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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekend Match-Ups (by Donn)

Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo
Western Collegiate Hockey Association logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We have now arrived at the last games of February, which means that the regular season is nearing the end.  It also signals the start of March and the march into the playoff stretch.  The only spot we know for certain is 12th place, the Seawolves are officially locked into the basement and will play at the league winners rink in three weeks.


1. St. Cloud St……………15-6-1…….….31
2. Nebraska-Omaha….....14-8-2…....…..30
3. Minnesota State……….14-9-1.…...….29
4. Minnesota……………...12-6-4……..…28
5. North Dakota.………….11-5-6………..28
6. Wisconsin…....………..10-7-7………...27
7. Denver…………..……..10-7-5..….......25
8. Colorado College ……..8-10-4..…..….20
9. Minnesota-Duluth….…..8-12-4……….20
10. Michigan Tech………..6-14-4…..……16
11. Bemidji State……..…..5-13-6......……16
12. Alaska-Anchorage…....2-18-6.....……10

WCHA Games

#7 St. Could St.  @ Colorado College
Last weekend the Huskies and the Tigers were taking breaks from hockey.

The Huskies still control their destiny for the McNaughton Cup, keep winning and win the cup.  The Tigers odds of getting home ice are not good, needing to make up five points in six games, and then they need help, lots of help.  CC hosts MSUM next week before ending the season at MTU.  The Huskies on the other hand have MTU next week and go to UW to end the season.  The Huskies have only one loss in their last eight games, and that was to the UM.  The Tigers are undefeated in their last five games going 2-0-3 over that span.  When a team is desperate like CC, the Huskies better be ready for the kitchen sink to be thrown at them this weekend.  SPLIT

#6 North Dakota @ #10 Denver
Last weekend NoDak was on a bye and Pioneers were also on a bye.

These teams met earlier this year in Grand Forks with UND taking three points in a Friday night 2-2 tie and a win on Saturday 6-3.  NoDak is on a three game winning streak and a five game unbeaten streak, DU is 2-2-1 in their last five contests.  The games in December were not as heated as some of the past season.  And this weekend with valuable WCHA points at stake, I don’t think anyone wants to take any unnecessary penalties.  The Pioneers have played well in Denver this season owning a 10-4-3 record at Magness Arena, NoDak is a respectable 7-5-1 away from The Ralph this year.  I think this series comes down to goal tending and who makes a few timely saves or even steals a game.  SPLIT

Minnesota-Duluth @ #2 Minnesota
Last weekend the Bulldogs got a point from the Beavers (4-2, 1-1ot) in Bemidji and the Gophers split with the Badgers (3-2W, 2-3L) in Madison/Chicago.

The Bulldogs are all but guaranteed a road trip in the first round of the WCHA playoffs.  They would need to run their remaining schedule and get a ton of help.  UMD has not won a game since defeating CC on Jan-18, that’s more than a month.  If a Bulldog had a tail it would firmly tucked between in legs now.  However, UMD can look ahead to next weekend when they host the Chargers from Huntsville, who only have three wins on the season.  The Gophers will be just too much for the Bulldogs to handle, too much speed, and too much talent.  Plus the Gophers are looking to grab the last McNaughton Cup, and need to gain ground on the teams ahead of them.  GOPHERS SWEEP


Penn State @ #18 Wisconsin (Sun/Mon)
Last weekend the Badgers split with the Gophers (2-3L, 3-2W) in Madison/Chicago and the Nittany Lions swept Oklahoma (4-1, 3-0) in exhibition play.

PSU has a couple of quality wins this year, over Michigan St., Ohio St., and Air Force.  This is the last series for the Lions this year and are current owners of a 12-13-0 record.  The Badgers are playing well and be the best team PSU has seen this season.  I don’t think PSU will get many scoring opportunities against the stingy Badgers defense.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of shut outs in Madison this weekend.  BADGERS SWEEP


US U-18 @ #14 Nebraska-Omaha (Fri)
Last weekend the Mavericks swept the Seawolves (3-0, 6-5ot) in Anchorage.

