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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Teddy Bridgewater Injured in Practice

Coming into the season, the Minnesota Viking had high hopes of making a deep run into the NFL playoffs. Some have said that the Vikings have the talent to win the Super Bowl. Well, today, those hopes might of have been crushed. The Vikings starting quarterback went down to a non-contact injury.
Per Rotoworld --- Bridgewater went down in a heap, and his teammates immediately called for the trainer. According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, players were cursing and throwing their helmets. They gathered around Bridgewater in prayer. The scene was described as "complete shock." The Vikings canceled practice and an ambulance was summoned. Obviously, it has the looks of a potentially season-ending injury, which would be a devastating blow even considering Bridgewater's game-managing ways. Journeyman veteran Shaun Hill is the next man up on the depth chart.
Wow! This could end very badly for the Vikings.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

The NFL Needs to Suspend Lamarcus Joyner

I am still fuming about this hit three hours after the game. There's no excusing Lamarcus Joyner's dirty, unnecessary hit on Minnesota Viking quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. You have a quarterback that is sliding and a defensive player that decides that he's going to light up a vulnerable player anyways.

I think this hit deserves a suspension, and I surprised that Joyner wasn't kicked out of the game. This is dirty no matter how you sliced it. Joyner hit Bridgewater in the facemask with his elbow. If you watched the game today, you would have seen that Teddy was knocked out on the hit. Joyner was given an unnecessary roughness penalty, but it's not enough in my opinion.

Obviosuly, the Vikings head coach is unhapy with the dirty hit.

"I would say that if we were out on the street, we would probably would have had a fight," Zimmer said.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PFT: Vikings Lead NFL In Arrests Over the Last Five Years

Kind of a dubious honor.  It also doesn't surprise me, not in the least.

Per Pro Football Talk:
According to data compiled by former San Jose Mercury News reporter Mike Rosenberg, the Vikings are leading the way with 18 arrests the last five years.

They’re followed by the Broncos (16), the Colts and Buccaneers (13 each) and the 49ers (12).

At the other end of the spectrum, the Texans come in last with just one, and they cut rookie defensive tackle Brandon Ivory within days of his arrest in Alabama.

The Chargers, Giants and Panthers are tied for next-to-last with three each, and the Dolphins and Saints are next with four. The Patriots are among the teams next with five, even though one of theirs was the double-murder conviction for former tight end Aaron Hernandez.
That being said, this is nothing to be proud of. Not an honor that the Vikings want to have.
There have been 260 NFL player arrests over the last 260 weeks (5 years). New team-by-team arrest breakdown: — Mike Rosenberg (@RosenbergMerc) August 10, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Adrian Peterson has two Choices

In the never ending, sad, saga, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer spoke about the team's awol, star running back today. Shall we say that he has options, Peterson can play for the Vikes or he can sit on the sideline. In a nut shell, the spoiled brat can honor his contract or not play in the NFL at all. I think this is awesome. Bravo coach Zimmer.

I am sorry, I just don't feel sorry for AP, he made this mess, not the Vikings. In my opinion, the Viking did nothing wrong, Adrian Peterson did. I am tired of these athletes that act poorly in their private lives and then turn around and act like he's the victim. You make 10 million dollars a year to play a kids game. You abused your child, you should be banned for life. If I was the commissioner of the NFL you punishment would have been harsher than what you received.  (Link to the evidence)
Conor Orr, NFL.COM -- Now that the draft is over, so is most of the trade speculation surrounding Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Both sides have spent the offseason digging in their heels for what looks like a bitter tug-of-war with no ending in sight.

Play NFL Fantasy Football!

And on Wednesday, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer drew a line in the sand.

"He's really got two choices: He can play for us. Or he cannot play," Zimmer told the assembled media at offseason workouts.

Peterson, of course, has not made himself available for any of the Vikings' voluntary offseason workouts so far. Zimmer also added that Peterson gave no indication as to when he'll make it up north and put his old uniform on again.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Minnesota Vikings Humor?

I couldn't resist, it would actually be funny, if I wasn't a Minnesota Vikings fan/apologist. They absolutely suck, they're horrible. First Leslie Frasier should be fired and sent packing. Blow the team up.

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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Pontifications: What ails you

Thoughts on the UND Football team getting run out of the building 55-17 by the Montana Griz. Vikings defense looks brutal today as well. Is it time for a change? Does UND football need to fire the head coach?  UND nation is not happy today after UND's loss last night.

