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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Let's not jump off the Sorlie Bridge yet... UND hockey

Sorlie Bridge connecting Grand Forks, ND to Ea...
Sorlie Bridge connecting Grand Forks, ND to East Grand Forks, MN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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I also deleted my Intensedebate comments system. So I don’t have a real commenting system right now. You can comment on the blog if you have a Goggle + Account. Which is the wave of the future, or so I have been told. I am also in the process of redesigning my blog; I have no Idea where I want to go with it.

Last night’s game.

First off, I don’t see any reason to jump off the Sorlie Bridge (pick your bride, Sorlie, Kennedy, Columbia, Point). Not yet, but if want to jump ship, make sure to cut a hole in the ice so you don’t break your neck. I am not ready to give up on this team.

Rocco Grimaldi seems to think that the boys can right the ship.

Contrary to what some say, I think that there’s talent on the UND hockey team. Let's take a deep breath. I think that the goaltending has been questionable, but that will come. I thought Clarke Saunders was left out to dry last night. One the on goal, I thought that he was caught cheating as well.  I think that Zane Gothberg has had concentration issues and needs to focus.

I find do it comical that some fans are panicking already. We have seen this drill before. There’s a lot of season left. In nine plus seasons that Dave Hakstol’s has been the head coach, his teams, have been second half teams. Only exceptions, were the 2010-11 (Frozen Four team) and the 2012-13 season (Lost in the West Region to Yale).

This is a young team. It’s not an excuse. Last week during the Wednesday hockey press conference Dave Hakstol said, “This is a young team.” I was actually shocked that he said it. Hakstol wasn’t offering up an excuse, just stating a fact. I see no panic in the man’s body language. Although, the head coach didn’t look happy very happy either.

I know it’s cliché, but there’s a lot of season left. Sure, UND hasn’t looked very good so far this season. But, let’s examine reality. UND has 11 healthy forwards skating right now. That’s not an excuse, that’s brutal reality.

I have said this before and I will say it again. You don't hang Banners for winning in the early season. There’s no award given for the best record in October, November, December and January.

From the UND game notes: UND head coach Dave Hakstol, now in his 10th season behind the bench of his alma mater, is the only active head coach in Division I men’s hockey who has recorded a winning record in every season as a head coach. That includes Jerry York. 

Last night’s game

I thought the guys took some undisciplined penalties at key times during last night’s game. That has to stop if they’re going to be successful this season. 

From my perspective, from my seat on the couch last night, I thought the officials called some horrible ticky-tacky penalties last night. When I went back and looked at the play on my DVR, I thought where was the penalty on that call?  I don’t like the way that Hockey East officials call their games. I think that ECAC officials calls the game much like they do in the West. 


In my opinion, I felt that the refs let the Terriers get away with a lot of things that could have been called penalties both ways. That's how I saw it. I will be doing some video work this week. Let's also give credit, where credit is due. I thought BU played a pretty good hockey game, too. 

This is what head coach Dave Hakstol had to say about last night’s game. It is what it is. There’s no sugar coating it with Dave Hakstol, he call it like he see it. I don’t see him making any excuses.

“I thought BU played well tonight,” Dave Hakstol said.  “They capitalized on opportunities, did a good job on the power play.”

This is what the head coach had say on UND’s penalty trouble and trying to fight back after falling behind.

“I thought we had a real good first seven, eight minutes of the game. We spent last half of the period killing penalties.” “Had a two goal deficit, that’s hard to overcome on the road.”

“BU did a good job defending,” Hakstol said. “We had to attempt to kill five penalties in a row.

The head coach was asked about the team’s injuries.

“We had 20 guys dressed,” Hakstol said. That’s not an issue what-so-ever that’s not a topic in our locker room.

A couple of stats

During the 2011-12 season, UND started the season 4-7-1.

UND is 3-2-1 on Friday nights, 0-4-1 on Saturday nights and finally, 1-0-0 on Sunday nights.

Clarke Saunders 2-1-0, 3.50 GAA, .910 save percentage.
Rocco Grimaldi (4g-7a—11pts)
Drake Caggiula (4g-4a—8pts)
Michael Parks (3g-5a—8pts)

Goals for 29
Goals against 36
Scoring margin 40/59
Penalty Minutes 28
UND power play 26

UND penalty kill 10
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More good news: Drake Caggiula Practicing

From the press conference today the update on sophomore forward Drake Caggiula.