This is Omaha’s last “break” before the end of the season and playoff run starts.  Since this game doesn’t exist in the record books, I look to see Omaha play a few goalies in this game and see who might be the go to guy.  UNO WINS

Bemidji St.
Michigan Tech
#9 Minnesota State

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

(Video) Tyler Currier hit on Zach Budish

Tough way to lose a hockey game – UAA’s Tyler Currier was given a five minute major and a game misconduct for this hit on Minnesota Gophers forward Zach Budish at the 15:52 mark of the third period and the Gophers used that major penalty to cash in on the power play and win the game 4-3. [Click to view video]

This is a penalty, there is no question about it, however, Budish turns at the last second. Currier is already committed on the check and it would be impossible for him to pull up, what do you expect him to do? If Buidish doesn’t turn his back, the check in question is a shoulder to shoulder check. It’s the opinion of this writer that Budish also laid on the ice and sold the penalty pretty well. I don't think this hit was worthy of a five minue major. (Video by CJZero).
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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Weekend Match-Ups (by Sioux 7)

It’s funny that the season is just underway and it is only two until thanksgiving.  Where does the time go?  Looking at the standings there are teams that appear to be top half teams and other that will be bottom half teams.   There are teams that have played 4 more games than others, so that has to be factored into account.  MTU started with a split with UM and has gotten swept the last four games, ouch, they need to get back on track in Houghton.  UAA and UMD are hoping to avoid the same early season fate of MTU, by getting some points this weekend.


1. Denver…………..………3-1-0………...6
1. St. Cloud St………….…3-1-0…………6
3. Nebraska-Omaha………2-1-1……......5
4. Colorado College ……..2-0-0..….…….4
4. Minnesota………………2-2-0…………4
6. Bemidji State……..…….1-0-1.……......3
6. North Dakota.………..…1-0-1….……..3
6. Wisconsin…....…………1-2-1...……....3
6. Michigan Tech………….1-5-0…………2
10. Minnesota State………1-3-0….……..2
11. Alaska-Anchorage…....0-1-1……..….1
11. Minnesota-Duluth….….0-1-1…..…….1

WCHA Games

Bemidji St. @ #19 Colorado College
Last weekend the Beavers enjoyed a weekend off and the Tigers swept the Badgers in Madison.

We two of the three teams who haven’t lost a WCHA game in this series.  Looking at the overall numbers this season give us a little insight, CC scored 27 and given up 22 goals over 8 games, and the Beavers scored 11 and given up 7 over 4 games.  The Tigers play on their oversized sheet of ice, at World Arena, and we all know that with all that extra ice it is harder to check players.  The Tigers will have the home ice advantage in this series, but the Beavers know how to play defense and frustrate teams.  Tigers 3-pts

#3 Denver @ Minnesota State
Last weekend the Pioneers spilt with the SCSU Huskies in Denver and the Mavericks split with the Gophers.

The Pioneers got blanked last Friday, but rebounded nicely on Saturday for a split.  The Mavericks are undefeated at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato this year, 2-0-1.  The Pioneers play on a standard ice sheet, and MSUM plays on the oversized Olympic sheet, so DU might have some adjustments to deal with.  Also the Pioneers play their arch-rivals next week, the CC Tigers, so they cannot afford to look past this weekend.  Also this will be DU’s first games away from home this season.  The Mavericks have to build up their confidence after last weekend’s play against a top team in Gophers.  I’m going with the Mavericks Friday and the Pioneers Saturday.  SPLIT

#6 North Dakota @ #15 St. Could St. 
Last weekend NoDak split with the BU Terriers in Grand Forks and the Huskies split with the Pioneers in Denver.

The Huskies are a perfect 4-0-0 at the National Hockey Center this young season, and NoDak is 0-1 on the road this year.  SCSU has given up 20 goals in 8 games, or 2.5/game, UND has given up 12 goals in 6 games, or 2.0/game.  Which leads to the old quote, defense wins games, offense sells tickets.  Last year these teams split both series, each going 2-2-0, with splits at both rinks, with SCSU winning on Friday’s and UND winning on the Saturday’s.  At the moment, I don’t see why the trend should change this weekend.  SPLIT

#2 Minnesota @ Alaska-Anchorage
Last weekend the Gophers split with the SCSU Huskies in Minneapolis and the Seawolves had a free weekend in Anchorage.

