Wednesday, September 21, 2016

David Backes not Impressed with Phil Kessel's Tweet

Last night, after Team Canada beat Team USA 4-2, Phil Kessel tweeted this. Apparently, some didn't like Kessel's tweet.

From Puck Daddy:

“It’s disappointing. It’s almost to say that we were coasting or don’t care, weren’t representing our countries as well as we could have and for other guys that have worn the jersey, it’s disappointing,” Team USA forward David Backes said. “I understand there’s hard feelings if you weren’t picked for the team or if whatever, but the comments are, I think – as a team guy and as a guy that stands by my teammates, win lose or draw, it’s a little distasteful and aggravating but everyone’s got a Twitter account and you can have freedom of speech to say whatever you want and so be it. But those comments don’t get lost in the fray and those comments are there and have been read and I think will be remembered when whatever happens going forward happens going forward.”
First, I thought Kessel's tweet was spot on. During the first two games, I thought Team USA looked slow, uninspired and old. They lost all of the 50/50 battles. Team USA didn't look like they even wanted there. Finally, I am more than disappointed with the team that built to beat Canada.


  1. Maybe they should have looked at the North America XXIII  model. ;-] Team USA was close to unwatchable. Scoring 2 goals in 2 games --where was the offensive talent? Sitting at home in Florida with his dog.

    1. Kessel has a lousy reputation as a team player or so I have heard. A talented player, he has never endeared himself to any organization. For whatever reason, he was not on the team. Right decision, who knows. Take it like a man and shut up.

    2. I agree Vizoroo, the hockey was unwatchable.


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