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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mike Jacobs: Limit UND nickname vote to active athletes

In today's Grand Forks Herald, former Herald editor Mike Jacobs suggests that the current athletes pick the new UND nickname. I could live with that, but you're going alienate a bunch of fans. So, I don't see that happening.

Now, if they UND used this method to select a new nickname, there's a very good chance that we wouldn't end up with the moronic nickname Sundogs. Right?

Per the Grand Forks Herald.
The best, most credible constituency to vote on a new nickname is the university's active athletes.-- the people who will wear the name on the ice, on the field, on the track, in every athletic venue.

In other words, they are the one who will represent the university.

Their opinion matters more than the opinion of any other potential voters. I am speaking as three times eligible, as a North Dakotan, an alumnus and a UND donor.

I am willing to forfeit these interests in favor of a credible constituency that can bring an end to this long-running controversy. We've been arguing about the nickname and logo for 20 years. It's time to end the fight.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Redwing77's Endorsement and Prediction

by Redwing77

Let's Recap:

Nickname Committee failed in many ways (not all of the ways listed by Goon or myself, but I'm not going to sling mud at what is now a defunct committee).  There was, predictably, uproar about the omission of the "North Dakota" option.  President Kelley rebutted that he'll consider re-adding the option to the vote.  Stakeholders backed off.

The Prediction

President Kelley isn't going to be UND President in 4 months time.  He just has to keep the status quo until the new guy comes in.  It would not be unbelievable to have him drop something of a bit of a PR mess in the lap of the next President...especially if he feels that his replacement is someone who is a threat to his legacy.  Remember, pettiness runs hand in hand with bureaucracy.  Therefore, until it is actually re-added, I think his "consideration" of readding the "North Dakota" option will end with his consideration.  He will not re-add the "North Dakota" option to the ballot.  Here's the list of reasons why:

1.  He's afraid that the public will overwhelmingly vote for this option and force the past year or so to be considered a waste of time, energy, and worst of all, money.
2.  People aren't remember for changing nothing.  They're remembered poorly for only changing it partially.  It's all or nothing when it comes to politically motivated legacies.
3.  The mere consideration of doing so was simply just a PR ploy to get everyone just to back the hell off.

Let's face it.  UND has faced this type of thing before.  Charlie Murphy did the same thing.  He refused to allow his people to vote for the Fighting Sioux nickname, using hardships as an excuse, because he was afraid that his people would vote to approve the nickname.  It was an issue that could have been resolved (for or against) at his reservation with almost no effort nor time commitment.  But, it was indefinitely tabled.

If President Kelley and the University Senate (and the nickname committee) weren't concerned about the "North Dakota" option winning out and instead was simply out there to come up with a short list of acceptable nicknames based upon the parameters laid out by the NCAA and public opinion, this whole broohaha wouldn't have occurred.  There's no harm in having it an option on the ballot if there's no concern about the option winning.

My Endorsement and Recommendation

I am and always will be FOR the no nickname option.  It became that way when they eliminated "Spirit" from contention.  Up until that point, I was willing to look at multiple options (like being happy with something other than just "North Dakota").

Inevitably, my highly cynical and pessimistic outlook predicts that this option will not be available.

So what should we do?

My opinion is this:  Vote for "NoDaks."  It's a lame nickname, sure.  It doesn't even roll off the tongue as well as other options, sure.  But it is the easiest to co-opt and ignore.  Yup.  Vote for NoDaks and simply continue calling us North Dakota.  We cannot expect anything good to come out of the merchandise department nor expect the media to follow our wishes.  The media, in this case, will cover the scandal aspect until that blows over and then simply call UND whatever the UND administration wants UND to be called.

We, as students and alumni (and perhaps staff and faculty as well) can only control what we can control.  Students will eventually become alumni and alumni can do what they feel must be done.  Either shrug their shoulders and move on, or simply stop giving money and time to UND.

I hope common sense prevails and the PC agenda fails.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dave St. Peter on the 'No Nickname' Option for UND

If you haven't seen this, UND Nickname Committee member Dave St. Peter, Minnesota Twins president, gives his opinion on the North Dakota nickname option.