The Gophers make the long flight to Anchorage this weekend to play the Seawolves.  Last year, in October, when the UM went to UAA the Gophers swept them. This year the Gophers are 1-2-0 away from Minneapolis and the Seawolves are 1-0-1 in Anchorage this season.  I’m going with a little upset in this series, UAA is due one.  SPLIT

#20 Minnesota-Duluth @ Nebraska-Omaha (Sat/Sun)

Last weekend the Bulldogs were on a bye week and the Mavericks swept the MTU Huskies in Houghton.

The Bulldogs find themselves in a tough spot early in the season, tied with UAA for the bottom spot.  UMD can ill afford a winless weekend in Omaha, starting of the conference schedule with no wins in four games would be a deep hole.  UNO is off to a good start in the league sitting alone in 3rd place and only losing once in four WCHA contests.  I’m not sure why this is a Saturday night, Sunday afternoon series, but it is what it is.  The Mavericks have scored 25 goals in 8 games, 3.1/game, and the Bulldogs have scored 14 times in 6 games, 2.3/game.   Since both coach’s are ex-UND coach’s they are very familiar with one another.  SPLIT

Michigan Tech

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekend Match-Ups (by Sioux 7)

The second half of the season is underway. Thus, we only have seven weekends of WCHA games on the schedule. After this weekend, the WCHA season will be about 2/3rds done with. Or look at it this way, the WCHA Final Five is just under two months away.


1. Minnesota……………..…12-4-0…..……24
2. Minnesota-Duluth……..11-3-2….…….24
3. Colorado College….…..10-6-0………..20
4. Denver…………………...…8-5-3………..19
4. Nebraska-Omaha………8-5-3……….. 19
6. Michigan Tech…….…….8-7-1…….…..17
7. North Dakota……...…...8-8-0….……..16
8. St. Cloud St……….……. 6-7-3……….. 15
9. Bemidji State……….…. 5-9-2……….. 12
10. Wisconsin………….…..5-9-2…..…….12
11. Alaska-Anchorage…....3-12-1…………7
11. Minnesota State…….…3-12-1…………7

WCHA Games

Nebraska-Omaha @ Minnesota State
Last weekend the UNO Mavericks split with the Bulldogs in Omaha and the MSUM Mavericks split with the Badgers in Mankato, with each team getting a shutout.

You know what will happen if I say the Mavericks will win this weekend… both games will end in ties, so I’m not going that route. It looks like one group of cattle has already been put out to pasture this season (MSUM) and the other is grazing
right along. I am going with the easy pick here. SPLIT

#17 North Dakota @ St. Cloud State
Last weekend North Dakota split with the Gophers in Grand Forks and the Huskies split with the Tigers in Colorado Springs.

In the end of October, these teams met in Grand Forks with the Huskies taking the opener 4-0, and the Sioux (UND was called the Sioux back then) took the Saturday game 3-1. But that was almost three months ago. Since then both teams have developed and improved their games. These teams are only separated by a single point in the standing and four points would go a long way in the race for home ice. UND hasn’t been great on the road this year, sporting a 3-5-0 road record. SCSU has 5-3-3 record at the National Hockey Center this year. Looking at all the GF-GA numbers they are pretty even too. This series is looking like a… SPLIT

#11 Colorado College @ #4 Minnesota
Last weekend Tigers split with Huskies in Colorado Springs and the Gophers split with North Dakota in Grand Forks.

The Tigers are tied with UMD for the most goals in the WCHA up to this point, with 66, and the Gophers are not far behind with 58 goals of their own. The bigger difference is goals allowed, CC has given up 54 and the Gophers have allowed 32. The Gophers have been good at home, but have let some games get away from at Mariucci. If the Tigers can limit the Gophers chances, they can leave Minneapolis with some points. SPLIT

Alaska-Anchorage @ Wisconsin Badgers
Last weekend the Seawolves were swept by the Huskies in Houghton (those where UAA’s first games since December 9-10th vs CC), and the Badgers split with the Mavericks in Mankato.

The Seawolves might have shaken off the rust last weekend and could be handful for the struggling Badgers this year. Both teams need to get on a winning streak if they want to stay in the hunt for home ice come March. SPLIT


Alabama-Huntsville (1-17-1) @ #1 Minnesota-Duluth
Last weekend the UAH Chargers with the in and the Bulldogs split with the Mavericks in Omaha.

