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Monday, November 25, 2013

Top-eight teams in the NHL

Check out the top-eight teams in the NHL so far. The Minnesota Wild are ranked sixth right now. The Boston Bruins have the best goals against, before tonight's game. Top-seven teams are western teams.
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NHL to use new Nets

The NHL is going to use a new net this season. Here's a picture of that new net. I wish sometimes they would just leave the game alone and just play hockey.
NHL.COM --- Gone is the traditional rounded "elbow" of the goal cage and now, replaced by a shorter angle according to the NHL, which gives the net a squared look.

The padding inside the apron of the net has also been trimmed, allowing officials a better look at pucks that may have approached or just crossed the goal line. The NHL thinks this change will allow for better efficiency in real-time goal calls and also in video reviews, which were sometimes hindered by thick padding inside the net.

It's been two days of practice with the new-look nets, and though there are multiple small changes, the one thing that some players mentioned is how they look to a shooter's eye.

"I think the biggest thing is that it looks like a bigger net, to be honest with you," Nick Foligno told
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two days left in the regular season

The Eastern teams are set, it's just a matter of who will play who. If the Minnesota Wild win their game against the Colorado Avalanche tonight, they're in playoffs. If not, their season will go down as a massive choke job, especially with who they added in the offseason. Last night's 6-1 loss to the Edmonton Oilers was painful to watch.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(Video) Tucker Tucker Poolman

This is UND Hockey recruit  and Omaha Lancers defenseman Tucker Poolman and his thoughts on the USHL/NHL Top Prospects game interview. I thought it was interesting that Poolman has 10 goals on the season, and all 10 are on the power play.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tweets that give me hope that the season could be saved

I think after today developments there is some hope that a settlement could be reached or at least it's possible that both sides could agree to a new CBA. What is even more exciting is there is a chance that we could have a full 82 game NHL season. Or at least from my vantage point -- it would appear that the two sides are "finally" making some progress after the NHL owners put forward what appears to be a serious proposal now.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

CBC opening for game 3

Here was the opening of last night's game on CBC - unfortunately I am not able to watch CBC anymore because I got rid of my Midcontinent last July and got DirecTV

Based on how the New Jersey Devils have played there may only be one more game left, because the Los Angeles Kings have been relentless and have taken the games to the Devils.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why not Mikael Granlund...

This is the latest highlight in the career of Wild super prospect Mikael Granlund, this time it's another shootout goal from last weekend. I must say that this goal doesn't require a lot of narration but damn this kid is good and shows us a glimpse of the things to come... Seriously? I can't believe that he isn't ready to play for the Minnesota Wild this season. Maybe someone please tell me the logic why Wild prospect Mikael Granlund isn't going to be playing for the Wild this season?
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bigger NHL Rinks?

NHL hockey rink Penalty Bench Players' Bench S...Image via WikipediaThis is a horrible idea; in my opinion there is no reason to increase the size of the ice in the NHL, as we have seen in the college game, bigger ice surfaces take hitting out of the game. Also, most NHL teams aren’t going to want to take out seats out of their arenas to increase the size of the ice surface, it’s an economic issue, that means less seats and less money for those arenas/teams.
Toronto Sun --- To my way of thinking, the NHL could increase goal-scoring and make the game more exciting with one simple change, without having to constantly tinker and retool. (And when a league is constantly retooling, it sends out the message, unfortunately, that there’s something profoundly wrong with the game).

Yes, I’ve harped on this before, but it’s necessary harp: The NHL should increase the size of the ice. Not even the length of the ice, just the width. More ice, more room to move, more creativity, more goals. More goals, more excitement, more fans.

I’m not a math guy, but that seems to be a winning equation. Still, opponents of the idea, including some very good friends of mine who write and broadcast hockey for a living, argue that changing the ice dimensions would result in a boring game, because there would be less hitting, as there is in European pro hockey.
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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rich Peverley checks Kevin Bieksa's cup

I have seen today where some suggested that Boston Bruins forward Rich Peverley should be suspended for this little love tap on Vancouver Canucks defenseman fraud Kevin Bieksa. As you probably know, if you read this blog, I am on the record as not being a big fan of Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa and his on ice antics, I could also care less if he played his hockey at Bowling Green State University, so one might say that Karma has finally caught up with Mr. Bieksa, couldn't have happened to a nicer more deserving person.

