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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jason Zucker slashed by Matt Beleskey

I suppose, this is what we will remember when it's all said and done. Boston Bruins forward Matt Beleskey's game-ending slash on Minnesota Wild forward Jason Zucker. When you watch it, the slash looks kind of innocuous. It doesn't look like much. I suppose Belesky caught Zucker in a nerve or something.

Friday, May 09, 2014

(Video) Matt Beleskey flips Doughty over the boards into the bench

Anaheim Ducks forward Matt Beleskey absolutely destroys L.A. Kings defenseman Drew Doughty. The Kings defenseman goes over the boards into the Ducks players' bench. I have been in awe as I have watched this series. I can't get over how physical these two teams have played against each other. Whoever wins this series, is going to be very beat up. One of the questions that I asked myself, would a college hockey be able to be this physical without spending all game in the penalty box? Definitely the Ducks and the Kings are hard to play against.
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