I’m just going to tell it like it is, the Chargers are the bottom team in D-I hockey and the Bulldogs are the top. Need I say more? SWEEP

Northern Michigan (8-7-3) @ Michigan Tech (11-11-1)
Last weekend the Huskies swept the Seawolves in Houghton and the Wildcats got a point on the road against CCHA foe Michigan State in their weekend series.

The Wildcats are dismal 2-7-1 away from Marquette this season, but are good at home going 8-1-4 there. One of their home wins was over the Huskies back on Dec. 16th. The Huskies are 8-3-1 this year in MacInnes Arena and would like nothing better than getting a win over their Upper Peninsula rival. HUSKIES WIN.

Bemidji State
#15 Denver

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

College Hockey fan behavior.

Fighting Sioux (University of North Dakota) vs...Image via WikipediaThis is an article that I wrote for the Illegal Curve back in October 21, 2009.

My dad sent me an account of a Gopher fan’s experience at Ralph Engelstad Arena this past weekend. Was I sitting in a different arena this past weekend?

Sioux Gophers and idiots on both sides.

I was at the Sioux/Gopher hockey games this weekend. The games were in Grand Forks and I was wearing Gopher gear on Friday night. Our tickets were also in the student section. We sat on the very far side of the student section. There were some Gopher fans in front of us who were clearly from the U. They were receiving a bit of heckling, and for the most part it was all in good fun, but there were a few weekend warriors” that went over the line from the UND side of things. They were invading some personal space and getting face to face with the kids from the U. Lots of you are a bitch. and you suck balls. Luckily for everybody involved where I was at, the Gopher kids stayed very chill about the

The UND kids clearly had had way too much to drink. The problem was they kept coming back trying to instigate more and more each time. It could have turned bad pretty easy. Check out the story below. On Saturday night we also had student section tickets. I was not looking forward to the abuse again.

 The night before there was a very drunk kid behind us who fell into our seats a few times. We were standing each time, but my wife got kicked once. He’s lucky he did not catch the 4 year old girl with a foot. So we got lucky Saturday nights, while we were waiting in line to get into the game some kids from the U said they had normal tickets but wanted to sit in student section. I overheard this and we traded our 4 student tickets for their 4 normal tickets. It was a much better game Saturday and we did not have to get kicked by drunk 19 year olds. All around a better experience.

While this weekend I didn’t see a lot of this stuff going on, I have witnessed this type of behavior first hand in the past at venues like the Final Five at the Xcel Energy Center. Who uses this type of language when talking to another fan from a different team in front of young children? These people should have their mouths washed out with soap. That does cross the line of what is considered acceptable behavior at a sporting event. If I brought my two year old daughter to the game I don’t want her to have to listen to this kind of vile stuff. Just because you’re a college student doesn’t give you the right to act like an ass. There is no birthright to sit in that seat at the arena; if you can’t behave, I am sure the REA management can sell that prime seat to someone will be able to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.

Not to pick on the college students there are many examples of adult fans, both Sioux and Gopher fans, getting out of hand and acting like imbeciles as well. I heard from a friend that a female Gopher fan who happened to be pregnant was heckled and jostled at the arena this past weekend. Who the heck does that kind of a thing? Imagine your girlfriend, wife or mother having this happen to them.
In yesterday’s Grand Forks Herald there was a letter to the editor in which a person described an experience where someone dumped a beer on a Gopher fan’s head from the upper deck. That kind of behavior is unacceptable and only a moron would defend behavior like this. People like this are going to ruin it for the rest of us that like to enjoy a beer without having the game ruined by drunk, belligerent idiots. I can foresee a time where the REA might ban beer sales to college students and or everyone.

These types of incidents do not paint a positive picture of Grand Forks, ND, the University of North Dakota, the University of Minnesota or the WCHA. As fans collectively we must behave better, we don’t want to look like a bunch of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

I know, call me old-fashioned, but some of the stuff that happened this past weekend seems to be borderline criminal or at least anti-social behavior and should be deemed as inappropriate and unacceptable. None of us should have to be a witness to this type of crap. To top off the weekend, we had an incident between two fans that could be classified as felonious with one person ending up in the ICU wing of Altru Hospital. There is nothing about this series that should lead any of us to start throwing punches at each other.

