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Friday, February 28, 2014

This is why the UND vs SCSU game in on at 8:08 p.m.

I am been critical of the NCHC’s television deal with CBS Sports Network. (NCAA Hockey: Current NCHC Television Deal is Unacceptable)

“When” they the broadcast games, they’re awesome. Their hockey coverage is second to none. I would argue that the quality of the CBSSN broadcasts are top-shelf. I also love what Dave Starman and Ben Holden bring to the booth. But, they’re just not on enough. When we don’t have television coverage for away road games, you have to watch the games on a member school's webcasts. Most of them can't keep up with the traffic that UND hockey fans bring to their webcasts. Those for the most part have been less than acceptable this season as well. (NCAA Hockey: There Has to Be a Better Way)

Tonight’s game between SCSU and UND is on at 8:08 p.m. because the game time is being preempted by a college basketball game between Providence and Seton Hall.

Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but the NCHC leadership needs to do a better job when they negotiate the next television deal. No more exclusivity deals. So far, exclusive has proven to be fewer hockey games on the tube.
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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

This weekend's NCAA Division one television schedule

Here is this weekend’s National College Hockey television schedule. There is a full slate of college hockey on television again this weekend. Check your television guide for times in your local area.

This weekend, there will also be two college hockey games that will be available in Canada, fans north of the border, should check your local television guides as well.

In the state of Minnesota and North Dakota, fans of the University of North Dakota hockey team will be able to watch the Mutual of Omaha Battles on Ice between the Nebraska-Omaha and North Dakota on the Midco Sports Network at 4:00 p.m. (CT).

Maverick fans in the Omaha, Nebraska area will be able to watch the outdoor game on Cox Communications. As of right now, temperatures at game time should be in the mid to upper-40s with a light rain. 

Date NetworkTimeChannel
Fri.Feb. 8North Dakota at Nebraska-OmahaNBC Sports Net.6:30 p.m.603 / 159
Fri.Feb. 8Michigan at Notre DameCBS Sports Net.6:30 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
Fri.Feb. 8Minnesota at St. Cloud StateFSN +7:30 p.m.657/444
Fri.Feb. 8Colorado College at DenverROOT Sports8:30 p.m.683 / 414
Sat.Feb. 9North Dakota at Nebraska-OmahaMidco/Cox4:07 p.m.Check listing
Sat.Feb. 9Massachusetts at MerrimackNESN3:00 p.m.628/434
Sat.Feb. 9Minnesota at St. Cloud StateFSN +7:00 p.m.657/444
Sun.Feb. 10Providence at New HampshireCBS Sports Net.4:00 p.m.613 / 158 (C)
MonFeb. 11Harvard vs. Boston UniversityNESN3.30 p.m.628/434
MonFeb. 11Boston College vs. North EasternNESN6:30 p.m.628/434

*NESN = New England Sports Network, FCS = Fox College Sports, FSN+ = Fox Sports North-Plus, NBCSN = NBC Sports Network, DirecTV requires the “Sports Pack” to view the Regional sports Networks, *Cox = Cox Communications, *Midco = Midcontinent Sports Network (Grand Forks, North Dakota), (C) Denotes games available in Canada. All times are Central Standard Time.

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