Sunday, November 01, 2015

NCHC Opponent Records

opp rec
North Dakota
5-26-6 (.216)
Western Michigan
17-8-3 (.660)
Saint Cloud
20-12-2 (.600)
9-9-6 (.500)
11-11-2 (.500)
11-14-3 (.446)
18-11-2 (.612)
Colorado College
19-3-5 (.796)

Over the past two seasons, a lot has been made about the NCHC’s non-conference record. There’s also been a fair amount of discussion about the fast starts of certain teams in the NCHC.

So, I decided to take a deeper look into the opponent records of each NCHC team. To date, C.C. has played the toughest schedule and has paid dearly for it. On the flip side, UND has played the weakest schedule to date and is unbeaten in eight games. UNO has played the second weakest schedule and has had decent results.

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