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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Russia - Finland WC 2014, Malkin breaks Haula jaw with dirty cross-check

If you haven't seen it, this is worth a look. In the championship game of the World Championship, Russian forward Evgeni Malkin's cross-checked  Finland's Erik Haula in the face and injured him. I think this is one of the dirtiest cross-checks that I have seen this season. It was blatant, and one could make that argument that it was an attempt to injure. Uh-yeah, obviously. Malkin broke Haula's jaw with that bush league move.

According to Michael Russo of the Star and Tribune, Haula will not need surgery, that is very good news. The Russian ended up winning the game.  As you can see from the video the reffing was very suspect. 
Russo's Rants -- Some Wild news: Center Erik Haula, who left the day after the playoffs to represent Finland in the world championships, broke his jaw in the gold-medal game against Russia when he was cross-checked in the face by superstar Evgeni Malkin. No penalty was called. Haula sustained a nondisplaced fracture that will not require surgery. The injury will take three to four weeks to heal, the Wild says.
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Looking ahead to the Olympics

Post by Shane Jenkins

Even though every single nation feels as though they have a chance to win the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics in hockey, most experts believe it will come down to the top three. Russia, Canada and The United States all have the depth and star power to make a deep run in the beginning of February. Most of their players will be taking a break from their fantasy hockey production in the NHL to represent their country. So how do the top three squads stack up against each other?

Host Russia had a disappointing 2010 Olympics in Canada. They will be hoping to reverse their fortunes now that they are getting the play on their home soil. They have perhaps the best individual talent in the world in Alex Ovechkin, but they also have some key players at other positions as well. If they can put up quite a few goals to give their defense a cushion, the home team could pull off the victory.

Defending champion Canada figures to be a very formidable opponent for any team that goes up against them. Not only do they have some of the best fantasy hockey players in the NHL, but they have plenty of depth as well. When you have all starts coming off your bench, you know that your team is deep overall. Just like Russia, they are also stacked with forwards who should be able to score quite often. Their defense is a little stronger, as Roberto Luongo will be asked to man the net in most of the important games.

Finally, the United States put up a valiant effort in 2010 only to come up short against Canada. They are considered to be the 3rd best team coming into the Olympics, but when playing well they can compete with anyone. Their goalie situation is a little bit up in air right now, but it appears as though Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick will share the duties. They will also need some big play from their best goal scorer Patrick Kane.
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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Then there were two... Sweden vs. Finland

We're down to two teams... Sweden and Finland will play for the Gold Medal in the World Juniors Hockey Championship. I have to admit, that I am not going to feel all that sad for our neighbors to the north.

Why am I not cheering for Canada anymore? I just can't forget how their fans cheer against the USA when they're playing in International competition.  Especially after their fans starting cheering for team Russia during the 2006 World Junior Hockey Championship. After that, I pretty much decided that I will cheer for the Swedes or whoever, plays Canada in hockey. Now lets be clear, I am not anti-Canadian at all. I am just not going to cheer for them in the World Junior Hockey Championship or Olympics hockey anymore.

Also, some of the clueless comments that were posted at one of  my videos, that I uploaded to Youtube, only reinforce the reason why. This is what some clown put on one of the videos that I had uploaded. I wonder where Bob Scott is today? I wonder if he's crying in his beer and if he's going to cheer for the Finns or the Swedes?

Bob Scott said, "Congrats to Russia for eliminating the United States Junior Hockey Club... The USA show their classless colors yet again! Good riddance USA! No wonder the rest of the world despises you! NO CLASS!!! World Junior Hockey Tournament 2014."
Mind you, this is the same country that if Canada was attacked, the USA would be there to defend her.

