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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jake Gardiner signs Five-Year Contract Extension with the Leafs

Matt Frattin's Maple Leaf teammate Jake Gardiner just inked a five-year, 20.25 million dollar contract.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Jim Ross calls Matt Frattin's hit on Kevin Wehrs

A little blue bird sent me this video. I predict that you won't see any hits like this during the 2014 Frozen Four. My neck and back hurt just watching that video. This was one of the most violent hits I have ever seen.
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Friday, November 08, 2013

LA Kings Matt Frattin fights Tyler Myers after a legal hit

This is one element that I don't like about the NHL. Whenever someone is hit with a nice crisp, hard, legal bone jarring check, there has to be a fight. This doesn’t even appear to be that hard of a check. Whatever happened to taking a number and hitting them later in the game? It’s called taking the license plate of the truck that hit you.  I think this is one instance where the instigator penalty needs to be given out more. Don't get me wrong I like a good fight. My nickname is goon.

Watch this hit,  Los Angeles Kings forward Matt Frattin is making a shoulder-to-shoulder hit on  Buffalo Sabres center Cody McCorrmick. If you watch the video, it doesn't appear that Frattin hits McCormick in the head, he comes close, but there doesn't appear to be any contact with the Buffalo center’s head. We can debate this point if you want, but take a look at the video. 

Mind you McCormick is no small guy at 6'2 224 pounds and Frattin is the smallest of the three guys at 5'11 and 187 pound and he holds his own against Tyler Myers who is 6'6" 194. Maybe Myers is just mad because his team is 3-14? I don’t know.

Here's what I said over on Sioux Sports and I stand by it. "Myers comes over and challenges him to a fight and Frattin pounds him. Myers gets an extra two for holding. The Sabres are becoming a laughing stock."
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Former UND Standout Matt Frattin traded to the LA Kings (RW77)

LA @ Van, Round 1 of Stanley Cup Playoffs
LA @ Van, Round 1 of Stanley Cup Playoffs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Former UND standout Matt Frattin is now joining former UND standout Matt Greene in Los Angeles.  Frattin was traded as part of a trade that involved Toronto and LA.

The trade as it is written sends Frattin and former Cornell goaltender Ben Scrivens (and a 2nd round pick in 2014 or 2015) to Los Angeles for Jonathan Bernier, a goaltender who has spent his entire career thus far as a backup.

Bernier had a great year backing up Quick but it is apparent that Quick isn't about to be usurped and that his Stanley Cup performance was more the norm rather than Giguere-esque.  Scrivens is young and, at least at this point, seemed destined to be a good career backup goaltender.  Frattin has had 27 points (15g-12a) in his 82 game NHL career thus far.

Who Won?

I think Bernier is the winner in this trade.  He now comes into a fluid goaltending situation in Toronto and can more than likely take over.

Who Lost?

It's a toss up between Frattin and Toronto incumbent goaltender James Reimer.  Frattin was getting a ton of chances with Toronto and it's not all that guaranteed with Los Angeles.  Who knows if Frattin will stick in the NHL next season with LA when he suredly would have with Toronto.

As for Reimer, he sits at home having thought that Toronto was high on him.  He did do a lot for Toronto this year after all and he is young.  So Toronto goes out and acquires another young goaltender.  Bernier isn't being acquired to ride the pine.  In the end, I believe this amounts to a slap to the face to Reimer.  The NHL is a business and sometimes the business is harsh.
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Matt Frattin goal against the Capitals...

Seems like former Fighting Sioux forward Matt Frattin gets a lot of goals within 3-5 feet of the goal. Frattin got the game winner for the Leafs as they beat the Washington Capitals 3-2.  It proves the point that good things happen if you go hard to the net. Frattin (4g-2a—6pts) is tied for second on the Maple Leafs in scoring with Nikolai Kulemin (1g-5a—6pts).

