Thursday, October 06, 2016

Schlossman hits the kill zone

By now you've probably seen it. This week, Grand Forks Herald beat writer Brad Schlossman launched a much need cruise-missile at the UND President Mark Kennedy and his Intercollegiate Athletics Committee. Brad put in print what a lot of UND sports fans were thinking.

Thanks Brad.

By now, most of us can see that President Kennedy's IAC is nothing more than a farce or a facade. President Kennedy is the one that wields the power and last time I checked he is the President of the University of North Dakota. Correct? So, why isn't he exercising his power? He doesn't need to form a committee to make changes at UND. This why I think the IAC was doomed to fail from the start. It's nothing more than a show trial. Like Schlossman, I don't fault the people on the board.

 That being said, we don't need someone from the school of Arts and Sciences or the School of Mines making recommendations for UND sports programs. If I had to make a guess, most of these people have probably never played an actual sport in their lives. So, I doubt that they have clue one how to run an athletic department.

IAC members that asking questions about UND dropping back to DII or NAIA is a waste of everyone's time. It was never going to happen and just makes the point that the IAC is a waste of everyone's time. Honestly, in some instances, they should worry about their own departments because I imagine another round of cuts is coming in the future.

If President Kennedy is unhappy with the UND's current Athletic Director, Brian Faison, it's in his power to review his job performance and decide if they want to look for another AD. Personally, I think Faison has done an excellent job moving UND into a new hockey conference and transitioning UND to division I status. But that's why they hire university presidents. Right? From my chair, it looks like President Kennedy is putting some extra scrutiny on Faison's job. Again, that's his decision and it's in his power. 

This IAC is turning into a clown show on steroids, with the new president driving said clown car. The president was hired to run UND and make big decisions. Again, time to earn your paycheck. Also remember some very good people are going to get hurt by your decisions.
Brad Schlossman, Grand Forks Herald -- At Monday's meeting, committee members were given a sheet by chair Kimberly Kenville that identified 12 sports that UND is "committed to sponsoring," which shows Kennedy is already making decisions for the committee.

One of the sports on the list is women's hockey. For the past several months, people in the community have been speculating that it could get cut.

Not only has that caused anguish for people who work with the program and its athletes, it has undoubtedly been used against UND in recruiting. If it's not even under consideration for being cut, why let it hang for two months?
Finally, leaving the UND women's hockey team swinging in the wind for almost two months was shameful. These good folks didn't need the unnecessary agony. Whether President Kennedy intended to this or not, for two months it seemed possible that the UND women's hockey team could fall to the knife. Shameful!


  1. Women's hockey has less than $40,000 in revenue against over $1.3 million in expenses. I think they should have to justify their program (as should football with a HUGE loss).

  2. The University isn't going to cut women's hockey. It's not in the cards.

  3. yes, they've announced that, but I see no justification for automatically keeping a sport that expensive with NO public support.

    You made your case on the other post, which didn't allow for comments, but I don't necessarily buy it. I'd like womens hockey to be successful but they have to start pulling at least some of their weight financially speaking.

    None of these sports are automatically entitled to a blank check.

  4. "I think Faison has done an excellent job moving UND into a new hockey conference and transitioning UND to division I status."

    Isn't Faison responsible for the budget of the athletic department? And where is that budget? Shouldn't he be forthcoming with it so the public knows what's going on.


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