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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Saturday's game between UND vs. WMU on UND Insider

Good new for UND hockey fans. This weekends games will between UND and Western Michigan University will be on CBS Sports Network on Friday night and on the webcast on Saturday night. You can watch the game by going to this link on Saturday night.
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tough week for Western Michigan Broncos

If you have been following college hockey on Twitter this week, it's been a very tough week for the Western Michigan hockey team. In a matter of a couple of day, WMU has lost two players. The first defection was incoming recruit Michael McCarron who decided to forgo his college eligibility and play for the London Knights in the OHL.

The other loss for the Broncos, was junior defenseman Garrett Haar, who was supposed to be a returning to WMU, but was released by the university. According to a press release from Western Michigan University, "Garrett has not lived up to his committment to his academics and his Bronco hockey teammates and we have decided to part ways with him," WMU coach Andy Murray.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Notre Dame not going to the NCHC.

Dame Notre Dame Fighting Irish logoImage via WikipediaWell it's official the NCHC will not be adding the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Like I have said in the past I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal for the NCHC. For the naysayers that think this a fatal blow to the newly formed NCHC are delusional, the NCHC is going to be a top league in college hockey and is home to 17 national titles (UND 7, DU 7, C.C. 2, UMD 1).

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The National Collegiate Hockey Conference announced today that it will launch its inaugural season in 2013-14 as an eight-team conference.
The eight institutions in the new Division 1 men's hockey conference are Colorado College, University of Denver, Miami University, University of Minnesota Duluth, University of Nebraska Omaha, University of North Dakota, St. Cloud State University and Western Michigan University.  St. Cloud State and Western Michigan accepted invitations to join the Conference on September 22 following a comprehensive process to identify additional members.  

"We are very confident with our decision and excited to move forward as a strong eight-team conference," said Brian Faison, Director of Athletics at North Dakota and the spokesperson for the Conference's Athletic Directors Committee.  "As we have stated many times, it is our goal to establish the National Collegiate Hockey Conference as the premier conference in men's hockey and there's no question in our minds that we are well positioned to do so with our membership.  We conducted a deliberate and exhaustive process that included consideration of adding more institutions.  In the end, we determined it is in the best interest of the Conference to proceed with our eight outstanding programs."

Dating back to the year 2000, the National Collegiate Hockey Conference boasts four NCAA National Champions, 14 NCAA Frozen Four appearances, 12 conference regular-season championships and 10 conference tournament championships.  All eight members were participants in the NCAA Ice Hockey Championship tournament in one or both of the last two seasons.

In addition to completing its membership, the National Collegiate Hockey Conference has been conducting a national search for its first commissioner and expects to have its top executive in place by the end of the calendar year.   
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday evening fodder.

Western Michigan Broncos athletic logoImage via WikipediaWhile I was on the Internet tonight I discovered a very interesting  blog post; If you haven't seen the blog post in question, it's worth a read. According to the Western Michigan beat writer David Drew, who has a very good beat writer blog I might add, Western Michigan doesn't pull any punches on what College Hockey league the athletic department  wants to be a member of. I would say that the the WCHA is WMU's second choice as far as hockey leagues go. The only thing I would tell the Western Michigan athletic department is I wouldn't burn the WCHA bridge just yet.
David Drew; --- The Broncos have a standing invitation from the newly merged CCHA/Western Collegiate Hockey Association, but it shouldn't be their top choice.

WMU has a chance to save a few travel dollars and enjoy quick and consistent success in the 2013-14 WCHA, a league of mostly Division II schools, but the move won't entice fans or bring the same national attention as the NCHC, which is also likely to have a better TV deal.

As a member of the NCHC, WMU would have to spend more on travel and pay nonleague foes more to come to Lawson. The Bemidji States of the world know their value in filling out opponents' schedule increases in 2013.

But by bringing in Murray, an NHL veteran, paying him top dollar ($300,000 annually) and keeping two critical assistants, WMU's commitment to hockey is clear.

"This university recognized that the potential, out of all of our sports, of getting to the Frozen Four and winning a national championship is very real, and the investment in that is very real," Beauregard said.