Lastly, this is a text book example of a poor effort by the Washington Capitals defense as they looked like a bunch of pylons as the Leafs skated right past them.  It would be an understatement to say that the Capitals  as they were flat footed on that play.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Afternoon pontifications

My impression on the weekend … On Friday, UND came out flat against a very good team and they got beat, there is no other way to sugar coat this.  I don’t think that anybody in UND’s locker room was happy with the results. Neither were the fans.
After the game the head coach was physically upset and didn’t say much in the postgame press conference. You can see his comments here if you haven’t seen them yet.
I think on Saturday that the guys in green and white did a very good job flushing Friday’s subpar effort and they were the better of the two teams on the ice all game long. North Dakota doubled up the Huskies in shots, but they were still unable to get anything past Ryan Faragher, who was rock solid all weekend long.
On Saturday night after the game, I told Mick Hatten beat writer from the Saint Cloud Times that I think SCSU is one of the better teams that I have seen in person this season. I truly believe that, the Huskies are pretty solid defensively and through the forward lines. They Huskies also have a good fore check and generate a lot of opportunities off of their opponent’s turnovers.
Perusing the messages boards and twitter, I see fans post that say that that losing to SCSU is unacceptable and that the Huskies are not a very good hockey team. Personally, I think those comments are short sighted, and I am going to disagree with that opinion. The Huskies are the first team since the 2008 season to sweep the Denver Pioneers in a weekend series.
While I don’t like watching UND lose to the Huskies, I do think we need to give credit where credit is due, the Huskies are not a bunch of talentless hacks and will be a force at the end of the season, baring injuries to key players.
 If UND doesn’t play the Huskies again this season, I won’t be disappointed.
While this isn’t earth shattering news, I do think that SCSU is probably going to win the WCHA this year, unless they have a total collapse, and baring a bunch of serious injuries. I am also admit, that it pains me to say that.  At the beginning of the season, I had UND winning the league in the Blogger Poll run by A Tradition of Excellence.
Saint Cloud State is a very good hockey team and if you don’t come and play well against them, they will bury you. You can’t take a shift off against a good team like the Huskies. During the game on Friday, UND took all but six minutes off.
The Huskies also have a pretty good freshman class that has paid dividends on the ice for the Huskies.
On the freshman that stuck out last weekend was freshman forward Jonny Brodzinski. The Huskies rookie Brodzinski scored (2g-1a—3pts) on the weekend and was the difference in Friday’s game. SCSU head coach Bob Motzko thinks very highly of his young forward and even compared him to former Sioux power forward Matt Frattin.
What is really interesting is that Brodzinski scored (11g-13a—24pts) in 64 games with the Fargo Force last year now is now tied for third with UND  forward  Rocco Grimaldi (9g-11a—20pts) for 20th overall in WCHA rookie scoring for all games with (11g-9a—20pts).
Fire Hakstol!!!
I have seen a few people that are dissatisfied with the status of the UND coaching staff. Last season, people were unhappy with Carey Eades, and wanted Brad Berry Back. Now that assistant coach Brad barry is back, I see fans that want coach Eades back.
I do get the anger, no one in the UND fan base likes seeing what transpired over the past two weekends,  but that’s hockey, even the Boston Bruins that won the Stanley Cup, had a short period where they lost  a couple of untimely games and had losing streaks.
Even the 2010-11 team, that went to the Frozen Four, and finished third over-all had a rough stretch where they lost three out of four games during the month of October. The Fighting Sioux also went 5-3 during the month of January as well during the 2010-11 season.
I also think that we need to put thing in perspective. UND isn’t going to fire Dave Hakstol, that’s a fact.  Last spring, coach Hakstol signed an extension for six years and he currently has five years left on his deal.
I will also, predict that UND isn’t going to buy coach Hakstol out at $300,000.00 a year. Honestly, I can’t imagine that UND has 1.5 million dollars just laying around to buy him out. Let’s just say that UND fired him, who would they replace him with. That would also set the program back 2-4 seasons; they would also lose a fair number of the recruits that are already committed to UND.  
Like it or not, Hakstol isn’t going anywhere, I can assure you that.
Personally, I am a fan of Dave Hakstol and I think that sooner rather than later UND is going to win another title. Just a gut feeling.
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Video from game one UND vs. SCSU

The video speaks for it's self. Not a good effort by the boys in the green and white last night, and players are standing around and watching SCSU make plays.

For those that want coach Dave Hakstol fired, I would say lets see how the boys respond tonight before you march on the Ralph with pitch forks and torches. I kid, but last night was a hard game to watch, there were a lot of things that went wrong, the video speaks volumes as well. I get it, but the head coach is going no where.

