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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Playoff Problem (Redwing77)

I love playoff hockey... ANY playoff hockey.... but I also think it's one of the worst hockey out there.  Why?  Well...  mostly it is due to hypocrisy.

All throughout the regular season, teams play the game and commit penalties.  Sometimes these infractions result in suspensions, fines, and so on.  Ah, but then the playoffs begin and it's all changed!

The playoff rulebook has come into play!

This rule book is the most hypocritical, imo, rules entity in professional sports.  I've watched playoff hockey this year in both the USHL and the NHL and they're both the same.  It takes an act of God to get the refs to raise their arms.  Why?  What happens when the postseason begins that makes a call that is made ALL SEASON LONG no longer required?  If the refs aren't enforcing the rulebook, why do we have 2 refs and 2 ARs on the ice?  Why not just have 2 ARs just to call offsides, icing, and drop the puck on faceoffs and just rely upon the video replay judge and the goal judges to determine goals?  There is no reason for refs if the rulebook is optional.

Yesterday, we saw two overt spears in Corey Perry and Milan Lucic.  Neither resulted in penalties being called.  Lucic's resulted in a wrist smacking $5,000 fine.  Well, the message is clear.  Your stars can spear guys and they'll only lose part of a game check!  NO PENALTY!!!  I'm too used to the NCAA rulebook that states that spearing is a 5 minute major and game ejection.  It's legal in the NHL, I guess.  It's also legal to slash a stick in two pieces if it results in a scoring opportunity (ala Anaheim's short handed goal by Cogliano).

I LOVE the game of hockey.  I LOVE a good, clean, hardfought, physical game.  But I'm also a big proponent of the rulebook.  I believe truly that the rulebook is in place for essentially two main reasons:  1.  Integrity of the game itself and 2.  Player safety.  If the rulebook isn't going to be enforced, then I hope the playoff teams have good insurance and travel policies because someone's going to leave on a stretcher and they'll need a body to fill the void ASAP.

In the NHL, IMO, cheap shots occur when enforcers are handcuffed due to situational concerns and/or the rulebook AND the officials either have lost control of the game or refuse to enforce the rulebook.  Yes, I LOVE games like what we saw with Chicago vs. St. Louis.  I LOVED last year's Finals between Boston and Chicago.  But I LOATHE games where the sport is made even more dangerous than it has to be because the playoff rulebook is in effect.

I'm not sure where the money comes from to pay refs for NHL games.  However, if the playoff rulebook is truly as optional as the rules have been applied thus far, help out the common man in the playoffs.  Simply do not put any armbanded refs on the ice at all and save the money spent to pay them  by passing the savings onto the playoff attendee.  If this sounds ridiculous, then it's time to start using the rulebook again and saving the integrity and health of the players before someone gets seriously hurt.

And I haven't even begun about the USHL.  USHL playoff rulebooks remind me a TON of the clutch and grab style of WCHA officiating back in the early 2000s... even down to the fact that, even when they DO call penalties, it will be a LOCK that neither team will have an advantage on the powerplay... even if they have to invent a penalty to make it equal (which I've witnessed personally).

Save the game.  You don't have to call everything.  You just have to call the same game as you do during the regular season.

Where’s the feigned outrage for Corey Perry cup check on Jamie Benn?

By now, you’ve probably seen the chop to the groin region of Detroit Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser by Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic … Almost on cue, the Lucic haters have demanded a lengthy suspension of the Bruins forward.  
Ah, but there’s a catch, while everyone was drawing and quartering El Diablo Milan Lucic, the Ducks forward Corey Perry was also checking Jamie Benn’s cup region as well. Where was the feigned outrage for that stick incident? Both plays are equally objectionable, and if you suspend one player, you must suspend the other one, right?

Here's a prediction, neither player will receive any games off. However, they will be given a stern warning and put on double secret probation. Frankly, that's playoff hockey.