Brad Schlossman, the North Dakota hockey beat writer for the Grand Forks Herald, said he's heard around the NCHC that WMU is in the mix as a candidate for membership.
Smart Kid.... This from Charlie Walters aka Shooter, you can't make this stuff up.
One 16-year-old local hockey player who's headed for the U.S. National Development Program in Ann Arbor, Mich., said he's already narrowed his college choices to Minnesota-Duluth and North Dakota and is passing on the Gophers because they're moving to what he considers an inferior conference - the Big Ten - in 2013.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Broncos Approached By NCHC.... Again

Western Michigan Broncos athletic logoImage via WikipediaIn my opinion, I think that WMU would be a strong and attractive candidate for membership in the new National Collegiate Hockey Conference, if they're accepted for membership.

WMU; if they're asked to join the NCHC, Western Michigan University would be the biggest school in the new conference, the WMU Broncos are Division I in all sports and a member of the MAC like, Miami University... DU (WAC), UND (BSC), UNO (Summit) are all Division I schools as well. It has been said that the NCHC wants to be in a conference with like minded schools committed to college hockey, I think with the hiring of Andy Murray as head hockey coach of the Broncos proves that WMU is committed to Division I college hockey. 
Before the NCHC was formed, the league members had some brief discussions with Western Michigan about joining. Those talks cooled off though after Jeff Blashill moved on to the bright lights of the NHL.

The league has shown a renewed interest though with WMU's hiring of former NHL coach Andy Murray. According to the Kalamazoo Gazette, the NCHC recently sent a consultant to talk to the Broncos about a move to the new league.

The transition would certainly make sense for Western Michigan. The Broncos would be joining a league with the best teams from the WCHA and an old rival in Miami. At the same time, the league is working out a deal with Versus on a TV package, giving both added revenue and a larger television presence.

If the Broncos head west, the NCHC's final move would likely be to woo Notre Dame, making for a strong eight-team league.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WMU hockey scores critical style points with hiring of Andy Murray

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - OCTOBER 03:  Head Coach An...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeHere is an other interesting article on the hiring of Andy Murray. I do think by hiring a former NHL coach Andy Murray proves that Western Michigan is committed to their college hockey program. I think it also proves that WMU is  ready to make the next step to be a big time player on the national college hockey scene.

Former head coach Jeff Blashill got the WMU on the right track before leaving WMU after one season to join the Detroit Red Wings.

I have heard some say that Murray has never coached college hockey and that's true but he did serve as the head coach for Shattuck-St. Mary's School during the 1998–99 season.
KALAMAZOOWestern Michigan University did everything right last year in resurrecting its hockey program.

It added oomph to its commitment to the sport, struck gold in hiring its coach and then rewarded him handsomely when he delivered a season beyond anyone's dreams.

WMU, in the college hockey world, had arrived as a player. It was perfect timing, too, considering this summer of flux that's upsetting stomachs in a suddenly fragile sport.

Then the National Hockey League, the beloved Detroit Red Wings of all teams, robbed the Broncos of everything, tearing Jeff Blashill away earlier this month. It was a harsh reminder to a university that it has its limits.

Monday, WMU showed hockey — the NHL included — its growing teeth, flying in former St. Louis Blues and Los Angeles Kings coach Andy Murray to replace Blashill.

A news conference is scheduled for noon Tuesday.

This wasn't eye-for-an-eye retribution toward the NHL. But, perhaps for WMU, it feels a little like it — as satisfying as it is important. The Broncos' new currency — major program-like dollars (expected to be about $275,000 per year) — has lured a coach who would have been an unfathomable hire a year ago.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

WMU stepping up to the big time.

Andy Murray was the head coach of the Blues fr...Image via WikipediaWe kept hearing comments from the people associated with the NCHC that they wanted to form a college hockey conference with others that have the same level of commitment to college hockey. I think that Western Michigan University by hiring a big name coach like Andy Murray is making that commitment to  move their college hockey program to the next tier in the college hockey world.

