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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Explanation of the Ref's action following DU's Nick Shore hit to the head of UNH Kevin Goumas

I don't think anyone has a problem with the penalty, it was a hit to the head, I am fine with that call. I am not fine with the on-ice officials going over to the penalty box and reviewing the game film and then throwing Nick Shore out of the game. I am not an apologist for DU Hockey or Nick Shore either and I hope that UNH's Kevin Goumas is okay.

The fact that they went to the penalty box, after-the-fact, and watched the video and then threw Nick Shore out of the game, that's my bone of contention, especially when not one official's arm is in the air. That's what people have a problem with. It's not a conspiracy.

I am not sure why ESPNU think's it's there job to excuse the on-ice officials either? ESPNU can explain it anyway they want, the video confirms what happened on the ice.

Seriously, go back and watch the video again, the play went on for quite some time after the hit, the Pioneers maintained possession of the puck, which makes their explanation questionable. There were no arms in the air by any of the on-ice officials.
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Friday, November 09, 2012

BU Defenseman sophomore Alexx Privitera to sit versus Merimack

BU defenseman Alexx Privitera made mention to the fact during the post game scrum after Saturday night's game that there had been an incident between Privitera and a UND fan by the penalty box area during Friday's game and now Privitera will sit for their game against Merrimack on Friday night.

Apparently, BU Head coach Jack Parker is big on respect and doesn't hesitate to suspend a player for this type of thing. Last Friday, BU defenseman Ben Rosen sat out after the now famous tweet, where he tweeted upon arriving in Grand Forks, "Just landed in North Dakota...nothing out here but 4 points."

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