I think that Johnny Brodzinski is making a serious case for Rookie of the year in the WCHA, the kid is a horse an the coach of the SCSU Huskies compared him to former Fighting Sioux forward Matt Frattin.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Matt Frattin's slick goal against the Islanders

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Matt Frattin didn't make the Maple Leafs roster out of camp but was the first one called up with the injury to Joffrey Lupul. Frattin was called up and dressed for tonight's game. One could say that Frattin made the most of his 2013 NHL season debut scoring(1g-2a--3tps).
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't forget to vote in the Greatest Sioux Jersey Tournament

The Greatest Sioux Jersey Tournament being held by the Sioux Jersey Blog has now narrowed the field from 16 to 8. Go to the Sioux Jersey Blog and click on the link to go vote for your favorite Fighting Sioux Jersey. [Click to vote]

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book Review: One Goal, From a UND Hockey Fan's Perspective

Coach Hakstol addresses his team after a game
One Goal, Allison Davis O’Keefe
This Christmas my wife gave me the book “One Goal” by Allison Davis O’Keefe.  If this book was not under your Christmas tree and you are thinking of purchasing it, do it.
I was told that they’re flying off of the shelves at the Sioux Shop. “One Goal” is on sale for $45.23 at the Ralph Engelstad Arena Sioux Shop. According to the Sioux Shop webpage, the book is still in stock.
In my opinion, this is a great gift idea for that person that loves UND hockey. I am glad that I found this book under my Christmas tree, and I am thankful for receiving it. Of course, this is coming from a guy that makes no apologies for his love of UND hockey. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, because I believe that the book’s audience is UND hockey fans.
If you’re a Fighting Sioux hockey fan and you followed the team during the 2010-11 season – you lived the memories that are well-documented in this book – “One Goal” will also bring back emotions that you experienced during the season.
I know the name changed for good on June 12, 2012 but for the purposes of this review, the team is referred to as Fighting Sioux, because that was the team’s name at the time.
“One Goal” is an emotional, thoughtful and personal look into the 2010-11 UND Fighting Sioux hockeyseason. “One Goal” also gives UND hockey fans a chance at closure, seeing their favorite team lose in the semifinals of the 2011 Frozen Four. This was a very painful experience for the team, the community and the fans.
“One Goal” also does a good job humanizing UND head hockey coach Dave Hakstol as well.
Coach Hakstol with his wife Erin after a game.
One Goal, Allison Davis O’Keefe
Being credentialed by UND for the last year and a half has allowed me to get a closer look at a man that many fans might not totally understand. In my opinion, Hakstol at times, has been unfairly bagged on by some in the UND fan base.
From the “front stage” perspective, Hakstol comes off a bit stiff, but also very serious and businesslike. One of my friends once asked me “when Hakstol was going to take the hanger out of his suit coat.”  If anything, this book gives the readers a chance to get a different look at the man that many fans have not seen.
From the “front stage” Hakstol at times also comes off as being a “bit” intimidating, if not standoffish.
Coach Hakstol is a very passionate person when it comes to UND Hockey and that emanates from the book as well.
“One Goal” gives a glimpse into the “back stage” version of Dave Hakstol, but also the 2010-11 Fighting Sioux Hockey team as well. You see a guy that’s a family man.
“One Goal” really does a good job giving the fans a closer look at the senior class of 2011, especially seniors Matt Frattin and Chay Genoway, two of the bigger stars in a very star-studded line up.
While Frattin was known for his bone-crushing hits and timely goals on the ice, you see a different side of a young man off the ice. You see a reflective Frattin stopping to collect his thoughts before a big game.
The 2010-11 version of UND hockey was probably one of UND’s best teams during the Dave Hakstol era that made it to the Frozen Four; in my opinion that team should have hung a banner, but in the end could not seal the deal and bring home the hardware. That is  also illustrated in the book.
“One Goal” also illustrates that it’s more than just being about hockey, it’s about comradeship and being there for your teammates.
UND not winning the NCAA title in 2010-11 left a void in the hearts of Fighting Sioux hockey fans all across the Fighting Sioux fan base. You can see from the pictures in the book, that the loss also affected the players as well.
There are few if any written words in this book, but the pictures tell the story about a hockey season that did not quite end the way most of us would have wanted.
You see the cold reality of losing and also the cold barren winter prairie that comes alive when Fighting Sioux Hockey is in town playing at the Ralph.
Historically, the 2010-11 Fighting Sioux hockey team was also the last “full” season of UND being called the Fighting Sioux.
There is a bit of irony in the book, the Fighting Sioux nickname is supposed to be “hostile and abusive” or at least that’s what we’re led to believe based on what the NCAA has said in the past.  Yet there is a picture of Fighting Sioux fans of Native American descent at the Midwest Regional wearing jerseys sporting the Fighting Sioux logo. How could that be?
The Fighting Sioux came into the Frozen Four on a 15-game unbeaten streak (14-0-1) and won theMacNaughton Cup by six points over second-place Denver.
UND also won the Broadmoor Trophy in impressive fashion beating DU 3-2 in the championship game in two over times, but the team didn’t touch either trophy when it was presented to them at center ice. UND would then travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin and roll through the NCAA Midwest Regional Semifinal beating RPI 6-0 and DU 6-1 in impressive fashion.
The 2010-11 team was built to win a national title and was by far the best team in the WCHA during the regular season and first three rounds of the playoffs, but as we have learned in the past, the best team doesn’t always win. Just ask Brendan Morrison from Michigan.
Matt Frattin after the Frozen Four loss against Michigan
One Goal, Allison Davis O’Keefe
The 2010-11 Fighting Sioux Hockey team had higher aspirations, but it appeared from a bystander and the book illustrates that the Fighting Sioux hockey team didn’t really stop long enough to enjoy the moment.
Fighting Sioux head coach Dave Hakstol made mention of this to the author of the book a year and a half later. From the afterword of One Goal; “he [Hakstol] wished he had allowed the team to relish their wins – that perhaps the pressure of “destiny” prevented them from appreciating their accomplishments.”
There are a few examples of this in the book. You can see the lonely Broadmoor Trophy and a MacNaughton Cup sitting at center ice just begging to be picked up and paraded around the Ralph and the Xcel Energy Center. Some of the college hockey media people seem almost taken back by that, I think the author might have been as well. None-the-less, the author gives you the opportunity to ponder that for yourself.
I have now read the book “One Goal” about ten times and I find something new each time that I re-read the book, the first time I read it I got tears in my eyes. I highly recommend picking up a copy so you can relive the memories of the UND Fighting Sioux’s 2010-11 season. It’s like you can feel the memories coming out in the pictures of the book.
It would be interesting to see the pictures that didn’t make the book.
Originally posted at the Hockey Writers Combine... 