  Per Howard Sinker, Star Tribune.
St. Peter said he had two reasons for wanting to keep the no-nickname option. "I thought there was something incredibly powerful and unique about having the words 'North Dakota' stand alone without a nickname. I thought maybe this was a way to reinforce the heritage of the state. Others did not share it but it was something I got personally comfortable with watching our teams perform as 'North Dakota. The second reason was that it was clear to me from the constituency I represented (on the committee), the alumni base, felt very strongly about 'North Dakota' being an option -- and all of the public polling available seemed to indicate that North Dakota was clearly the popular choice. I wasn't comfortable eliminating it."

St. Peter added: "Some of the committee might disagree, but I think the politically correct thing to do was to eliminate 'North Dakota.' That was almost the sense I had, because of the connection to 'Fighting Sioux.' "

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Catch-22 of Political Entities aka Why the Nickname Committee is Doomed to Fail

by Redwing77

Goon asked me to turn my rather long winded comment into a blog post.  So, here it is, with a little more explanation:

It's sad that I say this about my alma mater but... I am beginning to think that this is Marquette all over again.

Brief Recap:  Marquette used to be known as the Warriors and were under as much (perhaps more) pressure to change the nickname.  The Board (including the University President) decided to change the nickname to "The Gold" away from the student and alumni supported nickname, "Golden Eagles."  The result was a firestorm of consternation and animosity towards the University by just about everyone.  Like typical politicians, the powers that be spoke of stunned confusion wondering why such a backlash ensued, as the nickname's unofficial nickname was "The Blue and Gold" and "The Gold" was simply a reference back to the school colors.  Needless to say, they quickly turned the nickname over to the alumni and students (they gave 10 options) and Golden Eagles was resumed.

The TRUTH:  The Fighting Sioux nickname is dead.  All those UND fans and alumni who say "Fighting Sioux forever" and other such claptrap are just flatout delusional.  I will side with the PC crowd in say "move on."  However, that's the ONLY thing I'll side with them about.

In any case, I wonder how much money UND is standing to lose over this whole thing.
It's funny.  Congresspeople often go against their constituency for a variety of reasons (usually due to special interest groups, riders on the bill that favors their constituency (see Bridge to Nowhere), or some sort of personal or party agenda) and though people gripe about it, they get over it because it may be for the better of the nation somehow and we, as the public, may not have all of the information they have.

This is NOT that case.  In the case of a nickname, it's an identity of the University's staff, faculty, students, athletes, and alumni (not to mention fans and supporting community) and it CAN be decided by popularity as long as the name that is selected follows the criteria set up by the overseeing body: in this case both the UND President and Board of Directors and the NCAA.

Sadly, at one point I looked up to Bridewell.  He was my advisor at UND and I really liked the man, but his comment in that article said it best:  "If we say no nickname, then Kelley might dissolve the committee."  The committee has tasted power and it has corrupted most of the committee.  This nickname is its legacy and they do not want to be seen as being sacrificed in the name of what the people want.  They want to make a change.  Let's call this "Myles Brand Syndrome."  They are making a change for the sake of making a change.  In political circles, it's called "political suicide." 

Not all of the committee is a farce, as you say.  There were a few, like St. Peters and Goehring, who understand what the TRUE purpose of the nickname committee is:  To produce a short, concise list of acceptable nicknames for the people to vote upon to help direct the future identity of the University.  Having UND/North Dakota on the ballot does not endanger the committee at all, as they'd also include their idiotic suggestions like Fighting Hawks (which I thought was eliminated from the final five), Sundogs, and the future lawsuit favorite North Stars.

Politically speaking, this is what the PC crowd tainted with liberalism truly represent.  The public at large is too clueless, racist, sexist, and ignorant to know what is best.  There needs to be an overriding authority to tell them what is best for them and to "guide" them towards "enlightenment."  Orwell, eat your heart out.

My guess that, if the vote isn't a hoax, people will now overwhelmingly vote in "NoDaks" and simply continue to use North Dakota.  It's what I'd do.

Sadly, I fear that the backlash will cost UND a LOT of money.  I wish I could find out how long Marquette was known as "The Gold" but it wasn't very long... perhaps less than 6 months.