“He practiced on a limited basis yesterday, head coach Dave Hakstol said. “He’s making great strides. So, we haven’t made any decision for the weekend yet. Those final decisions, I think will be another 48 hours away.”

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Nothing new to report on Drake Caggiula

Nothing new to report on Drake Caggiula's status, will see if there is anything new to report after the Wednesday press conference, which I "should" be attending. If I hear anything, or read anything I will put it up. Now, I am off to the Twin Cities on some personal business. I will return tomorrow evening.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

UND beats U-18 team, Drake Caggiula injured

This season, the University of North Dakota has four exhibition games on their 2013-14 schedule. These exhibition games give the coaching staff a chance to evaluate their players. Also, the coaching staff can use these exhibition games as an opportunity to try different line combinations and defensive pairing that you couldn’t normally try in a regular season game.  UND was able to play a few players that hadn’t played so far this season.

In tonight’s exhibition game, the University of North Dakota faced off against the US National U-18 team at the Ralph Englestad Arena.  

UND would beat the US National U-18 Team 4-1, but the win would come with a cost. Sophomore forward Drake Caggiula would suffer an apparent injury in the early minutes of the second period. Caggiula tried to jump over an U-18 player, fell and landed on his head.  Caggiula was taken off of the ice on a stretcher and taken to Altru Hospital.

After the game, fellow line mate Rocco Grimaldi was asked about the Caggiula injury.

“It was really tough,” Grimaldi said. “Actually, I was kind of tearing up for him. I have never seen anything like that in my life, so it was tough for all of us to see. Obviously, your thoughts and prayers are going out to him. Hoping he’s okay. Hoping he can get back and everything is going to be okay with him.”

After the game, the head coach Dave Hakstol had this to say about the Caggiula’s injury.

“It’s hard to see with any member of the team,” Hakstol said. “We’re happy to hear some good news and waiting, hopefully we will hear some more good news."

While the injury did take the life out of the building, there were a few positives.

After having a rough first two seasons, junior forward Brendan O’Donnell has gotten off to a fast start this season and scored (1g1a—2pts) tonight.  When asked about his quick start to the season, this is what he had to say.

“You try to build confidence every game,” O’Donnell said. "Every practice, every week, in college hockey, the thing is week to week is such a big difference, fresh start every week. I just try to build on what we have done and look forward to the future."

One difference for O’Donnell this season is that he’s finally healthy.

“Obviously, you never want to be injured,” O’Donnell said. “Its been nice to be healthy...”

After the game, head coach Dave Hakstol was very complimentary of Brendan O’Donnell’s play.

“He’s just maturing in every way,” Hasktol said. “You see that maturity come through. The confidence that he’s playing with, he’s worked hard to elevate his play. He’s a guy that was out of the lineup an awful lot in the middle of the season last year. Instead of stepping back, he stepped forward. He worked extremely hard to get himself back in the lineup, late in the second half of last year. He had an excellent summer, where he was focused on all of the right things. He’s carried that into winning a job on our left side.”

On evaluating his team play, Head Coach Dave Hakstol seemed pleased with his team’s effort.

“Real good second period,” Hakstol said. “Lot of positives there, up and down first and third period. We got to the third period it was matter of just kind running out the 20-minutes from our stand point. Certainly we will give them a lot of credit. They played a game last night. They played good hockey in the third period, which was their sixth period of hockey of the weekend. Lots of credit to the young guys over there.”

Now for the good news: According to UND SID Jayson Hajdu, forward Drake Caggiula has movement and feeling in his extremities, he underwent further testing. The tests came back negative and Caggiula was released from Altru hospital.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Forum headline: Former UNO, UND football coach arrested in Iowa

The Fargo Forum probably was falling all over itself to put up that headline. To quote the A.P. article that the Forum doctored, "[Pat] Behrns had been head coach of the University of North Dakota football team from 1980 to 1985." Behrns hasn't coached at UND for 28 years. This is the same newspaper that won't hold their head football coach or the football players at NDSU accountable.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And another NHL Coach bites the Dust... with a pondering (RW77)

New York Rangers logo (used 1935–48)
New York Rangers logo (used 1935–48) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok, this is just a musing type post so I'll put it down and see what develops in the comment section.

