates and make them famous.

Quote of the week
Jordan Parise, “Hard work beats skill when skill doesn't work hard.”

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