Earlier this month at the NCHC's first press conference UND head hockey coach Dave Hakstol said, 'there is not a final number, it's a matter of being able to add the right programs, programs that fit the mentality and the mind set of the current six institutions.' I think that by hiring Andy Murray WMU is saying we are committed to college hockey and could become an attractive option for the NCHC.
KALAMAZOO — If Western Michigan University was looking for a big name hockey coach to fill the giant shoes left by Jeff Blashill, it's done so, hiring a coach it never could have lured a year ago.

WMU has hired longtime NHL head coach Andy Murray to lead its hockey program, according to multiple sources.

It's expected that Blashill assistants Pat Ferschweiler and Rob Facca will remain in their posts. Both are already under contract for next season.

WMU has scheduled a press conference for noon Tuesday at the Seelye Center to announce Murray's hiring as head coach.

The university has elected not to comment on the coaching situation until Tuesday.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Conference and Redwing77's Musings Part Two

Conference Teams Musings

When this was announced with Miami in the mix, I thought "Well, all eyes are now on Notre Dame." And then Coach Blashill left WMU. So, we're back to six looking at eight. I'm no longer certain that WMU is in the mix. Blashill would have made it a shoe in, and yeah, it's saying a lot that a coach can make a break a team's chances at conference alignment. So, where do we go?

I was thinking go get Notre Dame for #7 and perhaps SCSU or BSU for #8. Now, scratch SCSU out. I'm not sure why SCSU attracts so many weirdos in high administrative positions but Potter channeled Saigo and voila, welcome to Weirdoville. What's mystifying is that Gino Gasparini is advising SCSU. I would have thought that a positive towards inclusion. Guess Not. Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps SCSU wanted to be the big fish in the small pond instead of being maligned at times of being Minnesota's Jan Brady. SCSU fans will not be heard saying "Marsha Marsha Marsha!" in 2013-2014, that's for sure.

As for BSU, look at the intangibles: They've been very competitive as of late. They have a HIGH quality head coach in Serratore. They have brand new state of the art facilities. They have a positive rapport with the current Super League members (except Miami, of which BSU has a neutral stance). Also, without BSU, they only have one Minnesota school: tUMD.

I'd love to see Notre Dame and BSU round out the eight. I don't see going up to ten, which I'd think the next two teams would be WMU and... who? I'd say SCSU but... well...

League Name

Please please please please please please (how many more pleases can I say?) dump the name "College Hockey Super League." I hate it. It's too pretentious and arrogant. It's too bad the MCHA is taken (it's a DIII league) because the Midwest College Hockey Association would be a great name. Perhaps go back in time and call us the Western Collegiate Hockey League (WCHL)?

I keep up coming up with already existing hockey leagues. What do you all suggest?

League Leadership

I know Goon seems to think Gino Gasparini would be a shoe in for the new commissioner but I'm not so sure he'd take the job even if he was offered. He walked away from the USHL when the USHL was willing to give him whatever he wanted. He'd be a good candidate for sure, but I just don't see him taking it. I'm not connected enough with Hockey Administration to know who would be a good candidate to run this league.

I just hope they don't hire a politician to run the league like they did with McLeod. I guess if I wanted to be completely unrealistic, the person I'd love to have is Lou Lamoriello. He has been a DI head coach and he was the HEA Commissioner for a while before bolting for the NHL. However, Lou is as likely to leave New Jersey for this job as I am likely to leave Omaha to buy the LA Dodgers. I'll give McCourt $1000 for the team but otherwise I'm broke.

But on the side of Director of League Officiating.... I'd love the CHSL to adopt a pro style of officiating. Using NCAA and USA Hockey guidelines, the CHSL should be officiated as close to the NHL style as is realistically feasible. It is true that this would cause certain problems, namely compatibility with how other leagues call the game, but it still would be nice to be known as a league that competes with MJ, Europe, and the USHL when it comes to developing NHL caliber officiating talent. To do that, I think we should make a big splash... and go after arguably the most respected name in officiating: Bill McCreary. He may be Canadian, but that's hardly a drawback. He's available (he just retired). He knows hockey and how games SHOULD be called. The whole thing with USA Hockey is something that can be developed, especially since USA hockey is on the upswing and there are resources such as College Hockey, Inc. available to help. The bottom line, no one knows what an NHL style called game looks like and what good officiating talent looks like better than a guy who has been around the top tier of hockey for 20+ years.