Today marked the end of Tortorella's coaching tenure with the New York Rangers.  It was marked with ups (like his record 171-144 in the regular season) and downs (holy crap bad offense and terrible power play).  He was a tough cookie both on his players and to the media.

I am no fan of the Rangers.  But I got to thinking:  What makes a good pro head coach?

A few months ago I was listening to a Vikings postgame show where they lost and callers were ranting on how the Vikings needed a coach who was "in your face" and "showed more emotion on the sidelines."  Here in Nebraska, after every Husker game, fans (and detractors alike) rant on how Head Coach Bo Pelini is a hot head and needs to butt out of his players' and media's faces (aside for the typical if the Huskers win, Bo rules.  If they lose, fire his backside).  Here's the same issue.  You have previous head coach Renney barely at .500 over his tenure (something like 164-163 as a head coach) and he's drummed out.  To me, he seemed like a tacit kind of coach.  And here's the abrasive Tortorella getting shown the door after being the exact opposite and finishing with a better overall record.

I'm not going to debate whether or not the dismissal was the right or wrong answer.  Like I said, I don't give a rip about the Rangers.  But I do wonder what makes a good coach a good coach?

Nowadays, more and more players (especially in basketball and football) are immature, hot-headed egotists that cannot handle criticism and tough love.  But when they are listened to by owners and GMs, giving the player a "player friendly" coach, it doesn't always mean positive results either.  So what makes a great head coach?

I want to be careful about this not turning into a Hakstol Hate Festival (like every time Brad says his name in an article on his own blog's comment section), so I'm not really interested in college-centric thought.  I do believe that a college head coach and a pro head coach are very different.

So I'm curious what are the intangibles of a great coach, in your eyes?  How do you judge a coach's effectiveness?  Which coach (of any sport) do you think more coaches should model themselves after?

I have a lot of favorite coaches, but my opinion is you can never go wrong with Scotty Bowman.  His attitude and the way he coached was simply top notch.


P.S.  Dave Tippett is rumored to be among the coaches the Rangers are considering.  I bet, however, they go with Alain Vignault if they don't go with Mark Messier. (others mentioned are Lindy Ruff and Paul Maurice)
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Sunday, May 05, 2013

A bit of randomness from RW77

University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Alaska Anchorage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok, it's been a while since I posted here and there's a few random things I'm going to mini-rant about.  Before I do, however, I freely acknowledge that I'm no expert and that these are MY OPINIONS ONLY.


Sure, I'll take on a job that's sure to be a lost cause...

That's my take on what a coach would have to think about when accepting the UAA Head Coaching gig.  As a UND fan, you don't get much insight into the internals and the atmosphere around the UAA program in Anchorage, but over the period of time from the end of Hill's tenure until now, it seems like it's just one bad year after another.  Sure, there were a few "ups" along the way but comon...

Now everyone, including alumni and former players, are giving the vote of No Confidence to UAA AD Steve Cobb.  I find myself wondering if Cobb is behind all of it, or is it above even him?

I can't imagine trying to sell UAA to a player from...say... Massachusetts, California, or even the Midwest.  It's so far away and isolated (even if it is a wonderful least that's how I remember Anchorage anyhow).  I remember thinking during the coaching search after Hill left that whoever gets that job will inherit the toughest coaching gig in the WCHA and certainly among the hardest in all of DI hockey.

It seems that NO ONE wants to go to Anchorage.  So, if you keep on dreaming of diamonds being found in the rough that you convince to come to campus, how can you not have bad years year after year?

I don't think UAA should fold their program.  I do think they have something to bring to the table, but UAA is a big time dependent upon institutional support.  If it doesn't get it, it goes under.  I'd venture the same thing goes for MTU and even UNO (living in Omaha, I can tell you if the Husker football team is playing, no one gives a flying bleep about UNO hockey).  UNO gets it.  I believe MTU has gotten it as well.  UAA definitely does not... at least not totally.  If it goes completely, then it will follow the math UAH did but succeed and go the way of Findlay, Iona, and Wayne State.