So, Mr. Bridewell, what's better:  Be disbanded for standing up for what the public wants or being nullified in effigy a few months after your disasterous decision goes final when the University is forced to revisit the nickname due to massive loss of alumni support?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

President Kelley Will be Known for his Efforts on UND Nickname

There's a lot of news breaking on President Robert O. Kelley's retirement. Tom Dennis for the Herald has an interesting take on the Kelley retirement. One thing from Dennis' article that sticks out for me, Kelley's work on the Fighting Sioux nickname.
Tom Dennis, Grand Forks Herald -- First, there's the matter of the nickname and logo—in the case of Ben Brien's famous Fighting Sioux logo, the face of UND athletics.

UND's change to a new nickname and logo isn't yet complete. But it will be before many more months are out.

And when the new name and design finally are unveiled, Kelley will be there, as he'll be the author who'll get both the credit and the blame for this very significant chapter in the story of UND.
Right, wrong, or indifferent, Kelley will always be known for what he did and didn't do in regards to the Fighting Sioux nickname.

From my perspective, it appeared that Kelley wanted quickly to move away from the Fighting Sioux nickname. Honestly, he's no different than many progressives that make up college campuses. That's the nature of the academics. It's a very liberal field.

When I attended UND from 1993-1999, many of my professors railed against the Fighting Sioux nickname. I had one professor that called the Fighting Sioux nickname a red-faced minstrel. So, it's nothing new. Was it irritating to listen to. Yep.

Also, Kelley was accused of not putting up a fight to keep the Fighting Sioux nickname. Some have suggested he could have done some outreach to the Tribes and gotten approval to use the Fighting Sioux nickname. I don't know, but it appeared that Kelley wanted to move forward away from the Fighting Sioux nickname. Kelley is not the only one that wanted UND to drop the name.

Finally, I believe that UND had no choice but to move on and drop the Fighting Sioux nickname. With Kelley or without Kelley. If UND hadn't dropped the Fighting Sioux nickname, I don't think that there's any way that UND is in the Big Sky Conference. Moreover, the Summitt wasn't going to take UND with the Fighting Sioux nickname, either. It was a no win situation. Do I like the fact that the Fighting Sioux nickname is gone forever? Nope, not at all.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grand Forks Herald: UND to pay some student athletes cost of attendance and some living expenses

For now, UND hockey (and 18 female athletes from a sport to be determined) will be the only UND sport that is going to give grant-in-aid to their student athletes. The NCHC schools are going to be giving  out money and UND is following suit.
Anna Burleson , Grand Forks Herald -- Athletic Director Brian Faison said concrete numbers will be available "soon," but the school is working to figure out how much it will cost to pay students with what they're calling "full amended grant-in-aid."

This will include tuition, mandatory fees, room and board, books, and personal expenses like transportation and it’s a trend Faison thinks all National Collegiate Hockey Conference schools will follow.

"We know we'll have it for the fall, we just don't exactly know what the dollar amounts are going to be yet,” he said.
UND and the Big Sky schools aren't going to give grant-in-aid to their other sports team, not yet at least. If the Big Sky decided to follow suit, that would require some series fun raising for UND and the member schools.
For now, Faison said the school has no intention to provide amended grant-in-aid to other sports because it isn’t necessary to be competitive with other schools.

“At this point nobody in our conference (Big Sky Conference) has indicated an interest in pursuing that at this juncture,” he said. “That doesn't mean they won't and we'll have to monitor that.”

Friday, April 17, 2015

Grand Forks Herald: Fighting Sioux supporters still fighting

This past week, a group of Native American from the Standing Rock and Spirit Lake Tribes started a new social media campaign. UND is transitioning away from the Fighting Sioux nickname and is currently in the process of picking a new one.
Anna Burleson , Grand Forks Herald -- Supporters of UND's former Fighting Sioux nickname have begun a social media campaign to revive the name.

A video titled "The Sioux Were Silenced" was posted to YouTube Monday, starring Eunice and David Davidson, two avid and vocal supporters of the old name which was retired in late 2012 after a long legal battle involving the NCAA, lawmakers, university donors and the State Board of Higher Education.

"We believe there was an agenda by certain leaders in the state to rid the University of North Dakota of the Fighting Sioux name and make sure the Sioux people receive the blame," David Davidson said in the video.

Eunice Davidson also penned the book "Aren't We Sioux Enough?" that chronicles the eventual retirement of the name.