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Matt Frattin Ties it With 9.5 Seconds Left

Former Fighting Sioux forward Matt Frattin scores this goal for the Toronto Marlies against the Rochester Americans with under 10 seconds to go to tie the game. The Marlies would go on to be the Rochester Americans 4-3 in a shootout. Frattin would also score a goal in the shootout for the Marlies.

Frattin missed 12 games to start the season recovering from knee surgery and has come back with a vengeance;  Frattin has 12 points in 12 games (8g-a--12pts)

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

DU vs. UND WCHA's Version of the Hatfield's versus McCoy's

I am disappointed to see that Mike Chambers from the Denver Post isn't going to be here for this weekend's series between DU and UND. Over the years, Chambers has written some great article on the historic rivalry.

So what is your favorite memory from this series?

Lately, one my favorite memories in this series is the goal by UND power forward Matt Frattin at the 05:11 mark of the second overtime in the 2011 Red Baron WCHA Final Five. UND would meet Denver again in the 2011 Midwest Regional Final in Green Bay, Wisconsin and beat Denver again 6-1, to advance to the Frozen Four.

Last season, UND would again go on to beat DU 4-0 in the 2012 Red Baron WCHA Final Five.

I think over the last 10 years this is the most heated of UND's rivals, I would say that UMN is number two and Wisconsin number three. What do you think?

I am looking forward to seeing the games this weekend and wondering who will be the on ice officials for this game and if we will see a dance on the dasher or not?
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Matt Frattin goal against Binghamton Senators

Former UND hockey player Matt Frattin scores for the Toronto Marlies in the closing minute of today’s game against the Binghamton Senators. That’s four goals in three games for the former UND forward. Frattin missed the first 13 games of the season with a knee injury. The Marlies lost the game 3-2 to the Senators.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frattin done for the season

The Toronto Marlies got some bad news today when they learned that former Fighting Sioux forward Matt Frattin has suffered a knee injury and will need surgery. That's a big loss for the Marlies because Frattin is tied for the lead in scoring for the Toronto Marlies with (10g-3a-13 pts). Frattin is a restricted free agent and will need to be signed in the off-season.
Lance Hornby,Toronto Sun --- Winger Matt Frattin, who was a force physically and on the scoresheet, will be lost for the rest of the American Hockey League playoffs with a knee injury that will require surgery.