Submariners on Skates

I despise diving.  I also despise officials that take forever to get the game going again after reviewing it but....  I think that's what's going to have to happen.  I am convinced that on ice officials do not call diving as much as they should because they cannot recognize diving when they see it in real time.  The truth is that diving has become a part of the game.  Not just because the refs don't call it when it happens, but because the coaches (at best) ignore it when players do it or, even worse, condone such acts.  Even the media at times refers to a clever dive as "Drawing a penalty."  (Though I admit freely that not every time a player draws a penalty is he diving).

I think the only ways to eliminate diving are long term or unacceptable solutions.  The long term is simply to replace all the coaches in amateur hockey with hockey coaches that have a heavy hand against diving.  They teach that it is wrong and do something about it when they see it (with or without their rose colored glasses).  There's nothing to say that this is even possible, either.

Secondly, use the replay system... post game.  If the head office spots a dive by another player, that player is brought in for a conduct review and a 1 or 2 game suspension gets handed out for diving after the fact. 

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jim Montgomery new coach at DU

Here is the link to the story at the Dever Post via Mike Chambers.

Looks like DU has their new head coach. Montgomery was an assistant coach at RPI and is the current head coach of the USHL's Dubuque Fighting Saints. This is an interesting development. Montgomery also played hockey in the NHL with the Blues, Canadiens, Stars, Flyers and Sharks.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why not Corban Knight for the Hobey Baker?

Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo
Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think it’s too early to start this post – half of the college hockey season is over already – soon the second half of the season will be upon us. It won’t be long until the hockey pundits will be talking about the end of the season awards that go along with the culmination of the NCAA hockey season.
That means that the Hobey Baker Memorial fan voting will be upon us very soon.
While I have no say in the process, I do believe that UND senior forward Corban Knight should be a legitimate candidate for the Hobey Baker Memorial Award and I believe that it will be very hard for the voters to overlook him.
Breaking it down further, Knight is a complete player, both on an off of the ice, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be one of the Hobey Hat Trick (finalists) when it’s all said and done.
Through 16 games this season, Knight is leading the Green and White in scoring and has amassed an impressive (8g-15s—23pts). Knight is ranked eighth nationally in the NCAA for points per game 1.35. Knight is also tied for first over-all with Drew LeBlanc of Saint Cloud State in the WCHA for points in conference games.
Knight is currently on a 13 game scoring streaking racking up (6g-15a-21pts).
In the locker room, on or off the ice, Knight has the respect of his teammates and is very well liked. Recently, this is what fellow teammate Carter Rowney had to say about his fellow assistant caption.
“He’s a good guy,” Rowney said.  “He lives in the same building as me and everything. Great team player, everyone gets along with him – easy to get along with. Always positive, no matter what’s going on. He’s never down on himself, never down on anyone else, just a positive guy.”
When UND head coach Dave Hakstol was asked about Corban Knight, the  head coach was very complimentary.
“He’s a mature young man in every way,” Haksol said. “That’s one of the benefits of being a junior and a senior and taking the extra time to develop at this level before you step to the pro level; is being able to have that year where physically you’re maybe a little bit ahead of the opponents that you’re playing against. Certainly, mentally he’s as toughest there is. Very quiet in the way he goes about it – but mentally as tough as anybody.”
The head coach went on to say, “Corban is just a complete hockey player. “He’s good in all three zones. There’s a lot of element to his game that bring a lot of value to a team. I think one that he gets a lot of credit for is his ability in the faceoff dot. But there are a lot of areas of his game that are quietly similar to what he does in the faceoff dot. He’s a very solid, reliable two way player that consistently puts out real good solid offensive numbers – we’re seeing that again this year. He’s flown under the radar with it – he’s got a nice point scoring streak going. More importantly, I think his play is probably indicative of our team’s play. He’s very consistent player.”
Knight also does many good things off the ice as well. Recently, this is what the head coach Dave Hakstol had to say about his senior forward’s off ice activities.
“What you see is what you get,” Hakstol said. “He’s a great young man, always got a positive perspective. He always pays attention to how he treats people around him. He’s very cognizant of that. He’s always being a leader – not just in our locker room but in the community. He does an awful lot of things in the community that go unnoticed. He doesn’t do it with any fanfare – but he’s always willing to help out.”
  • Candidates must exhibit strength of character both on and off the ice.
  • Candidates must contribute to the integrity of the team and display outstanding skills in all phases of the game.
  • Consideration should be given to scholastic achievement and sportsmanship.
  • Candidates must comply with all NCAA rules: be full time students in an accredited NCAA college or university; and complete 50% or more of the season.
I do believe that Corban Knight would meet all of these criteria, to be eligible for the Hobey Baker Memorial Award.