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Monday, September 09, 2013

Adrian Peterson takes it 78-yards for the Touch Down

I would say that this was a "good way" for the Minnesota Viking to start their season. This is the Vikings first play from scrimmage, a 78-yard touchdown run for All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson.

Peterson would be shut down the rest of the way as he would rush 17 more time and only gain 15 yards. The Detroit Lions were relentless and shut down the running game for the Minnesota Vikings the rest of the way.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Links

College Hockey: Providence Goalie Giles making impression on the Flames. [Herald Hockey]

Thieves make off with Roberto Luongo’s tires, leave him with useless tire pump [Pass it to Bulis]

From the soon to be Brooklyn Islanders… Islanders' run of fan torture is unparalleled [The Sporting News]

Penguins Star Evgeni Malkin has a year left on his contract with the Penguins.. The Stars deny tampering with Penguins' Evgeni Malkin [CBC.CA]

Vikings News: Key stadium decisions put on hold until stadium authority reviews Wilf lawsuits and finances [Star and Tribune]

30 Teams, 30 days…. UND’s Jordan Schmaltz is ranked sixth for Blues prospects. [NHL.COM]

CHL president David Branch: Eliminating import players ‘never been discussed’ [Buzzing the Net]

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jarius Wright catch, Vikings get call to go their way

Minnesota receiver Jarius Wright catches the deflected pass from Christian Ponder or does he? After further review it appears that the refs blew the call. Green Bay didn't have any challenges left.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Former Sioux football players Jim Kleinsasser weighs in...

Jim Kleinsasser, while a member of the Minneso...Image via WikipediaFormer Fighting Sioux tight end Jim Kleinsasser weighs in on the Fighting Sioux logo issue. Like I have said in the past, as soon as today's meeting is over between the NCAA and the North Dakota delegation I think we will see a move away from the Fighting Sioux logo because UND can not jeporidize their membership in the Big Sky Conference.
MANKATO, Minn. — The Fighting Sioux nickname has no doubt been a loud issue in the NCAA, but it has also resonated into the National Football League.

Minnesota Vikings tight end and former University of North Dakota standout Jim Kleinsasser has been keeping up with the ongoing debate that has been swirling around the campus he once roamed, and though he was always proud of the nickname, the 1998 team captain stated that it might be time to turn the page.

“It’s sad to see it go and I wish it wasn’t,” said Kleinsasser regarding his alma mater’s nickname. “But if it’s going to keep us out of the Big Sky, then we just have to move on and go with it.”
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Monday, May 09, 2011

Good News for Vikings fans; Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Minneapolis Produces A Plan

This is the latest from the state of Minnesota on the Vikings stadium. Hopefully; we will get the new Vikings stadium details worked out soon so the Minnesota Vikings fans won't have to worry about hearing any more rumors about the Vikings relocating to another city.
Just days after Ramsey County announced that they were very close to a deal with the Minnesota Vikings to bring the team's proposed new stadium to the site of the old Army Ammunition Plant in Arden Hills and the Farmer's Market site near Target Field took themselves out of consideration, it sounds like the city of Minneapolis might want in on the action after all.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the city of Minneapolis will announce a proposal today to build a new Vikings' stadium on the site where the Metrodome currently sits, and says that the city will pick up 25% of the cost. This comes with just two weeks left in the 2011 Minnesota Legislative Session.

The Star-Tribune is reporting that the plan would use sales taxes from the city's convention center, and would also provide money for renovations to the Target Center, the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday afternoon pontifications.

After watching great professional and college hockey all weekend long I must say that the Minnesota Viking’s effort this afternoon was a buzz kill. Words like atrocious and brutal come to mind, you can also classify today's effort as an EPIC FAIL. For the life of me I have no Idea why the Vikings owner Ziggy Wilf keeps Brad Childress around. I don’t’ buy the argument that the impending work stoppage has a factor in this.

Vikings fans just think every time the aging and broken down Brent Favre throws another interception (and there have been many this season) that that Viking paid 12+ million dollars for that stiff. What is even more discerning is watching the Viking’s players act like a bunch of spoiled Prima Donnas on the side lines, stop pointing fingers at each other and play some football, your professional athletes start acting like professionals. I am having a hard time believing that the Vikings couldn’t have found a better quarter back for less than 12 million dollars a season. I will take Michael Vick and his antics over this buffoon. I bet Michael Vick isn’t sending raunchy text messages of his member to female employees of the Eagles. I know my dog will never forgive me, but can the Vikes sign Vick and send T-Knuckle and Favre down the road?

