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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tweets of Silliness - Bettman wasn't two week Moratorium.

I really don't know why the two side can't come to an agreement and get a deal done. The NHL can't afford to lose another whole season. The NHL owners lead by one of the most unlikable people Gary Bettman is trying to break the player union or at least weaken it. If the season is lost, the blame in on the NHL Commissioner in my opinion.

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thursday links and tweets...

Good morning to you... It's day 47 of the NHL lockout and it looks like nothing is happening really... It looks like the NHLPA and the NHL Owners are talking but nothing really official or with any substance. Also, it appears that some of the players are starting to feel the pinch of the lockout and wondering if the lockout will kill their hockey careers.

This is what Shawn Thornton told Joe Haggerty of
“I’m worried. Financially I’ve made some pretty good money the last couple of years. So I’m not hurting, but I’m definitely concerned that I don’t have any paychecks coming in at this point,” said Thornton. “For guys like me I have a few years left and I’m kind of caught in the middle and squeezed out on both sides. If this goes on for a year or two then I’m probably done and I have to go back to working for a living.

“That’s fine. I’ve done it before. I worked in a steel factory when I was younger. But on the other side I’d like to play out the last two years of my contract and be a little bit ahead after fighting 400 times over the last 15 years.”

According to some of the tweets that I have seen in my twitter feed today, It looks like Friday is the day that the Winter Classic gets cancelled. Also, no news is not good news...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tweets that give me hope that the season could be saved

I think after today developments there is some hope that a settlement could be reached or at least it's possible that both sides could agree to a new CBA. What is even more exciting is there is a chance that we could have a full 82 game NHL season. Or at least from my vantage point -- it would appear that the two sides are "finally" making some progress after the NHL owners put forward what appears to be a serious proposal now.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Aaron Ward on the UND and Michigan matchup

Former Boston Bruin and Michigan Wolverine player Aaron Ward was asked about this week’s up coming series with the Sioux and Wolverines. Sounds a little like sand bagging. I also doubt that the Sioux or the Wolverines are looking past each other.