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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tale of two worlds

Last night, after the game, UND women’s head hockey coach head Brian Idalski looked less than pleased and even a bit agitated – his team won on the right side of a 3-2 victory against Division I newcomer RIT.

Words like lethargic and sloppy were uttered by the UND coach during the postgame press conference.

I made the comment to the women’s SID after the media scrum that it would be fun to see today’s pregame skate. I am sure it wasn’t all fun and games and there probably wasn’t any of coaching staffs vehicles parked at center ice today at the REA before the pre-game skate.

But I digress.

Idalski’s hockey team in also on an impressive six game winning streak including sweeps against conference foe’s UMD and BSU.

Yet there are grounds for concern. There are still minor things that need to be fixed going forward. I have seen some of the mistakes that the team was making earlier in the season not happen as much on the ice the past two games.

Sitting in the press box I was entertained by an exciting game of hockey that went down to the wire – with the home team coming out with the win. In the closing seconds of the game the Tigers came very close to tying the game as a shot hit flush off of the right post of the UND goal with the goaltenders moving to her left.

Listening to UND men’s head coach Dave last night during the postgame with Radio personality Tim Hennessey, I didn’t’ have to watch a video or be there in person to know that he was less than pleased with the results of last night’s game. Hakstol’s team did everything they had to do to win; except score enough goals to win.That’s not going to comfort anyone including the head coach – but it’s not time to call for the head coaches head either.

Personally, based on this team’s history, I am not all that concerned about their results so far to date. Especially with the teams that they’ve played to date – UND has played four out five series against teams that are nationally ranked and that have winning records. So far in 13 games, UND has only played against two teams that don’t have a winning record UAA and UMD and both of those teams aren’t easy draws as well.

These guys are winners and take their job very seriously – both coaches’ teams are very close to turning the corner and putting an 8-1 or 9-2 whooping on someone.

There are some things to remember going forward. No team has ever won a national title in November, December, January and February. Seasons are a body of work and national rankings and the pairwise rankings mean nothing right now. The season is a body of work and the head coach will have this team ready to play.
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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Where do we go from here? RW77 and the new Job Opening

Well, consider me one of shock... though it isn't shock because Eades is gone. It's more of shock that Eades isn't gone due to a new position...either head coach at the DI level or USHL level.

I think Eades is one of the more up and coming coaches at the collegiate level among the cadre of attractive candidates that do not have DI head coaching experience.

  I haven't a doubt that Eades' unemployment will be measured in weeks rather than in months. Best of luck, Cary. Here's to success wherever you end up (unless it is against UND).

The NEW UND coach:

UND has basically two directions: First would be to promote Dane Jackson to Associate Head Coach and hire an Assistant Head Coach. The other would be to hire an Associate Head Coach.

First, hiring a new Assistant Coach:

This would be the least expensive option as they wouldn't necessarily have to shell out as much money as they'd have to if they went for an Associate Head Coach. Not to mention that it opens the most options to UND. Although UND doesn't have to follow "tradition" of hiring former UND or at least WCHA coaches or players, a new assistant can be ANYONE... including poaching a coach from the ranks of Major Juniors if they really wanted. They can also go in the direction of giving a guy his first shot at the DI level...having no real coaching experience outside of the volunteer variety... for example: Karl Goehring.

Possible Candidates can be from a large variety of sources from juniors up to the pro ranks. With how open this possibility is, I'm not sure anyone other than Karl who jumps out at me. Perhaps Tony Hrkac would be willing to take a shot at this position.