Currently, UND is gathering new nickname suggestions from the public with the intent to hold a public vote to choose a permanent nickname. The school has been playing simply as "UND/North Dakota" since the Fighting Sioux logo was retired and there is a possibility of keeping that as a permanent name as well
. This same story has also been posted on the WDAZ site as well.
A second video was released Tuesday about the name granting ceremonies featuring two Standing Rock tribal members Archie Foolbear and Robert Gates and Spirit Lake Tribe member John Chaske. The two daughters of the tribal official involved in a 1969 name granting ceremony also speak on the topic.

In the introduction video, the Davidsons also blame the Grand Forks Herald and The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, both owned by Forum Communications Co., for printing slanted articles against the old nickname.

"Since we started this fight we have seen the media, largely controlled by one entity, put out a completely one-sided message," Eunice Davidson said in the video. "Well in today's world, we don't have to rely on traditional media to get the truth out. We want to tell you what really happened from the Sioux's perspective through social media."

A Facebook page has also been created for the cause that as of noon Thursday had 7,494 likes.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

(Vine) Zane McIntyre's Shot on Goal

Last night, Zane McIntyre reminded me of former New Jersey Devils goalie Marty Brodeur with his attempt on net. The shot was stopped with a very high stick.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Quinnipiac's Brayden Sherbinin Hit on UND's Keaton Thompson


Here's the video for Quinnipiac's Brayden Sherbinin hit on Keaton Thompson. Sherbinin received a major for checking from behind. You can make your own decision on the hit.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

UND Press Conference. Hakstol and Pattyn

Well, another conference tourney is upon us. I really like the extra things the NCHC does during a season and during the conference tourneys. You get all of the video at this link.

Monday, March 16, 2015

UND leads Nation in Attendance for College Hockey Again

Since the 2005-06 season, UND has either lead or come in second for attendance in Division I College Hockey.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

UND WHKY: Border battle

Grand Forks, N.D. -- Rewind to Nov. 21 of last year and the North Dakota women's hockey was on a eight-game winless skid. The team was swept by the Minnesota Gopher powerhouse and the newly revitalized Bemidji State program. They had a loss and a tie against Wisconsin.

Nothing seemed to be going right at that point in the season. But since Dec. 12, the team has gone 8-1-1. Most recently tallying back-to-back sweeps of Ohio State and BSU. Last weekend North Dakota was able to pull off a in and tie against the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs.

The games that North Dakota has won as of late haven't been high scoring or glamorous, but the program has done enough of the right things to claw themselves back from sixth place in the WCHA to fourth.

The keys to UND's success have been the defense and being backstopped by junior goaltender Shelby Amsley-Benzie. Amsley-Benzie has allowed only four goals in the last six games and has three shutouts against nationally ranked opponents. She has also been named WCHA Defensive Player of the Week twice since the beginning of 2015.

Currently North Dakota trails Minnesota Duluth in the WCHA standings by three points and is ranked 10th in the Pairwise with only six games remaining in the regular season.

This weekend North Dakota will face rival Minnesota on Friday at 7:07 p.m. and Saturday at 4:07 p.m.. The Gophers are 17-1-4 with the lone loss to Bemidji in Nov. of last year. If UND plans to be successful this weekend against the Gophers they will need carry momentum from the past three weeks and have exceptional goaltending and defense.

UND is hoping to pack The Ralph and break last year's attendance record. Attendees will receive one of these ridiculously fun(ny) foam stick hats. Tickets are available for $1 at The Ralph box office.

Monday, January 19, 2015

UND Second in USCHO Poll Division I Men's Poll

January 19, 2015

(First Place Votes)
Last Poll
Minnesota State
18- 4-1
North Dakota
( 7)
16- 5-2
Boston University
13- 4-4
( 1)
11- 3-2
15- 5-3
Bowling Green
14- 4-4
13- 8-1
15- 6-3
14- 8-0
Michigan Tech
16- 7-1
13- 7-1
15- 6-2
11- 4-2
13- 6-2
14- 7-1
13- 7-0
11- 7-2
14- 8-1
Boston College
13- 8-2
15- 8-1
Others receiving votes: Robert Morris 45, Western Michigan 5, Penn State 2, Mercyhurst 1.

The latest USCHO.COM poll is out. Five NCHC teams are in the top-15 spots.

