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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Minnesota Vikings Humor?

I couldn't resist, it would actually be funny, if I wasn't a Minnesota Vikings fan/apologist. They absolutely suck, they're horrible. First Leslie Frasier should be fired and sent packing. Blow the team up.

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Christian Evers drafted by the London Knights

Well, this is an interesting development. I do think this is a concern, because the Hunter brothers have shown little concern for college commitments in the past. This should give UND hockey fans some grounds for concern.

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Friday, March 08, 2013

The First Loser of the Year Nominee is....

Brett Cook now formerly of the Nipissing University Lakers hockey team (CIS) was a former OHL goon.  His OHL resume is stacked with 19 goals 47 assists and a mere 344 penalty minutes (oh yeah, and an amazing -26 Plus/Minus between Erie and London his final year of OHL) to go with 2g 5a 62 PIM performance at the North Bay, Ontario University.

Why should I care about this guy?  Well, he managed to achieve the ULTIMATE Penalty:  A LIFETIME ban.  Why?  He sucker punched a linesman.  Watch the video below.  I mean, the linesman wasn't even in the middle of a scrum.  It's just the linesman and Cook!  I'd be a bit more sympathetic if the linesman jumped into the middle of a fight and blocked a fist with his face but oh my GOD!  It was a straight up Uppercut right to the mouth/nose.  I'm surprised he didn't lose any teeth and it appears as though he's not bleeding (but there's no way to tell either). 

I felt compelled to bring this up because I'm one of the most outspoken critics of officials out there and I want to say the following:  I'd love to say that I'd love to do the same thing but that's not right.  Refs may at times be awful, inconsistent, and seemingly biased, but they are NOT punching bags.  You want to punch a ref?  Punch him in the pocket book by registering a complaint with the league and get him suspended without pay or worse.

What Cook did was WRONG and he knew it.  Here is the news article.

Here's the Video (it happens near the bench.  The scrum nearest the camera is the wrap up of a different scrum):

With fighting on the ropes being pushed out of the game, I think instances like this will only make things worse.  I hope he's done with hockey in any league anywhere (the ban is only for CIS hockey for which he apparently voided himself 4 years of eligibility). The last time a guy couldn't skate, couldn't defend, and couldn't do anything other than fight, he made the NHL.  His name?  John Scott (there was another but I do not speak ill of the dead).

In the end, Brett Cook will be remembered.  And his reputation will be sullied for it.  I hope he's proud. 
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Vladislav Namestnikov's questionable hit on Klarc Wilson

This past week the the CHL's MasterCard Memorial Cup has been on the NHL Network and I have watched a good share of the games. There has been some good hockey played and there has been some physical games as well.

Here is the video of a hit that took place during Wednesday's game. London Knight's forward Vladislav Namestnikov absolutely steam rolls Edmonton Oil Kings’forward Klarc Wilson.

There were some that thought the hit was predatory and questionable - incidentally the CHL decided not to give the London Knights star forward Vladislav Namestnikov any supplemental discipline for this hit on Edmonton Oil Kings’ Klarc Wilson.

What do you think of this hit? Is it dirty or a good check. It appears that Namestnikov does leave his feet to make the hit.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A little late but, Ryan Rupert gets 5 games for Paul Bunyan chop on Nick Cousins

I was going to put this up last week but I got side tracked. When I first saw this video I thought that the OHL would throw the proverbial book at Ryan Rupert, but they didn't. I mean really, Rupert hauled off and pummeled Nick Cousins hard with his carbon fiber stick and then dropped his gloves and attacked Cousins starting a near line brawl. Nick Cousins also received a two game suspension for his part in the incident.
There's been a handful of 10-or-more game suspensions in the Ontario Hockey League this season, including two Wednesday.

Ryan Rupert's highly publicized slash won't be one of them.

The London Knights forward received five games for whacking Soo Greyhounds star Nick Cousins at the end of Friday's 4-3 loss at the John Labatt Centre.

The gritty 17-year-old from Grand Bend will be eligible to return in Erie on Nov. 26 after the OHL rendered a decision Wednesday that will come as a surprise to those who felt Rupert's actions warranted a prolonged sit-down.[IFPRESS.COM]
My question is, did the OHL go lightly on Rupert because of  Cousins reputation as a agitator?

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