It's pretty evident that the Swedes are the class of the 2014 World Junior Hockey Championship. Thank God, the Swedes beat the Russians in the other semi-final game today as well. If the USA can't win the WJHC I am cool with the Swedes or Finns winning it all.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Game winning goal Russia versus Slovakia

With the NHL currently locked out, it's nice to see some hockey finally on television again... I have been watching hockey most of the evening and this was the best game from day one of the the 2013 IIHF WJC. Russia's Albert Yarullin scored at 4:50 of overtime to give team Russia a 3-2 victory against Slovakia. Slovakia actually tied the game with a goal from Slovakia's Richard Mraz with about 14.7 second left to force an overtime period.
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

MSG to show KHL games; you'll recognize a few of the names

Last night, while checking out a few sites on the internet that I visit from time to time, I came across this little news nugget on the MSGwebsite. The Sports channel that covers the New York Rangers, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils  has announced that they will show two KHL games this month on their network.

The games will be Friday October 26, (Dinamo Minsk versus Barys Astana) and Wednesday October 31 (SKA. St. Petersburg vs Dinamo Riga.) Both games will be on DirecTV 634. 

Playing for Barys is former University of Wisconsin Badgers defenseman Ryan McDonagh and former Fighting Sioux forward Brandon Bochenski.

Former Wisconsin Badgers forward Joe Pavelski along with former UMD Bulldog Tim Stapleton players for Dinamo Minsk


Head Coach: Alexander Andriyevsky (BLR)

No.      Position           Name                                   Country

89        Def                  Goroshko, Oleg                       Belarus
27        Def                  Denisov, Vladimir                     Belarus
13        For                   Drozd, Sergei                         Belarus
17        For                   Dudko, Sergei                        Belarus
22        For                   Irgl, Zbynek                           Czech Republic
8          Def                  Karalahti, Jere                         Finland
98        For                   Kane, Evander                        Canada
77        For                   Kitarov, Alexander                   Belarus
25        Def                  Krajicek, Lukas                        Czech Republic
11        For                   Kulakov, Alexander                  Belarus
92        For                   Laine, Teemu                         Finland
7          For                   Linglet, Charles                       Belarus
19        For                   Meleshko, Dmitry                    Russia
21        Def                  Murphy, Cory                          Canada
10        For                   Mikhalyov, Andrei                    Belarus
29        Def                  Niskala, Janne                         Finland
88        For                   Pavelski, Joe                          USA
60        For                   Pivko, Libor                           Czech Republic
16        For                   Platt, Geoff                            Belarus
32        Goal                Rinne, Pekka                           Finland
23        For                   Stas, Andrei                           Belarus
18        For                   Stapleton, Tim                       USA
30        Goal                Haugen, Lars                           Norway
86        Def                  Chernook, Pavel                      Belarus
40        Goal                Shelepnyov, Yan                      Belarus


Head Coach: Vladimir Krikunov

No.      Position           Name                                  Country

23        For                   Alexandrov, Viktor                 Russia
80        For                   Antropov, Nikolai                   Kazakhstan
42        Def                  Belyakov, Fyodor                    Russia
41        For                   Boyd, Dustin                         Canada
27        For                   Bochenski, Brandon               USA
33        For                   Gavrilin, Andrei                      Kazakhstan
50        Def                  Grigoryev, Mikhail                   Russia
9          For                   Dawes, Nigel                        Canada
31        Goal                 Yeremeyev, Vitaly                  Russia
8          For                   Zhailauov, Talgat                   Kazakhstan
62        For                   Krasnoslobodtsev, Vadim        Russia
35        Goal                 Lassila, Teemu                      Finland
5          Def                  Litvinenko, Alexei                  Russia
54        Def                  McDonagh, Ryan                   USA
51        For                   Mirasty, Jon                         Canada
4          Def                  Novopashin, Vitaly                 Russia
18        For                   Polishchuk, Fyodor                Russia
1          Goal                 Poluektov, Pavel                   Russia
81        For                   Pushkaryov, Konstantin          Russia
79        For                   Rakhanov, Mikhail                  Kazakhstan
34        For                   Rudenko, Konstantin             Russia
2          Def                  Savchenko, Roman                Kazakhstan
91        For                   Savchenko, Filipp                  Russia
25        For                   Solaryov, Ilya                        Kazakhstan
10        For                   Spiridonov, Maxim                 Russia
48        For                   Starchenko, Roman               Kazakhstan
36        For                   Upper, Dmitry                       Russia
37        Def                  Fadeyev, Evgeny                   Kazakhstan
24        Def                  Hutchinson, Andrew              USA
71        Def                  Hedman, Victor                     Sweden