Option Two: Hire a new Associate

This is the more costly option but it holds a lot of intriguing names. People who have made their names known in the past could become candidates. Some names that come to mind include: Jason Herter, John Marks, Steve Johnson, even Chad Johnson could come up. There could be non-UND candidates, such as Shattuck's Tom Ward (he was a former Minnesota Assistant Coach). Hey, I hear John Hill and Troy Jutting are available. But then again, hiring John Hill would kill our program. Heh, we should make a run at one of the Sutters. They'd know how to undo the major junior influence. After all, no one knows more about Major Junior recruiting away NCAA players better than the Anti-NCAA Sutter family. I'd also love to see James Patrick be included in the list but he's doing well as an NHL Assistant and probably has a future at that level.

Like with the other option: They could go completely out of the blue. So my questions to the readership are: What direction do you think UND will take? Who do you think will be a candidate? Any you'd like to see on the list that I haven't mentioned?
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sioux close out the season with loss to Gophers

One of our fans posted this on the chat, this comment is ridiculous and far from the truth, Coach Hakstol did a great job coaching this team this season, especially with what he has been dealt this season and I hope the University gets him locked up with a new contract soon.

I was going to wait till tomorrow to put something up but I figured I would chime in with my two cents. While the defeat to the Gophers does leave a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, I can’t say that UND’s didn’t give it their all to the end. They fought, they clawed and they emptied the tank. This team didn’t go down without a fight all season long.

Congrats to the seniors, Ben Blood, Brad Eidsness and Mario Lamoureux I have enjoyed watching you play for four years at UND. All three are character guys and will be successful in whatever they do in life.

It pains me to say that the Gophers were the better team today. That’s hockey and that’s life.
For me personally, this season has been one of the most exciting seasons of Fighting Sioux hockey that I have ever had the pleasure to witness since I started watching Fighting Sioux hockey back in 1992.

As I wrote for Inside Hockey last week, “Back in November, who would have thought that the Fighting Sioux would face off against Denver University and win the championship game of the Red Baron WCHA Final Five?

Especially on Sunday the 20th of November 2011, the Fighting Sioux had just suffered an unimpressive 1-0 loss to the Bemidji State Beavers at the Sandford Center in Bemidji, Minnesota.  After that loss, the Fighting Sioux had a lackluster record of 4-7-1 overall and 1-5 in the WCHA. That record was good for 11th place in the WCHA standings.

After the game, the Fighting Sioux took the two hour bus trip down highway two back to Grand Forks, they regrouped and on Monday morning the Fighting Sioux coaching staff conducted a bag skate on the Fighting Sioux hockey team at six o’clock.

Since that early morning bag skate, the Fighting Sioux have gone an impressive 21-5-2. That is the best overall record in Divison I hockey since November 26, 2011.

The Fighting Sioux finish that midseason surge at 22-6-2… The loss tonight ends the Sioux season with a record of 26-13-3. That was the eight season in a row that Hakstols teams have won 20 games or more.

This season show cased some new players that are going to be a force going forward. The Carter Rowney, Michael Parks and Mitch MacMillan line has a chance to be one of the better lines in the WCHA next season.  

While some of our fan base wants to run Coach Hakstol out of town on a rail, I think making it to the NCAA tourney this season was a big accomplishment, based on what happened to the Fighting Sioux hockey team, this is also testimate to the type of hockey coach that Dave Hakstol is.

During the offseason UND lost J.T. Miller to the CHL and it all seemed to snowball from there.
Here is the injury list from this season’s Fighting Sioux hockey team. Let’s not forget that three Fighting Sioux hockey players had season ending surgery.

North Dakota injuries: Taylor Dickin (lower-body injury), forward Rocco Grimaldi (season, knee surgery), Brendan O’Donnell (season-ending surgery) and Derek Rodwell (season, shoulder surgery) are all out of the lineup.

I mean seriously, Grimaldi, O’Donnell and Rodwell would make one heck of a line in any college hockey league.