Monday, December 16, 2013

(Video) Milan Lucic Fights outside Vancouver Club

This happened after the Boston Bruins lost to the Vancouver Canucks 6-2 on Saturday night. From the Sporting News.
After his Bruins lost to the Canucks in Vancouver on Saturday night, video surfaced of an angry Milan Lucic cursing outside a Vancouver nightclub following an apparent altercation.

No punches are thrown in the video, and Lucic was not the aggressor, but he did say he'd been hit twice and was upset that an officer suggested that he leave.
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

(Video) Milan Lucic vs. Luke Gazdic

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic (11g-13a-24pts) is a skilled fighter that can also score goals and put up points. He didn't really need to fight fourth line player like Luke Gazdic (1g-1a-2pts) who's put up very minor numbers in 25 games with the Edmonton Oilers.
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Boston Bruins: Milan Lucic scores the 100th goal of his career

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic scored  the 100th goal of his NHL career. Lucic has been in the NHL for six seasons and has scored (100g-144a—244pts) in a 410 games. Lucic is also having a good start to the 2013-14 season scoring (3g-2a—5pts).
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Stanley Cup Final game six: Lucic goal

This was the goal by Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic scored at the 12:11 mark of the third period. Of course the Blackhawks weren't done as they scored two goals, 17 seconds apart to win the 3-2 and the Stanley Cup Series 4-2.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Stanley Cup Finals: Lucic's second goals against the Blackhawks

At the 0:51 mark of the second period, the Hulk Line struck again. Boston Bruins forward, Milan Lucic scored his second goal of the game, his fifth goal of the Stanley Cup Finals, to push the Boston Bruins to a 2-0 lead, assisting on the goal was David Krejci.

That 2-0 lead was short lived as the Chicago Blackhawks would get a goal from Bradon Saad at the 03:08 mark of the second period.

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2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Milan Lucic goal vs. Blackhawks

That's first goal of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs for Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic (4), assisting on the goal for the Boston Bruins, forwards Nathan Horton (11) and David Krejci (13).

The Boston Bruins outshot the Chicago Blackhawks 11-8 in the first period. That was also the first goal of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.

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Friday, June 07, 2013

Boston vs. Pittsburgh game 4; 0-0 after two periods.

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic is 25 years old today (6/07/1988). A good birthday present for Mr. Lucic would be a series win against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Game four

Period 1

Bruins  0  - Penguins  0

Peroiod 2

Bruins  0  - Penguins  0

Shots 20 - 17 in favor of the Penguins.

Period 3


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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bruins live to fight for another day....

This has to be one of the biggest comeback wins in sports history, or at least during my lifetime. I don't remember a team being down 4-1 late in the third only to have that same team chip away at three goal lead and come back and win the game in overtime. So now can we say that the three goal lead in hockey is one of the toughest to defend?

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Monday, May 13, 2013

(Video) Patrice Bergeron wins Game 7 in OT

What an exciting night of hockey... The Boston Bruins scored two goals by Milan Lucic and Patrice Bergeron 31 seconds in the waning minutes of the third period to force the overtime period. At one point in the third period, the Boston Bruins were down 4-1 and it looked like Boston's season was over.

You could tell by the body language of Maple Leafs that the game tying goal was a back breaker and I had a feeling that the Bruins were going to take the game in the overtime period. And they did. Patrice Bergeron took the team on his back and at the 06:05 mark of the overtime period he scored the game winning goal sending the TD North Garden into a frenzy.

The game winning goal was Bergeron's second goal of the game and the third goal of the series. Bergeron's series clinching goal sends the Boston Bruins to the second round of the playoffs to face the New York Rangers. This is the first time the Rangers and the Boston Bruins will meet in the  Stanley Cup Playoffs in forty years (1972-1973).