Since Richard Peverley is a semi skilled hockey player that doesn't fight very often he will have to be on the look out for Kevin Bieksa because he is known for going after skilled players that don't like to fight and has fought with the following heavy weights during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs (Viktor Stalberg, Troy Brouwer, Patrick Marleau).
Ottawa Sun --- “I’m sure everybody knows what happened and they’ll keep a better eye on him next time,” said Bieksa of Peverley, whose slash went undetected by referees Kelly Sutherland and Dan O’Halloran.

 “There’s such a thing as karma. Whether it’s next year or the year after, he’ll get something from somebody else. He got me on the back of the knee. Luckily, it’s okay.”
Now before someone says that I think that Kevin Bieksa deserved to be stuck in the groin with a stick, I didn’t say that  he deserved it, however, Bieksa brought that reaction on himself by the type of game that he plays on the ice. I do believe in Karma like I mentioned earlier. I also want to be clear I am not a fan of using your stick to settle differences on the ice and Peverley  deserved a penalty for his cup check, but this stick fowl nowhere comes close to a suspendable offense.

Edit: Here is what the Vancouver Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault had to say about the Peverley love tap on Kevin Bieksa. You can judge for yourself, but it looks like the war of words is heating up in this series.
 Joe Sullivan, Globe Sports Editor ---- Vigneault also talked about the physical nature of his team and the series plus a reference to what he called a cheap shot by Rich Peverley of the Bruins.

"I think if you look at the stat sheet at the end of the day, we're hitting as hard as they are. If you look at the stat sheets throughout the playoffs, we're the team that's got the most hits. That's part of our game. Kevin (Bieksa) didn't get hit, he got a cheap shot in the back of the knee (by Peverley), so that's totally different. He went down because of something that obviously you don't want to see in the game. But at the end of the day, we know that they're a big, physical team. We can play a speed game, but we can also play a physical-type game, which I think we've shown throughout the playoffs."
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Rocco Grimaldi: A 'huge' threat for Team USA

Here is a great article about future Fighting Sioux forward Rocco Grimaldi; seems that while small in stature Rocco is making a big impact at the combines this spring.
Mike G. Morreale - Staff Writer --- After having just completed his fourth of 12 team interviews in his initial day at the NHL Scouting Combine, had a satisfied look on his face.

Despite being listed as the smallest player invited to the Combine at 5-foot-6, 163 pounds, Grimaldi has certainly earned the reputation as a big-game performer. Why else would all 30 NHL teams request an interview with the leading scorer for the U.S. National Team Development Program in 2010-11.

"It's great to always be the underdog and have people doubt you," Grimaldi told "But I think I could also be a role model for kids my size, not even in hockey, but in general. I could be a really good example for them on how I go about my business, not caring about what people say, and how I live my life. I'm always thinking about the next generation under me and trying to help them out as well."

Grimaldi was asked if those scouts from the Tampa Bay Lightning referred to Martin St. Louis at some point during their discussion.

"They said one of their best players is St. Louis, he's the leader of that group and we don't care about size," Grimaldi said. "Our best player is the smallest guy on the ice and we love small guys and that was a cool thing to hear. That motivates me because playing in the NHL has always been my dream. So whatever it takes to achieve it ..."

Grimaldi is certainly on that path after striking for a team-leading 34 goals, 62 points, 13 power-play goals, and five game-winners in 50 games for the USNTDP this season.

"He's definitely a character kid and great guy," USNTDP goalie John Gibson said. "He's small, but probably has the biggest heart on the team."

"He was a dynamic guy, an outstanding skater, quick and around the puck all the time," Central Scouting's Chris Edwards told "He wasn't scared to get involved in battles and go to the net."

Grimaldi played a big part of the gold medal-winning Team USA in the 2010 Under-18 World Championship in Belarus, tying for the team lead with 10 points in seven games. He'd connect for 2 goals, 8 points and a plus-5 rating in another gold-medal winning effort at the 2011 U-18 World Championship in Germany.
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