Frattin, who has a league post-season best 10 goals and shares the team lead with 13 points, was hurt in Game 5 of the Western Final in a bold play to score an empty netter to eliminate the Oklahoma City Barons. Frattin crashed into the net in a race for the puck.
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Marlies injury situation

Toronto Star
 Here is the latest on the Toronto Marlies injury situation. Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like this year’s version of the UND Fighting Sioux – major injury problems – as it stands now, it looks like it could be all in for Marlies as well. Those that can dress could end up playing for the Marlies. The Marlies won their series with the OKC Barons, but it looks like the series victory came with a high cost.
TORONTO -- Forwards Mike Zigomanis, Nazem Kadri and Matt Frattin and defencemen Jesse Blacker, Korbinian Holzer and Mark Fraser all skipped practice with various injuries while wingers Marcel Mueller and Carter Ashton skated, but not on the team's top four lines.

Though Eakins said it was a good sign to have Ashton and Mueller at the rink, he wouldn't give details of the injuries or a timeline for when anyone would return to the lineup.

"Right now, anybody that wasn't on the ice is hurt and they'll play when they're healed," he said.

Despite missing some of their top-six forwards, and their top shut-down defensive pair, an optimistic Eakins believes things could be a lot worse for Toronto.

"We've probably got four or five guys who are playing extremely hurt and for those guys not to pack it in is huge," he said. "I don't know what we would do right now without the guys that are totally hurt, and off the ice, and the guys that are just hanging in there."

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marlies move on to the Calder Cup finals

Seems like your typical Matt Frattin goal, hard working and doesn't give up on the effort, you can also see Frattin's other goal here by watching the Marlies game six in six minutes highlights.

Beast Mode - as he has been all series long against OKC Barons - Frattin was again a monster in game six against the Oklahoma City Barons. Frattin scored his  ninth and 10 goals of the AHL Calder Cup playoffs. Frattin's is tied for the team lead in points with Jerry D'Amigo and Philippe Dupuis - ten goals leads the Calder Cup Playoffs as well.

The Toronto Marlies now face off against the Norfolk Admirals, who like the Marlies have quite a few ex-college hockey players on their team. Some of the college flavor of the Norfolk Admirals includes: Cory Conacher (Canisus College), Evan Oberg (Minnesota-Duluth),  Mike Kostka (UMass-Amherst),  Jonathon Kalinski (Minnesota State University-Mankato), Trevor Smith (University of New Hampshire),  Alex Killorn (Harvard), Richard Petiot (Colorado College),  Jeff Dimmen (University of Maine).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Frattin Scores two as Marlies win

Former Fighting Sioux All-American forward Matt Frattin has been in beast mode during the Toronto Marlies run through the Western Conference Finals series against the Oklahoma City Barons. In today's game, Frattin scored his seventh and eighth goal of the Calder Cup Playoffs that leads the AHL.

Frattin's second goal of the game was the game winning goal for the Marlies  and I would classify that goal as  a thing of beauty - your classic toe drag goal that was shot from the top of the face-off circles that blew by the Barons goalie Yann Danis.

 Former Fighting Sioux forward Chris VandeVelde has a goal in the losing effort for the Oklahoma City Barons, VandeVelde now has five goals during the Calder Cup playoffs.
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oklahoma City Barons bury Toronto Marlies 5-1

The OKC Barons and the Toronto Marlies is a series of interest for college hockey fans as well as Fighting Sioux Hockey fans. Last night, former Fighting Sioux forward Chris VandeVelde scored the fourth goal of the game for the Oklahoma City Barons as they evened their series in the Western Conference Finals against the Toronto Marlies with a 5-1 victory. The next three games of this series are in Toronto.

This series features three ex-Fighting Sioux hockey players (TOR) Matt Frattin (OKC) Taylor Chorney and Chris VandeVelde. There will be a least one former Fighting Sioux hockey players in the Calder Cup Finals and there is a "slight" possibility that three former Fighting Sioux players could face off against each other - if Jason Gregoire and Jake Marto's team the St. John's Ice Caps make the Calder Cup Finals, the are currently down 1-0 against the Milwaukee Admirals - Gregoire and Marto have yet to play for the Ice Caps in the Calder Cup Playoffs and both players have been a healthy scratch according to Chad from A Tradition of Excellence.

Just a few points of interest - only 2621 fans attended last night's game, that seems kind of low for a playoff hockey game in any league. After looking at this attendance figures I went back and looked at the OKC Barons attendance figures for the season and they averaged 3684 fans per game, there are 19 Division I college hockey teams that have have better attendance than the OKC Barons.

For the season, the Toronto Marlies draw better than the Oklahoma City Barons as they averaged 5,480 fans per game. There are 10 Division I hockey teams that draw better than the Marlies.
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