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Sunday, April 07, 2013

(Video) John Scott boards Stephen Gionta

Mr. Anger management Buffalo forward/defenseman John Scott drives a much smaller Stephen Gionta into the boards with what can only be seen as a knuckleheaded penalty, and of course all Gionta can do is laugh about it.

Sure, why not!

I guess it’s funny and no one got hurt, but it’s was a dangerous play by the Sabers goon John Scott. In my opinion, Scott is nothing more than a cement head, but also an insurance policy, to use only in case of an emergency.

Looking at the stats sheet, you will see that Scott adds little in the way of offense and rarely takes a regular shift on the ice, unless the Sabres are ahead or need Scott's toughness. In 26 games for the Sabres Scott has an unimpressive line of (0g-0a—0pts) 52 minutes in penalties and is averaging 4.25 minutes of ice time. According to, Scott has also been in 6 fights and has won them all, but has had a tough time finding anyone to dance with as of late.

Scott became necessary for the Buffalo Sabres when Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic ran over the Sabres goalie Ryan Miller last year and the Buffalo Sabres did nothing in response. After the non-response to Lucic running over Ryan Miller, the Sabers were seen as being a weak and gutless team by the rest of the NHL.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kyle Turris hit on Joe Corvo

Here is the video of former Wisconsin Badger and current Ottawa Senators forward Kyle Turris' questionable and dirty hit on Boston Bruins defenseman Joe Corvo. There is no excuse for this types of hits and these are the types of hits that need to be removed from the game of hockey.

There is no way to defend this hit and Kyle Turris needs to sit for a minimum of 2-3 games for this bush league hit.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dirty Hit By Sami Salo


I'm pretty sure that it's just not cricket to put your elbows behind a guys head and drive him into the boards.

I say this is suspension worthy considering how Salo made sure to put his entire body weight behind the hit.

Goon's Edit: Thanks to the Whistler for adding this hit. No word yet if the NHL is going to review this hit or not but I think we can assume that it's worthy of a look due to it's dangerous nature.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NHL Suspendeds Wisniewski for making an obscene gesture.

s/t Puck Daddy. Holy Cow what is this world coming to? Now the NHL is suspending hockey players for making obscene gestures to their fellow competitors on the ice, in the heat of battle. My first response is; you have got to be kidding me? We have guys being pounded head long into the boards causing them to suffer a concussion and miss major amounts of games and the NHL has determined that obscene gestures are as serious as head shots and boarding incidents. The NHL has it’s priorities screwed up.
TSN --- The National Hockey League has suspended New York Islanders defenceman James Wisniewski two games for making an obscene gesture to New York Rangers forward Sean Avery in the first period of their Monday night game, reports

The gesture was made during a shoving match between the two on Monday night. After the game, the 26-year-old claimed that he didn’t recall making the gesture.

Avery, meanwhile, said “can you imagine if I did that? They sent me to rehab the last time I did something. It’s crazy.”