Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shanahan throws book at Bitz, suspends him for two games

So the Vice President of the Department of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan  was very busy the day after the first night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

First Shanahan fined Nashville Predators defenseman Shew Weber the NHL maximum of $2,500.00 and then suspended Canucks forward Bryon Bitz for two games for boarding Kyle Clifford, Bitz was assessed a major penalty and given game misconduct for boarding. Personally, the play in question, looked more like a hit to the head and an elbow.

At this pace, this season could end up setting records for fines and suspensions during the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs at this rate. Or not! At least Shanahan set a precedence that the league is not going to put up or tolerate dirty hits and questionable acts. 
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