Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Petr Sykora and Robbie Earl put on waivers.

I have to admit that this really chaps my ass. I was hoping they would put the waste of a uniform James Sheppard on waviers. Robbie Earl had played in 13 games and scored more goals than James Sheppard.
The Minnesota Wild have placed Petr Sykora on waivers, meaning any club can claim the veteran forward prior to Noon et on Wednesday.

The 33-year old has had an injury-riddled season since signing with the Wild as an unrestricted free agent last summer. In 14 games, he has compiled two goals and one assist but has missed a total of 29 games with groin and concussion issues.

Sykora began his NHL career with New Jersey in 1995-96 and has also played for Anaheim, the New York Rangers, Edmonton, and Pittsburgh. He won Stanley Cups with the Devils in 1999-2000 and last season with the Penguins.

If Sykora is not claimed, Minnesota can send him to the minors or place him on re-entry waivers where he could be claimed at half the price of his contract.

The Wild also placed forward Robbie Earl on waivers on Tuesday. The 24-year old has divided his time this season between Minnesota and Houston (AHL), and posted three goals in 13 games with the Wild.
UPDATE: Per Russo's Rants, Veteran Petr Sykora and winger Robbie Earl cleared waivers this morning [Link]
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  1. If they put Sheppard on waivers, they will lose him for nothing. They are clearly still hoping to trade him and get anything in return. This proves that no one was going to trade for Sykora so they just need to get rid of him for the cap relief.

    Almost guaranteed, if/when Sheppard moves on, he will produce for that team. He will probably never produce up to the level of his draft status but I think it is clear he will never produce in MN. Pouliot was the same way, we all thought he was a lazy wuss who could not use his body to his advantage, but a change of scenery and a team that does not require him to play defensively and he is producing now.

  2. I wish they would just cut ties with Sheppard fast.

  3. Maybe this summer they will but I don't see how they think they can trade him at this point, he has barely played and has no value, you almost think they would have to go the waivers route, but I don't think they will. It will be interesting this summer because he is a RFA and due to the number of games he has played, he will probably be due a raise. The Wild braintrust would be retarded to even consider giving him a raise especially with all the other players who deserve raises for next year also being RFA as well as a long-term front-loaded contract for Koivu before the next CBA takes those away too. It will be interesting to see what they do in the coming weeks that is for sure. And why are they clearing two roster spots today? Do they have something in the works maybe?

  4. Another Robbie Earl story you can dive into.


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