I am as pro-Fighting Sioux hockey as they come: I am all for a loud arena and an intimidating atmosphere, but some of this stuff is atrocious behavior and unfit for television. My boss who is new to the area went to a Sioux hockey game for the first time and I am sure she was impressed with the F’ the Gophers cheer, way to go UND. Remember there is friendly acceptable back and forth banter and then there is crossing the line. I also have friends that are Gopher fans, and some of them won’t even come up to Grand Forks anymore based on the type of treatment they have received from our fans.

I have to wonder if it is time for college hockey to institute a fan code of conduct for its fans like some NFL teams have. Eventually the University of North Dakota is going to have to address the behaviors of its fans at the REA.
Fan code of conduct
“The National Football League and its teams are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all fans, both in the stadium and in the parking lot. We want all fans attending our games to enjoy the experience in a responsible fashion. When attending a game, you are required to refrain from the following behaviors:
» Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.
» Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that results in irresponsible behavior.
» Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.
» Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field).
» Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel.
» Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans.
“Event patrons are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests and/or persons occupying their seats. Stadium staff will promptly intervene to support an environment where event patrons, their guests, and other fans can enjoy the event free from the above behavior. Event patrons and guests who violate these provisions will be subject to ejection without refund and loss of ticket privileges for future games.”
Like another hockey fan suggested from DU, I like the NFL fan code of conduct policy and I am all for this if being enacted at REA. If you’re an unruly fan and you can’t act in an acceptable manner, your ticket should be taken from you and you will no longer be allowed to be able to attend events in the arena. Attending college hockey is a privilege, not a right. If you can’t act like a member of the human race, do not bother coming to the arena. Someone else will gladly pay a handsome fee for that ticket and act in a respectful manner in your place.
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Friday, December 09, 2011

Weekend Match-Ups (by Sioux 7)

Team………………………W-L-T………Points1. Minnesota…………...……10-2-0…..……20
2. Minnesota-Duluth……… 9-2-1….……..19
3. Nebraska-Omaha………6-3-3……….. 15
4. Colorado College……… 6-4-0……….. 12
4. North Dakota……….…...6-6-0….……..12
6. Denver…………..………..4-3-3……….. 11
6. Michigan Tech…………. 5-6-1…….…..11
6. St. Cloud St……………. 4-5-3……….. 11
9. Bemidji State…………. 4-6-2……….. 10
10. Wisconsin……………..4-7-1…..……..9
11. Alaska-Anchorage……2-9-1…………5
12. Minnesota State……… 2-9-1…………5

WCHA Games

Nebraska-Omaha @ #19 North Dakota
Last weekend the Mavericks split with Alabama-Huntsville in Nashville and the Sioux swept the Seawolves in Anchorage.

These teams have only played four games all time, going 2-2-0. The Sioux seem to be warming up, going on a four game winning streak. The Mavericks are 2-1-1 over their last four games, and UNO is 3-4-2 away from Omaha this season. The Sioux or the UND formerly known as the Sioux, are 5-2-1 at The Ralph this year. This is the last official games for both teams (UND has an exhibition game next weekend) until December 30-31. Needless to say both teams would like to head into break on a good note. NORTH DAKOTA 3-PTS

#13 Denver @ # Bemidji State
Last weekend the Pioneers lost to the CC Tigers in Colorado Springs and the Beavers took three points from the SCSU Huskies in St. Cloud.

The Beavers are hard to figure sometimes, one night they give up five goals the next they shut you out. The next series they give up six the first night and one the next, a bit of Jekyll and Hyde. Denver has been more consistent with their scoring and defense this year than Bemidji. The Pioneers have not fared to well on the road this season owning a 1-3-1 record away from Magness. SPLIT

Alaska-Anchorage @ #6 Colorado College
Last weekend the Seawolves were swept at home by North Dakota and the Tigers beat the Pioneers in their one game in overtime.

The Tigers remain purr-fect at home this season boosting a 5-0-0 record at world arena, thanks to a overtime game winning penalty shot last Friday night. The Seawolves are 1-4-1 away from Anchorage this year. The Seawolves need to find a way to score goals, they have scored only 20 goals in 12 league games. The Tigers need play their game, and use their speed to their advantage on the big sheet of ice. TIGERS SWEEP

Michigan Tech @ #2 Minnesota
Last weekend the Huskies got swept by the Bulldogs in Duluth and the Gophers swept the MSU Mavericks in Minneapolis.

