Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So does Shea Weber get suspended for slamming Zetterberg into the glass?

This play is the talk of the night. At the end of tonight's game between the Detroit Redwings and the Nashville Predators, Predators defenseman Shea Weber took Henrik Zetterberg's head and jammed it into the glass, I am not sure what led up to this play but this is not acceptable in any league.

Weber for his efforts was given a two minute minor for roughing, the length of the Weber's penalty is irrelevant, because the league can review played that didn't get penalized.

I imagine the NHL's Department of Players Safety will take a look at this play, but you never know with Brendan Shanahan, he has been so inconsistent this season, almost to the point of it being a joke in his ruling this season. Shannahan has let players off the hook with no fine or suspension and then has turned around and given a suspension for hits that were not as bad as hits where a player deserved a suspension and got nothing. So who knows in this situation?

Zetterberg did board Weber earlier in the game so this could be a retaliation for that earlier hit?

If your conspiracy theorist you would expect Weber to be given a lengthy suspension because Shannahan played for the Detroit Redwings from 1997-2006.
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