Monday, January 12, 2015

WHKY: North Dakota splits with Syracuse

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- North Dakota came out of winter break in non-convference action against Syracuse University. By the final buzzer on Sunday afternoon UND earned a split on the weekend.

It took the first 20 minutes of Saturdays's game for North Dakota to work out the rust from break. With tired 'Cuse players on the ice, Gracen Hirshy scored the first goal of the game.

During the second period UND was able to hold the Orange to four shots on goal. North Dakota maintained the lead and dictate the majority of play for the remainder of the game.

Former Warroad Warriors teammates Layla Marvin and Kayla Gardner both found the scoresheet. This included a two-goal game for Marvin who potted an empty net goal with under a minute remaining in the game.

North Dakota got off to a strong start on Sunday, but ended the first period with a one-goal deficit when The Orange scored on the power play at the 6:42 mark. There were no shortage of chances in the form of odd-player rushes and open nets, but UND was never able to capitalize.

The lone goal for North Dakota came after they were able to tire Syracuse after a power play in the second. As time dwindled on the clock during the third period the pressure mounted. "Kids started gripping their sticks and it was brutal," head coach Brian Idalski said.

North Dakota will resume WCHA conference play when they meet with the WCHA third-ranked, Ohio State Buckeyes this coming weekend. OSU left the weekend with a sweep over the St. Cloud State Huskies.

Friday, January 09, 2015

WHKY Weekend Preview: Green & White meets Orange

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- UND women's hockey returns to play against Syracuse this weekend at the Ralph Engelstad Arena for an afternoon Saturday-Sunday series. The non-conference series will be the first time the teams have met in program history.

UND heads into second-half action after a road sweep of RIT.  "We finished stronger than we started. Hopefully we can carry that and be stronger when the play-offs come around," Andrea Dalen said.

This weekend they will focus on containing Syracuse Orange's leading scorers Stephanie Grossi and, fellow freshman, Alysha Burriss. Prior to Saturday's series opener, the Orange are coming off of a 2-0 loss to Colgate.

Look for North Dakota to attempt to carry some momentum and building blocks from the first half of the season. "We want to see a lot more wins, obviously," head coach Brian Idalski said. "I think structurally we're much better. Talent wise, development of some of our younger kids being comfortable within their role."

North Dakota gets underway tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.. Live audio can be heard (free) at UND Sports Tickets are available at the REA box office: adults $7, youth $5 and UND students free with student ID.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

WHKY: UND sweeps the Huskies under the rug and heads to Madison

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- The University of North Dakota women's hockey team picked up their first home sweep of the season over St. Cloud on Sunday.

The sweep didn't come easy. Although UND held the lead for the entire game, the Huskies outperformed themselves from their Saturday afternoon showing. UND was able to hold onto a 3-1 lead to cap off the weekend before heading to Madison, Wisconsin .

North Dakota goes into their Friday and Sunday series against WCHA top-ranked Wisconsin with a three-game unbeaten streak. In their first meeting this season UND settled for a tie and a loss.

The team hopes to ride their recent momentum into this weekend. "I think we have to score early and keep the lead, and play smart like we have been," jr., forward Becca Kohler said. "Now that we have a few games under our belt we're feeling more confident."

Head coach Brian Idalski said that he anticipates a high pace, high intensity series against the Badgers. North Dakota hopes to snap Wisconsin's 10 game unbeaten streak and five game shutout streak.

North Dakota will play Wisconsin Friday at 3:07 p.m. and Sunday at 2:07 p.m.. Web audio streaming can be heard here. For more information and game day notes visit

Sunday, November 30, 2014

WHKY: North Dakota takes advantage of St. Cloud's woes

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- St. Cloud State University's Lexi Slattery scored late in the third ending the longest scoreless streak in program history. It was too late. North Dakota put up five goals before the shutout ended and tacked on another 21 seconds after Slattery's goal.

Gracen Hirschy, who had two goals on the night, started the scoring around six minutes into the first on an even strength goal. "[We] wanted to play with a lead. That's been very important to us; to get a bit of a cushion and have teams have to open up," head coach Brian Idalski said.

During the second Jakobsen ended her own 11-game scoreless streak by scoring a pair of goals before the game ended. "That's someone that we needed to produce and we're looking for to carry us a little bit," Idalski said. "Getting her to shoot the puck and have her playing with confidence is huge for us going forward."