The Huskies got off to a fast start and now have cooled down, going 2-5-0 in their last seven games, with the wins coming over UAA and St. Lawrence. The guys from Houghton have been scoring this year, so they just need to shore up their own end. The Gophers rebounded last weekend after stumbling at Michigan State. The Gophers are tough at home this year sporting a 8-1-0 record at Mariucci arena. Tech needs to right their ship before Christmas break, but this is a tough task this weekend. GOPHERS SWEEP

#1 Minnesota-Duluth @ Wisconsin Badgers
Last weekend the Bulldogs swept the MTU Huskies in Duluth and the Badgers enjoyed a weekend off.

The Bulldogs haven’t lost a game since October 15th against the Gophers, and are unbeaten on the road, going 4-0-2 this season. This is the start of a six game road trip for UMD, but they have the Christmas break in their too. After this weekend, they don’t play again until January 6-7 at Western Michigan. The Badgers are good at the Kohl center this year going 7-3-0, but away from home they are 0-5-1. I’m not sure who will be favored; okay I’m sure UMD will be with their ranking. SPLIT


Alabama-Huntsville @ Minnesota State
Last weekend the Mavericks were swept by the Gophers in Minneapolis and the Chargers split with the UNO Mavericks in Huntsville.

The Chargers got their first win of the season on Friday night, which now mover their record to 1-15-1 this year. The Mavericks have most of their wounded back, so look for them to start coming together this weekend. MAVERICKS SWEEP

St. Cloud State Huskies

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Michael Mersch penalty.

At the .50 second mark on [this video] above you will see the check that the Wisconsin Badgers forward Michael Mersch put on Minnesota Gophers forward Kyle Rau.

This check in question would end the night for the Badgers Mersch as he was given a five minute major for contact to the head and a game misconduct. In watching the video, I honestly don't understand how that hit could be a five and a game. To me it looked like a legal check. Here is what Jess Meyers had to say on the hit.
The score was tied 1-1 in the second when the Badgers missed a golden opportunity to take the lead, misfiring with two white jerseys alone in front of Patterson. Just seconds later, Wisconsin's Michael Mersch leveled Kyle Rau along the boards and drew an iffy call for contact to the head. Mersch was tossed from the game, and the Gophers got a five-minute power play. While they did not score on the extended man-advantage, the Gophers captured momentum that they would not relinquish.
The Gophers were unable to score on the five minute power play. The Badgers head coach Mike Eaves looked highly agitated with the Todd Anderson call and gave Anderson an earful at the Wisconsin Badgers players bench. 
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Gopher's Nick Bjugstad scores, Mario Lamoureux gets hurt

I have seen a few people talk about this play on line and this was the first time that I had seen this video, the Whistler made mention of this play in his blog post on Friday night.
The Sioux played the Gophers well through most of the game. The first goal was by Nick Bjugstad on the power play that wound up being a virtual 5 on 3 as Mario Lamoureux blocked two shots which broke his stick and left him nearly unable to stand. I give him a lot of credit for getting up and still attempting to block more shots, though it wasn't hard for the Gophers to move around him.
I agree with the Whistler and I actually think that Mario should be applauded for his effort, I have seen a few people criticize him for staying on the ice. I am not sure what Mario is supposed to do in this situation? Lamoureux is obviously hurt; he is caught out in no man's land, the Sioux bench is a long ways away from  because its the second period, so the captain continues to play in pain. In my opinion that establishes Mario as a selfless leader who put the team before his own needs.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A trip down memory lane with Trupp.

This goal by Evan Trupp is one of the best goals I have ever seen in college or professional hockey as the Sioux beat Alex Kangas and the Golden Gophers again... What was Kangas' career record against the Sioux? It was not very good. But lets give credit where credit is due, not many goalies could have stopped that puck.

The Fighting Sioux under Dave Hakstol have had the better of the Golden Gophers. This doesn't need a lot of narration and you can see by the picture that the Sioux hold a (15-9-3) edge since Dave Hakstol  took over the team during the 2004-05 season. Hakstol is 4-2 against the Gophers in the playoffs. I would love to mention that during the Hakstol era the Gophers have won the same number of NCAA titles as the Sioux "0".

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