Also, the Viking secondary is so poor or porous that it couldn’t cover a receiver from a semi professional league let alone a team from Division III. The Tampa cover 2 defense or what you cant to call it now, is no longer working for the Vikings. The Packers receivers were blowing by the Vikings defenders like they were back pedaling in cement. I am not so sure the Viking secondary could cover me with my blazing speed.

Since I can’t stomach thinking about the Minnesota Vikings football team anymore I thought I would share a few things that I found from the UNO beat writers blog.
Both Blais and UND coach Dave Hakstol downplayed their prior relationship leading up to the series. But you know it was significant for Hakstol to win Friday's opener (there are a good number of North Dakota knuckleheads who are super-critical of Hakstol and refuse to acknowledge how well he's done in succeeding Blais). You also know that Blais, without question, wanted Saturday's series finale to prove his new team could get the better of his old team. Blais' Mavs now are 3-1 in four games against UND and Minnesota. It's a meaningful feat for the coach. And it was no coincidence that Blais, without prompting, offered up this quote -- and said it with purpose -- during Saturday's postgame press conference: “I have a lot of pride in North Dakota. But I have more pride in these guys (at UNO).”

There were rumblings late Saturday night about UNO being offsides on the rush that resulted in Hudson's goal. But when you watch the video, it was way too close to call as it unfolded at game speed. It's the type of play that only becomes apparent when you freeze video or play it in slow motion. By no means was it a glaring blown call (it'd be quite the stretch to call it a blown call at all). The linesman was jumping over the puck as Ambroz moved into the zone along the boards. Most telling, Hakstol and North Dakota's players didn't make an issue of it after the game.

If I was one of leaders on the Fighting Sioux hockey team I would put this picture up in the locker room and keep it there to remind them on how this series against the Mavericks ended. The picture was taken in the lobby of the Quest Center in Omaha after the game. "The UNO hockey team sings the UNO fight song in the lobby of the Qwest Center after a thrilling last second 1-0 victory over North Dakota Saturday evening."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild to be tougher this season?

In reading Michael Russo's blog it appears that the Wild have found a decent replacement for their one dimensional stone handed goon Derek Boogaard that took the big money and the bright lights of New York. Reading this makes me happy.
The players got more and more crabbier as the scrimmage went on. Staubitz, taking exception to a hard hit from roster hopeful Justin Falk, dropped the gloves with the big defenseman. Remember, Staubitz, acquired for a draft pick from San Jose on the day of the NHL Awards ceremony (I remember because I was in Vegas), has had 20 fights in 82 NHL games.

Staubitz is a tough, good skating cookie, and he's only played forward for two years after spending his entire junior and minor-league career at defense. The one great strength of the Wild this year should be those third and fourth lines with good skating, hard-working guys like Nystrom, Staubitz, Kyle Brodziak, Cal Clutterbuck, John Madden and as of now Chuck Kobasew.

After further review the Vikings and Favre suck

I know this is a hockey focused blog for the most part but I am not happy with the Vikings play to date this season. In fact I wasted another afternoon watching a listless effort by the guys in purple. I think it's going to be a reoccurring theme this season. Earlier this summer when I looked at the Viking’s schedule I told a co-worker that the Vikings are going to go 5-11 this season. I didn't think they would go out and immediately try to prove me right.

I think the problem with the Vikings is the drama queen Brett Favre, It’s no mystery that Favre is a was a good player during his day but I think that his selfishness is finally catching up with the Vikings. Favre again missed all of the two a day training camp and after the two a day practices were finally over, the Prima Donna decided that he was well enough to practice with the team. I think after watching the past two weeks, I think Favre should have spent more time in Mankato and less on the farm back in Mississippi.

During the first quarter the Vikings had a chance to kick a field goal and take the three points, Favre waved the punting team off and the Vikings went for it. The Vikings didn’t get the fourth down and the ball was turned over on downs, that was a defining moment in the game. I blame Childress for that, because he is the coach and he should have taken the easy three points without even thinking twice.

I would actually take a losing season if we could get rid of Brad Childress. I am sick and tired of athletes getting paid a lot of money to put a poor effort on the field. What do you do? The Vikings have spent millions on a championship caliber defense and offense and they can't beat crappy team like Miami.

Lastly, when you in the Red Zone you can not turn the ball over two to three times, that is unacceptable. Also, when you have you opponent inside their one yard line, you can not allow yourself to give up a 50+ yard run, that's unacceptable, defensively, you pin your ears back and try to get a safety or force a three and out punt.