Wednesday, October 31 – SKA St. Petersburg vs. Dinamo Riga (1:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. ET)


Head Coach: Milos Riha (CZE)

No.      Position           Name                                 Country

2          Def                  Alexandrov, Yury                   Russia
44        For                   Artyukhin, Evgeny                 Russia
72        Goal                 Bobrovsky, Sergei                   Russia
71        For                   Burdasov, Anton                   Russia
77        Def                  Vorobyov, Dmitry                   Russia
37        Def                  Grebeshkov, Denis                 Russia
38        Def                  Dallman, Kevin                       Canada
33        Goal                 Ezhov, Ilya                            Russia
7          Def                  Kalinin, Dmitry                       Russia
83        For                   Klimenko, Gleb                      Russia
17        For                   Kovalchuk, Ilya                      Russia
15        For                   Kucheryavenko, Alexander      Russia
25        For                   Makarov, Igor                        Russia
74        For                   Monakhov, Sergei                  Russia
9          For                   Martensson, Tony                 Sweden
13        For                   Nepryayev, Ivan                    Russia
76        Def                  Pervyshin, Andrei                   Russia
11        For                   Prucha, Petr                         Czech Republic
52        Def                  Semenov, Alexei                    Russia
4          Def                  Serkin, Grigory                       Russia
36        For                   Sigaryov, Andrei                    Russia
91        For                   Tarasenko, Vladimir                Russia
10        For                   Tikhonov, Viktor                    Russia
41        For                   Thoresen, Patrick                  Norway
73        Def                  Chudinov, Maxim                    Russia
40        Goal                 Shikin, Dmitry                        Russia
31        Goal                 Stepanek, Jakub                    Czech Republic


Head Coach: Pekka Rautakallio (FIN)

No.      Position           Name                                 Country

75        For                   Ankipans, Girts                      Latvia
98        For                   Biezais, Elvijs                         Latvia
96        For                   Bicevskis, Maris                      Latvia
71        For                   Bukarts, Roberts                    Latvia
13        Def                  Galvins, Guntis                       Latvia
33        For                   Daugavins, Kaspars                 Latvia
25        For                   Dzerins, Andris                       Latvia
74        For                   Johnson, Jamie                      Canada
12        For                   Giroux, Alexandre                   Canada
41        For                   Ivanans, Raitis                        Latvia
70        For                   Indrasis, Miks                         Latvia
72        Def                  Carle, Mathieu                        Canada
15        For                   Karsums, Martins                    Latvia
2          Def                  Lavins, Rodrigo                       Latvia
87        For                   Meija, Gints                           Latvia
17        For                   Nizivijs, Aleksandrs                  Latvia
14        Def                  Redlihs, Jekabs                       Latvia
9          Def                  Redlihs, Krisjanis                     Latvia
6          Def                  Rekis, Arvids                          Latvia
11        Def                  Sotnieks, Kristaps                   Latvia
32        Goal                Tellqvist, Mikael                       Sweden
44        Def                  Cibulskis, Oskars                     Latvia
19        For                   Schremp, Rob                        USA
38        For                   Szczechura, Paul                    Canada
37        Goal                 Jucers, Maris                          Latvia
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Wild prospect Mikael Granlund impersonates Mike Legg

This is an amazing goal by Mikael Granlund it's simply one of the best of the year. I am not sure I can do Grandlund's goal justice by trying to describe it. I hope the Wild get him in a uniform next season right away because this kid is the real deal. Granlund was big for team Finland during the IIHF World Championship.Granlund is 9th in scoring with (2g-6a-8pts) in 8 games for team Finland.
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