Thursday, July 18, 2013

UNDSID clears up a few things

Here's a response that @UNDSID  to a post that was on Brad's blog. It's worth a read, it covers a few things that people are talking about.

Those of us that commented on this in the beginning were told by UND Media Relations and others to be quiet and wait for “Big Announcements”. We knew that this would not be good for those outside of the MidCo area (ND,SD,MN), and we argued that fact. We were told that the streaming would be better, and it did not improve. HD will be great, but if it continuously buffers and dumps, what good is it. UND Media Relations said they would get the Flash Player issue worked out for those with Apple products, but that did not happen. Good luck using an App like Photon to play the feed. It looks like we are stuck with the garbage they are currently using and I am tired of people saying, “be quiet and wait, there will be big news”. Media Relations needs to push hard at a minimum for the FTA feed to be allowed for home games from MidCo for those who had invested in that years ago. That will not effect their dollars to any significance and actually help those outside of the area. That is just one step to appease the growing issues that they will be seeing. Six games is nothing and a huge, huge loss for UND Hockey. I would hope we would at least see some comment from UND, Media Relations or on up, on this problem for their alums outside of ND,SD, and MN.

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    Hello everyone. It's been awhile -- I trust everyone's had a great summer. I posted this over on Schlossman's blog but figured I'd double up over here. FYI, the "big announcements" reference was in response to a specific comment over there:

    No one affiliated with UND Athletics promised anyone “big announcements.” Simply not true.

    What we *have* been saying is that we will continue to seek improvements to our viewing options across ALL platforms. That has not changed and that will not change. The broadcast situation we have today may not be the broadcast situation we have by the time the puck drops opening night. Or a year from now. These things evolve, take time and require a little patience.

    Did we promise HD webcasts and enhanced webcast support? Yes, beginning with the upcoming season our home webcasts will be offered in high definition. In light of the shifting TV situation, we have allocated and committed the necessary resources to providing high quality web streams.

    At the end of the day, fans will still have the ability to watch literally every single home game. Every one of them. Plus four road games. Some of these will be on your television screen and yes, some will have to be on your computer screen. You also have the ability to send the HD webcast feed to your flatscreen TV with one cord and one press of a button. In the coming weeks, our website will offer a video tutorial on how to make that conversion for those who are unfamiliar with the process.

    In the meantime, we will continue to do everything within our power to bring more of our games back to national TV. Neither UND, nor the NCHC Commissioner, is ignoring our television situation. Quite the contrary, in fact.

    But please understand that it is a work in progress.

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