Lastly, to the fans that want to fire coach Hakstol, here is a quote from my friend Moose Richards… “I find the whole fire Hakstol line out of Sioux fans just absurd,” Moose said.   “You look over the body of work. Yes there is no national championship in there, but how many Frozen Fours, nine straight final five appearances. It’s just…Yeah you would like the win the big one. But don’t you like being there every year?
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Monday, March 19, 2012

George Gwozdecky on Jason Zucker

Denver hockey head coach George Gwozdecky  addressed the media after the Denver and Michigan Tech quarter final game and fields a question from Bruce Brothers of the Pioneer Press at the 4:15 mark of the video about the possibility of Zucker leaving  for the professional ranks.
“I will tell you one thing Bruce [Brothers]; Gwozdecky said, "I have never, ever in my 30 plus years and my 18 years at Denver. I have never ever talked to anyone that regretting staying another year. But I have certainly talked to a lot of guys that said that they regret leaving early and so there is never anything wrong with leaving if you’re ready.  There is never anything wrong with staying, to be able to get one more extra year to be able to give yourself a better chance to be able play at the top level.  What that decision for Jason or for any of our guys, is hard to say right now.”
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coach Hakstol takes issue with Wally Shaver's comments...

Tonight during the UND Coaches Show, UND head coach Dave Hakstol took issue with what UMN radio personality had to say about the Ben Blood incident. If you need to have your memory refreshed, here is what Wally Shaver had to say about the incident. [Click to listen]

Here is what UND head coach Dave Hakstol had to say about matter. At the 11:20 mark of the audio, you can hear what Dave Hakstol has to say about his team being called a bunch of cheap hose heads by Wally Shaver. [Click to listen]  I would be willing to bet that the voice of the Minnesota Gopher's will be getting a call from Coach Hakstol. 
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blood loses the "A" - Ben Blood disciplined for post-game altercation

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – University of North Dakota Head Coach Dave Hakstol announced today that he has revoked senior defenseman Ben Blood’s assistant captaincy due to an altercation that occurred during the post-game handshake following Saturday night’s game against Minnesota.

“Regardless of any provocation, Ben’s actions in the post-game handshake were not acceptable,” said Hakstol. “The handshake line is a traditional, gentlemanly part of our game where, at the end of a hard-fought battle, opponents show good sportsmanship and shake hands like men.”

Hakstol added that Blood will be subject to further internal team disciplinary actions.

“I’m not proud of my behavior,” said Blood. “That’s not how I want to represent our program, and that’s not how we handle ourselves here. I understand and respect the punishment, and I’ll move forward and not let my emotions get the best of me in the future.”

UND (12-8-2, 8-8-0 WCHA) travels to St. Cloud State on Friday and Saturday.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Jake Hanson, Minnesota is supposed to be the premier program

Goldy Gopher, University of Minnesota-Twin Cit...Image via WikipediaMinnesota Gophers forward Jake Hanson has stirred some discussion with his comments that he made in the Pioneer Press. If I was a head hockey coach I am not that I would want to hear that coming out of one of my players mouth. What do you think?
Ray Richardson, Pioneer Press --- The Bulldogs' title has magnified the questionable stature of the Gophers' program. For Gophers players, it's unsettling to know the NCAA championship trophy is only three hours north of the Twin Cities.

"For a lot of years, we have been the dominant program over Duluth," said defenseman Jake Hansen, one of only seven seniors on the Gophers' roster. "They have the crown now...that's a little strange. The University of Minnesota is supposed to be the premier program. That's what we're trying to get back to this year."
While I don't think historically Hansen is wrong, however, you don't want to wake up a sleeping giant. You let sleeping dogs lie. If I was the Bulldog head coach I would take these comments put them on the bulletin board and use these comments to my team's advantage. That being said, this should prove to be a great college hockey series and should be an early measuring for both the Bulldogs and Gophers. 
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Winnipeg Expected to announce 'Jets' name before draft pick...

2011 NHL Entry DraftImage via WikipediaTSN.CA is reporting that the Winnipeg team will now be called the Jets. I believe that this is the right move, nice to see the Jets back in Winnipeg, Manitoba where they belong. Claude Noel has also been name head coach of the Winnipeg Jets, Noel was the head coach of the Manitoba Moose.
It looks like the Winnipeg Jets are cleared for landing.

The team, which is expected to officially announce their name before making the 7th overall pick in tonight's NHL Entry Draft, is reportedly going to go with the very popular Jets nickname.

You can watch the Draft live on TSN, and TSN Mobile TV tonight at 7pm et/4pm pt. Make sure to check out for a live hockey blog with TSN Analyst Craig Button, beginning at 6:30 pm et/3:30 pm pt.

After an explosive Thursday that watched big name players get moved, Friday could be just as volatile as the NHL Entry Draft goes tonight in Minnesota.
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