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Milan Lucic and Chris Neil Fight

This is my definition of a heavy weight fight between Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic and Ottawa Senators forward Chris Neil. After not being in a fight for 26 games, Lucic has now been in a fight in two out of his last three games. With the fight tonight, Lucic has now accumulated five fighting majors for the season. That is also the sixth fighting major of the year for the Senators forward Chris Neil.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Milan Lucic works Keith Aulie

Bruins forward Milan Lucic hadn't been in a fight in 26 games and his last fight was against Matt Carkner on Jan 25, 2013. Tonight, that changed as Lucic fought Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Keith Aulie and the former Brandon Wheat King got his ass handed to him by Lucic.

According to that is the fourth fighting major of the year for Aulie, and he is yet to win a fight this season.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bergeron and Marchand back in the line up for the Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Look who's back in the line for the Boston Bruins... From the Bruins blog. Bergy and Brad Marchand aka the Little Ball of Hate are back in the lineup for the Bruins.

Gregoy Campbell-David Krejci-Jaromir Jagr
Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-Tyler Seguin
Danny Paille-Chris Kelly-Nathan Horton
Milan Lucic-Rich Peverley-Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara-Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg-Dougie Hamilton
Andrew Ference-Wade Redden

Tuukka Rask
Anton Khudobin

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

(Video) John Scott boards Stephen Gionta

Mr. Anger management Buffalo forward/defenseman John Scott drives a much smaller Stephen Gionta into the boards with what can only be seen as a knuckleheaded penalty, and of course all Gionta can do is laugh about it.

Sure, why not!

I guess it’s funny and no one got hurt, but it’s was a dangerous play by the Sabers goon John Scott. In my opinion, Scott is nothing more than a cement head, but also an insurance policy, to use only in case of an emergency.

Looking at the stats sheet, you will see that Scott adds little in the way of offense and rarely takes a regular shift on the ice, unless the Sabres are ahead or need Scott's toughness. In 26 games for the Sabres Scott has an unimpressive line of (0g-0a—0pts) 52 minutes in penalties and is averaging 4.25 minutes of ice time. According to, Scott has also been in 6 fights and has won them all, but has had a tough time finding anyone to dance with as of late.

Scott became necessary for the Buffalo Sabres when Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic ran over the Sabres goalie Ryan Miller last year and the Buffalo Sabres did nothing in response. After the non-response to Lucic running over Ryan Miller, the Sabers were seen as being a weak and gutless team by the rest of the NHL.

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

David Krejci hit on Brendan Gallagher and Alexei Emelin collides with Milan Lucic

I find it funny that Canadiens defenseman Francis Bouillon tries to fight David Krejci for his nice hit on Brendan Gallagher, but of course the minute that Boston Bruins Andrew Ference steps in for Krejci, Bouillon acts like your typical Montreal Canadien and drops to the ice and wants nothing to do with Ference.

How about this attempted hit by Canadiens defenseman Alexei Emelin on Milan Lucic? Yeah, that didn't work well for him, did it?
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lucic upset with Weaver cross check - check from behind

Listen to these announcers from the Florida Panthers, the Bruins forward Milan Lucic wold have been better off if he had just challenged Mike Weaver to a fight, than react this way. It was a blown call by the on ice officials.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Buffalo Pylon John Scott works Shawn Thornton

The Sabres John Scott is 6'8" and 270 and plays about 3:30 minutes a hockey game and has no other value other than he's a goon, some might refer to him as an insurance policy.

On the other hand, Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton is a role player that sticks up for his teammates and is also known to chip in goals. Thornton definitely took one for the team here.

For comparison sake, Thornton has scored (31g-43a—74pts) in 456 games, while John Scott has scored (1g-4a—5pts) in a 152 games.
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rangers Stu Bickel vs. Flyers Tom Sestito

As a Boston Bruins hockey fan, this is one fight that I was very happy to see. In my opinion, Tom Sestito is waste of skin and if the Flyers want waste roster spot on this guy more power to him. Making a case for Stu Bickel, at least he can be used in the third defensive paring if need be.

Lastly, in this case, I am glad that the fourth line forward Sestito was able to pull off the legal check this time. The guy is an absolute mountain of a man, and you have to keep your head on a swivel when he is on the ice.

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