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Thursday, December 27, 2012

USA 8 Germany 2 (Video)

Great to see USA win today... Honestly, Germany is a really bad hockey team and I don't know what we can glean from the USA beating them 8-0 or Canada routing them 9-3? I am sure the Germans will again be in relegation round.

Both the USA and the Canadians were the far better teams and the Germans just don't have the talent that those teams have.

Players that stuck out for me for the Americans were defensemen Seth Jones and Jacob Trouba, they were men among boys, both will be big time players in the NHL probably next season.

The most impressive line for team USA, was the line of Sean Kuraly (Dublin, Ohio/Miami Univ.), Alex Galchenyuk (Milwaukee, Wis./Sarnia Sting) and Reilly Barber (Livonia, Mich./Miami Univ.) this line racked up an impressive three goals and five assists for eight points.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

German goalie Named Patrick Fücker - No Really there is

This was a funny story that I found on line and I thought I would pass it along - can you imagine if this guy or someone with a funny name like this guy actually made the NHL or AHL.

I would love to see this happen, because it would be funny listening to the play-by-play folks have a good time with his last name. Can you imagine some of the story lines this guy's name would inspire... Well I guess we can only dream right?

Here is a link to Patrick Fücker's profile, you can see that he is an active player in Germany.
Glenn Davis, Sports Grind Daily --- We’re sure Patrick Fücker is a humble guy just trying to make his way. The 19-year-old has been a competitive hockey player in Germany for years now, working his way through the nation’s junior ranks and last month moving to the Rostock Piranhas, who play in Germany’s third-highest league. Just a guy who apparently loves the Rangers and trying to play the game he loves for a living.

But he’s more than that. He had to be more than that. Because his name is out on the internet. And his last name is Fücker. Someone was going to find it eventually, and they were going to love it, and they were going to send it to Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski, and he was going to love it. Who wouldn’t love a name like this, except Patrick Fücker himself, when he’s around English-speakers? We encounter names we love all the time, but this may be the best of them.

And that’s why we have to hope against hope that Fücker one day makes it to the NHL. Granted, the third-best league in Germany is a long, long way from there (and these last couple GAAs look pretty high), but can you imagine the clusterFück that would ensue each time Fücker’s name had to be mentioned? The stifled giggles? The uncomfortable announcers?
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