UND finished yesterday with a dominating 6-1 win, holding St. Cloud to three shots on goal during the first and five in the second. UND carried most of the play throughout the entire game keeping the Huskies in defensive territory.

"I think winning gives you confidence and a lot of things are clicking for us. Systems wise and execution wise we're really doing what we need to do," sophomore defense Halli Krzyaniak said.

North Dakota hopes to carry that momentum into today's game while looking for its first home sweep of the season. UND will host the Huskies in the series finale today at 2:00 p.m. at the Ralph Engelstad Arena.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Providence Journal: #5 Friars ready for rough-and-tumble series at #3 North Dakota

Interesting take on what the Providence College Friars are expecting from UND. I think this is going to be a highly entertaining series between two talented teams.

Honestly, I don't see UND checking the Friars out of the building, but UND does seem to play more of physical game than they did last season.
Mark Divver, Providence Journal -- Fifth-ranked Providence College (1-1) is expecting a very physical two-game series when it visits third-ranked North Dakota (3-1) this weekend for the first time since President Reagan’s second term in office.

Playing in front of a big crowd in a hostile environment will be a test for the Friars.

“I always think you want to challenge yourself. We’ve done that every year. It’s going to be a great environment. We know it’s going to be great hockey. We want to make sure we’re playing our best,’’ coach Nate Leaman said.

The Friars – who were beaten, 6-4, in November 1987 on their last visit to Grand Forks — will be without center Mark Jankowski (shoulder) and defenseman Tom Parisi (shoulder), neither of whom made the trip. Co-captain Noel Acciari (ribs) is questionable, though he did travel with the team.

Defensemen John Gilmour (lower body) and Kyle McKenzie (disciplinary reasons) are expected to be in the lineup for the first time this season. Also due to return is Nick Saracino, who was held out of last week’s exhibition game against the U.S. National Team Developent Program U-18s for precautionary reasons.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

USCHO:Keaton Thompson Picked as one of 10 Impact Defensemen for 2014-15

Check it out.
Keaton Thompson, North Dakota sophomore

Thompson got off to a slow start as a freshman, sitting out as a healthy scratch for all but one of North Dakota’s first 10 tilts. Once he got his chance, however, he made the most of it, racking up an impressive plus-14 rating and showing signs of developing into the shutdown defenseman that prompted Anaheim to make him a third-round pick in 2013.

His offensive production was modest (3-8–11) but respectable considering that he didn’t really see the ice until after Christmas.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Grand Forks Herald Opinion: For UND teams, ‘North Dakota’ works just fine

This was in the today's Grand Forks Herald Letters to the Editor. I couldn't agree with him more with Hal and Kathy. While some want to rush to find a new nickname. There's nothing wrong with just being "North Dakota"... I can guarantee, that nothing  the nickname committee comes up with is going to be better than this option. Cue the Sun Dogs nickname. I don't think so.
We disagree with the editorial position of the Herald, which encourages UND to “pick up the pace” in finding a name for its sports teams (“UND should get after a new nickname,” Page A4, July 31).
The Herald calls UND’s process “tepid,” “timid” and “meek,” claiming the university is “tiptoeing around the issue.”
We think this is harsh criticism. We imagine the university is the least anxious of all to resuscitate the arguments that separated the pros from the cons. The statewide vote to drop the name Sioux was a concession that the NCAA forced on the public, but the vote was hardly a signal that people were ready to “move on.”
The Herald might be ready for another dust-up, but few others of us are.
What is more, as supporters of the Sioux name, we believe the Herald’s suggestion of finding a name that is “powerful,” “inspiring” and “recognizable” is a little naive. The fact is, there isn’t a single, solitary animal or bird totem or color (such as “Crimson”) that would serve as an adequate replacement for the name Sioux.
That was a name known and respected by all, one that immediately conveyed a sense of power and inspired players to greatness.
We suggest that UND continue the name “North Dakota” for its teams. Nothing more. No changes needed. It says who team players are, and it includes the campus community, the local, state and regional fans.
And it is, on its own merits, also a powerful name, easily recognized nationally and inspirational in its successes.So, let’s not spend any time or energy to select a new nickname. The UND fight song lyrics already say, “... fight on North Dakota!”Sounds great to us.
Hal and Kathy Gershman
Grand Forks