Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is this the list of NCHC refs?

Jupiter of GPL fame, has posted over on USCHO.COM the list of possible, future NCHC refs.

Last week, Brad Elliot Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald posted on Twitter that Brad and Derek Shepherd wouldn't be officiating games under the father's tutelage in the WCHA this season. Kind of makes sense. It’s also, kind of what many of us feared as well. I think many fans of the new NCHC wanted to see a new league free, of certain hold over officials from the old WCHA.

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Here is a more complete list of NCHC Refs.

Brian Aaron: CCHA
Todd Anderson: WCHA
CJ Beaurline: WCHA
Scott Bokal: WCHA
Dan Dreger: WCHA
Nick Krebsbach: USHL
Steve Patafie: Atlantic Hockey
Brad Shepherd: WCHA
Derek Shepherd: WCHA
Tom Sterns: WCHA
Joe Sullivan: USHL
Andy Theissen: WHL
Brian Thul: WCHA
Tim Walsh: WCHA

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